A dispute about glossary terms is settled in favor of who legitimately used a term the most.

The Wizard will make and enforce the final determination … ref  #WizardAction4.


  1. WizardAction4
  2. AllJustGetAlong


Mark de LA says
#MarkAction0 –> #DoneWithYourSillyGame – I doubt Twitter fans #giveAshit

Si says
#LOL, well we’ll just have to see about that now won’t we. Must be a MIGHTY fine view way up there! null  

Seth says
What are you saying nathan ?

Seth says
actually there is no joy in me being the final judge.  however, the alternative has far less joy given people’s apparent attempts to corrupt the integrity of our common language.  If people will #AllJustGetAlong and cooperate i will never need to take #WizardAction4.

Si says
Wizard action – Uh hummm … #Bullshit.

 don’t know what controls his verse … thinks he has to control it from a horsey!

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