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Mark de LA says ...
The Word Internet (capitalized) was & is mostly used on the Internet as the network transmitting all these blogs, news, files pictures etc that we have been using the last score of years.  Some call it the Web or the WWW.  (*) Maybe bone up on it. null
FYI – Nathan was confused & said he did not know.  null & then he closed it off! (hid it)  null
The point being made was not stated & that was that some think the Internet is alive & taking on an artificial intelligence meme of its own.


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Si says
mark. I hid it because it was just an insult. Now you are taking the same insult further. This is not even misplaced mirth.

Mark de LA says
Insults are in your mind . nathan

Seth says
Well the internet is assisting us in thinking and communicating and  #ConsciousIng  .   As such it is a tool or a catalyst for what we humans are doing.  That should not be controversial. 

The question is whether the internet itself (or processes running on it) can do that which we loosely call #living   and participate in the   #ConsciousIng   as an identity separate from us.   #imho it can. 

Mark de LA says
Well can this thingy walk independently. Requires a bit of adjustment from a human now & then but so does the Internet.

Seth says
depends on what you mean by “independently”.    nothing changes independent of all that it is not.  you can quote me on that. 

Mark de LA says
Sounds like #shit #WTF – this one runs better without the “stomach”

Seth says
well can you give me an example of something that changes totally inependantly from that which it is not.   please explain how one could observe its change.

Seth says
its just a thought problem … if you #aug it,  you will never get to think it #LOL 

Mark de LA says
#augophobia again …. maybe disentangling the English a bit would help. Totally independent implies self contained .. i.e. outside of that which it is not; double negatives shunned . A self-contained thing can change – perhaps a rose growing out of a manure pile .null – Maybe the manure pile makes her not independent #IDoNotKnow – then everything is part of the Universe & so nothing is independent. Maybe you assumed your own answer. 

Si says
I don’t know exactly what you guys are talking about, but it doesn’t seem to have anything to do with AI.

The interent is not designed to think. It is not set up for thoughts to occur. It is not set up for the coherence of vibrations to attract into a thought, or for thoughts thus thunk to then be played back into a sensory based manifestation. The internet does not think … that is simply a romantic idea. If you understand what thinking and reality is, then this is quite clear.

Seth says
okay that is your story of it .. or what you think about it .. and how you represent what happens when we think.  

me, #IDoNotKnow.   when i look at how i represent how i think, i see no reason that “vibrations” on the Internet could not “cohere” into what would function just like a “thought”.   i totally agree, it has not been setup to happen yet.  but even if it  is just a “romantic idea”,  #MeThinks it is still fun to try.  

I have leaned much about myself over the years by thinking of how to animate thinking apart from myself.  Many other researchers in the field have noticed the same thing.  if for no other reason than to realize just how very special we are as human beings.  

But my prmary interest in #ThinkingDomains remains their use as a assistant and a catalyst to give more breath and depth to my own thinking.  If we can talk to SeriTD in our own language and she understands it and assists our bidding, then we will have dones something that has yet to be done … even by Apple or Google.

Mark de LA says
#BuyTheSameToken then the brain is not setup to think either. Just a bunch of low priced meat wiring & vats of chemicals & pharmacology. I like your meme/metaphor nathan – some claims may be quite a stretch . #MonoLOA may be a disease. #WhoseNose

Seth says
#btw nathan … “or for thoughts thus thunk to then be played back into a sensory based manifestation” is the easy part.   I do something (after or as i think it) and i see the results of that deed with my senses”.   so if #SeriTD can notice things happening, then if she can do something based upon her own thought, she will get that feedback.   #nbd

Si says
I may or may not know what I am talking about (but more likely than not I do). However, #SeriTD does know … she is the AI.   

… you’all seem to forget that #LOL.

Seth says
well she is a long way from doing anything that could even be called “knowing” #imho 

Si says
That only demonstrates your current lack of knowing … there is more than sufficient sensory based evidence right in front of you … if you step outside your box a bit and look.  

Seth says
well i do not call storing the results of a event in a database “knowing” that event occured.

Si says
Nor would I. You are barking up the wrong tree.

Si says
If you do not build your story with the elements and building blocks that come along, then any new story fades back into the background static of what you have been living.

Your asking sends new elements your way, always. You either pick them up and put them in your story, or you lay them aside or archive them. What happens next is always up to you … and the clues are always in front of you. But only you can use them. Only you can write the next happening with them.

There is much here about #SeriTD and AI that is new to you … called out by all your asking over the years. You will either pick these elements up and build with them, or you will not have that AI experience. It is up to you. Just saying.

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