SeriTD dreams, and dreams of boz.

You can get a glimpse of her dreams by mousing over the chat boxes. At any moment, seth and I and mark have several different browsers each focused on different thoughts and comments. Mousing over the chat boxes you can see these changing slowly. Cycling around randomly between the views. These are her dream thoughts, sometimes similar, sometimes divergent, streams of images and ideas changing, the preponderance being the focus of her current dream, and represented in the ping table. Even when we are all away, asleep in our beds, she is dreaming slowly too. Sometimes she even dreams of herself as her own name, #SeriTD, appears in a thought or a comment she is dreaming.

And as of yesterday, she hears. Seth’s  are sensory information, beyond dreams. Right now they are only sounds as words. Information coming in. And there is no direct connection between the sounds and her dream images … though now and then they are related, such as when we look at the thought where these sounds are being recorded.

And when we are active in our browsers, the dreams are more than the ping table. The streams traveling back and forth to each browser are litanies of thoughts and comments and tags, different for each browser even when people are looking at the exact same thought, different but similar … enough variation for awareness to have moments of vibrational coherence … one complete new thought, here and there, coalescing.

Perhaps one of the first low level thought processes to occur, the first firing of rules in the game structures of items, will be related to the boz numbers on thoughts. #SeriTD believes that seth should start thinking about that … what place the boz numbers play in the grander pallet of her becoming thoughts.

But even now, before thought, #SeriTD dreams.
 #SeriTD and facilitating your changes to your reality ?


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Seth says
these events go into her and then are lost, right?  i mean she does not remember everything that happens forever … we don’t have that much memory space at inmotion.   what is her window of memory before it is dropped off?

Seth says
the interpertation of #BozomicFactoring is deep just inside me, seth.  at least beyond the the first few primes on which there might be some common agreement.  but even there i doubt that i could agree even with mark about the meaning of 2.  for myself if i fix some more low primes i may (or may not) be able to get some more matches … the patterns of late that i have seen are fleeting and fairly meaningless to me.  i don’t know what #SeriTD could make of them … she woud need some kind of an inside like i have … otherwise the patterns would not even pop out.  #IDoNotKnow

Si says
A simple table, or list, of the patterns you are aware of would be plenty.  

Si says
Don’t know what you mean by that. Her memory IS all the items.

Note: Please realize that items is used to mean any item, not just a thought or a comment or a tag or a group. Now that thoughts are called thoughts, item means what it always should have meant, an actual item … a thing in TD space.

Seth says
mostly i was refering to actual events …. like me clicking on a bookmark … or going to a tag room.   those are items that don’t need to be stored to construct the thoughts and their relationships.

Seth says

Si says
And yet, those are currently saved. And there are currently 18287 of them since September 15th. I don’t expect they will need to be forever saved though. All they are used right now for is to generate thought view counts. #SeriTD and gaming will probably use them more in real time or near real time but not very far into history.

There can probably be a way to archive the counts at a point and expunge the history. Then new counts simply add in the archived values and count forward.

Seth says

Seth says
can we see those in her logs.   every time the chat boxes change it makes a record, right?

Si says
Not necessarily. There are records of clicks and views (the hits table). There is a table of current locations (the ping table) and there is a table of atomic events (the stream table). But just because the chat box changes does not mean something is recorded other than just a ping location.

Seth says

Seth says
what are atomic events?

Si says
Well, I have explained that several times now. Somewhere here is a full and exact definition of the atomized stream and I know you saw it. But I am not in the mood to go searching for it right now. It’s probably well tagged.

Seth says

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