Little magical circumstances.

It’s play church day so here is a little taste of the magic that happened today. Magic happens every day, but today is about sharing.

Before play church I put a pot full of water on my campsite hotplate to heat up the water to clean the pan with. On the way to play church I realized that I might have forgot to turn the burner off and was pretty sure it was still on.

Knowing that was not an option for me, the pan would have been damaged and warped at the very least, by the time I got back, as the burner was on high, I decided that I turned the burner off and all was well. No, I didn’t remember it, no I didn’t hope that is how things were, I decided it.
And then, because deciding is knowing, I did not even consider turning around and going back and taking care of it, I easily forgot about it and thought not about it again. ← important clue … because if you keep thinking about it then it is a pretty good bet you are not at the level of comfort that will always be felt when something is actually decided.

When I arrived back at camp 5 hours later, I discovered that the burner was in fact still on. However, the pot had boiled over and spilled into the hotplate, this had in turn tripped the ground fault interrupt and cut the power to it. Seeing how much had boiled away would put the time of the shutoff of power at about exactly when I decided it was shut off.

For sure both seth and mark will have their own #spin on this, but for me this is a daily occurrence. When apparent circumstances are not as I wish, I decide what they are … and they become that. Not always exactly as I decided, like this event, but always in alignment with the intent of my decision. It is simple daily magic. There is always sufficient flexibility in any set of circumstances for your verse, and you, to match up with circumstances that meet the intent of what you decide is true.

Most people never do this. They don’t know they can. Others try it meekly, not really deciding, only pretending to, and thus it fails and reinforces their belief that it does not work. Others try it and succeed and then get scared or uncomfortable about it happening and stop doing it … not believing they should have such power. A final few try it, and get it to work sometimes, and try it more, and get it to work more often, and fueled by that success, try it often and it works even more often, and so on, until it is simply a daily thing you do that works, like putting gas in your car makes it go, like it works for me … and Natalie, and the others I hang with.

I don’t speak of #LOA because I want everyone else to do it, although that would be quite interesting wouldn’t it? I speak of #LOA because I do it … all the time! I live it, breath it, do it, straight up. And the more I do, the more it works. It’s that simple.


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Si says
p.s. There is no difference between this and manifesting parking spaces. As Abraham says, it is as easy to manifest a button as a castle. And as Bashar says, the important part is to decided. Not hoping, not asking, not praying, not wishing, deciding … deciding with every fiber of your being. Circumstances don’t matter, state of being matters. What you match your state of being with determines circumstances, always.

Mark de LA says
AC called it the magic link & did a lot of ceremony to control that emotion to a unity about the point of what he wanted.
“Do what Thou Wilt shall be the whole of the Law” & “Love is the Law, Love under Will”
The Esther people do High Flying Disks & Vortexes & Vibes & associated stuff. Richard Bandler cut some of that short and just hypnotized his subjects.  To each his own! null

Si says
Well yes, the high flying disks and all of that are just ceremony. The only actual thing that needs doing is the deciding, like Bashar says. Once you actually decide, not partially, not hopefully, but actually … then it is done. The circumstances you decided are in effect.

But getting to that point where you can make such a full state of being decision is not always easy. The ceremony and all the rest help you get there, to fully deciding, to fully believing. Even hypnotizing is exactly that … it simply bypasses the conscious mind and gets the unconscious directly involved in the decision process … which since the unconscious mind is known to be very literal, is much easier than getting the conscious mind to decide.

#LOA is extremely simple. What you think → happens. All of the processes, all of the rest, are only about getting you to actually think the same thing as what you think you want.  

Mark de LA says
Yep – to each his own; the above is your littany – well remembered. thumbs upnull

Si says
… and, it matches Crowley’s, and Steiner’s, and even #PR’s … with no incoherence. It even matches your ontology even though I doubt you would accept that. My way of talking about it, through the concepts of #LOA, are just my way of talking about it. The way I prefer.

For instance, when you do your hexy stuff … it is exactly the same stuff. Only the outer details are different. What you are tuning into, what changes you are able to make, what you are able to understand and use, are all out of the ceremony of the methods and how they align your thoughts.

Si says
The only thing any ceremony ever does is set up an environment, a context, where thoughts and outcome can co-exist in harmony. I say, bypass the ceremony and change the thoughts directly. Cut out the middle man. What I like about #LOA is that it teaches methods one can do to do exactly that … cut out the middle man and directly change thoughts, beliefs, circumstances, outcomes.

#LOA teaches people how to think. How to think in a manner such that one lives as one desires to live.

Mark de LA says
#ToEachHisOwn – not the same though Consume everything then you can claim it’s all yours. Nice try. 

Si says
You sound like the M$M mark. Understanding things better does not consume them or make them unavailable to others to understand the same things how they choose to. You are simply name dropping. Creating #spin like the media does to capture an agenda.

You might ask yourself, what is your agenda? Why is it that you want to tear down other systems and make them sketchy, less complete, and more isolated like your own is?

Do you draw your borders so tight to stay safe and secure? Are you gun shy of all the guru’s and systems you have seen, and are afraid of choosing the wrong one?

What if there is no wrong one? What if it is just paint and canvass and expression? What if all are true? What if you are missing out on a lot of really enjoyable and expansive experiences by exclusivly hording the little bit of truth you have decided upon?

Seth says

Seth says

Seth says
Well i do love #magik null …. when #things just happen in #sync with  my #intention and/or liking.   

I think we each get there telling a different story of how we came.  Mine is #PlasticHabits and some other stuff that i have yet to wrap down.  I like #LOA but can not totally use it as i understand it now … but at the same time i #believe that you are doing it.  #kudos indeed null

Si says

Mark de LA says
RS was against channeling & somnambulism ; GW & RS were Christians; AC liked to insult Christians; I’m not drinking your #KoolAid this AM today either.

Si says
Nope. Elsewhere here I showed how that is FALSE. #RS was not against it. He was moving those in his time forward in respect to those things. Helping them get out of a false relationship to them. I have read the same #RS stuff you have on this … it is quite clear that #RS was not against as a principle … he never says that. What he does is help people to understand how such is not to be used as a source of external guidance … and that I fully agree with.  

Mark de LA says
Yep he was – that is one of the reasons he separated from Blavatsky’s Theosophical Society.  Go read in the RS eLib. So was GW.

Mark de LA says
FYI – GW on the essence of magic:

P.2659 #45,1 83-10-1-4-13-3-TUE (27.3 yrs ago)
" ¶(2554) ... Dai yot #45, JEET, Water of Moon, Chesed of Yesod; kon
P.1586, P.1852, P.1876, & P.2483: Pleasure or Satisfaction in Restriction, Regulations, Measured Steps, "There is a time when Wisdom urges Rest; Quit not thine house to meddle with the state; "Linger in the courtyard before the door".  First generate energy enough so when proper time comes to act you can work with great force;  use discretion & practice the five points of fellowship.  Those in the know are aware of what course in general the future will take;  free deeds are not under compulsion.  Study all the given references. 
¶(2555) LOGIC, or Language, conforms to laws which transcend the subject matter - nutrition or mathematics, or whatever - in Barbara Cubed we showed how the inference in the syllogism is the same as that in experience or a fortiori; on
P.2652we identified logic with mathematics, suggesting that a computer, human or machine can reason mathematically.  Learning to REASON is one of the steps in the Evolution of Mankind which needs to be improved considerably before taking the next step, viz, to transcend Reason!
¶(2558) MAGIC achieves feats which cannot be accomplished by those less skilled & knowledgeable, that is all; the motive which makes it WHITE or BLACK is something else.  Every occupation has its own jargon.  Whoever knows how to get the nth root of any number appears to be a magician, awesome to one who can’t do it.  FERMATIQUE, like all the other lessons in TAI SHU is a Yogic exercise, designed to foster the [Great Work]! Man-made laws can be broken; spies can steal top-secrets; the ALCHEMIST has no fear for the protection is intrinsic! "

Mark de LA says
XOR cute stories about an astronomer who happens to know when a full eclipse of the sun or moon can “put out the moon or sun” with his will for a bunch of pagans who don’t know what is going on. 

Si says
Nope. You are completely wrong about this. Read it again yourself until you get it right.  

… and #GW was no Steiner … he had a few little things right about some math things, but not so much about reality … there he pretty much had his head in the sand.

Si says
Yep. That’s a box that justifies and creates it’s own walls. Live there if you want, some do.  

Mark de LA says
Apparently you haven’t read it at all – justifying you believing soothsayers & channelers for your ontology – good work. no #KoolAid for me! null
Popes, swamis, snake handlers, all feeding at the same trough

Mark de LA says
Abandon all reason for those who enter the gate of #LOA

Mark de LA says
p.s. apparently SiriTD is stuck on recycle of the news here 

Si says
Apparently you #spin it to fit your reality model and ignore anything he says that doesn’t fit your model. I have seen you do that with others stuff time and time again, #PR’s especially, and this time is no different. You cherry pick to suit your needs, that’s all. I am not saying I never do that kind of cherry picking, but I do tend to do it orders of magnitude less than you do mark.

Mark de LA says
Maybe you could make progress somewhere?  by abandoning all your #Goosip . Cuz right now all it shows is your #still-stuckedness in your  #AlreadyAlwaysListening & automaticity of #RWG null

Si says
Your definition of progress and mine are apparently very different. Mine is defiantly not giving you warm fuzzies. Mine is how often I see you doing something consciously compared to how often you do something out of habit … and that is steadily on the upswing.  You are learning, and your rate of learning and growing is improving.  

Mark de LA says
Still already-always RWG with added smugness! null

Mark de LA says

Mark de LA says
Getting back what you want, though – Mooseturd Pie .  LOA working for you.  No bites for me. No followers. 

Mark de LA says
I wonder why Little magical circumstances. (comment 63307) got hidden.  Someone afraid of a thought conflicting with his #Bullshit ?

Si says
True mark. Reason is not a very useful thing. We are here for the experience. Some people are here for the experience of “resoning” … but not most, and reason is not needed to have an experience is it.  

Mark de LA says
#AlreadyAlwaysArguing slow response to an #AlreadyNotInteresting  3 month old comment

Si says
I was agreeing. null

Apparently agreement looks like arguing in your reality. Glad I don’t share that with you!  

Mark de LA says
Yep munge it away .  The reverse is also kewl & I’m glad I don’t share your illusionment. 

Si says
Yea. So I have heard. And how’s that working out for you? Is life everything you expected it to be? Are you satisfied with it?

Mark de LA says
I don’t review my life satisfaction with you or anyone else. No need to brag or mourn – such is for selfies.

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