I see where you are and what you are doing
you see where i am and what i am doing.

We are in each other’s presence.

seeAlso “Human Presence in a Thinking Domain”


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Seth says

Si says
Still don’t get it. Can’t be a #TD room … it would not sync with anything else in a #TD, what would you do there? The only virtual definition would be “being in the same spot” … like if you were on the same thought like when you collaborate on a draft.

There could be a sidebar tab entity for being in a space with others, but that is essentially what the gaming system itself is evolving to be … so I don’t get this extra component.

Seth says
well it is not a room at all … not in the sense that we have been using the word here.  and i don’t know what a “#TD room” is … but i know what a “group room” or a “tag room” or a “convrsation room” is …. and a #PresenceRoom is NOT one of those.

a #PresenceRoom is only the implemention of this one rule in regards to when the chat boxes are open: 

“if you see me, then I see you”.  

and the current chat boxes would not need to change at all.   they could be imprved, but they are just fine in terms of what they show of the other person’s presence. 

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