The Power of Another Form of togetherness

Free yourself & get rid of beliefs ! - M.R.


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Mark de LA says
More on beliefs:

Si says
I agree. 100% true. That is why if you get rid of your beliefs, you get rid of what you know, and so then bye bye.  

It is not about getting rid of all your beliefs. It is about identifying which beliefs are your own, and which are borrowed. Get rid of the borrowed ones, enlighten your own. 

-- Bashar


Mark de LA says
I have the distinction between a belief & what one knows (i.e. directly conscious of the IS-ness thereof). No need for outsourcing that to others.

Si says
Well, all one’s beliefs create their reality. The majority of one’s beliefs are not originally that persons own, but came from someone else and that is what is called “borrowed”. If one were to eliminate all borrowed beliefs and experience the reality of only their own well examined beliefs, then one would live an enlightened earthly life.

Surely direct experience is possible, as you say, and as I use too … but, to only have direct conscious experience is not an earthly experience. To combine direct conscious experience with an earthly experience one needs beliefs upon which the earthly structure can form and proceed.

Mark de LA says
So goes your belief! null

Si says
So goes your belief too. This describes any belief system, so anything you believe is clearly a subset of this simple understanding.  

Mark de LA says
Everything is not a belief – DUde!

Si says
I did not say that or anything like that. What I said was that earthly experiences are built upon the structure of beliefs.

Mark de LA says
Actually I said it! It stands on its own.  Profit from it or not. null

Si says
Your “it” pointers are non-specified.

You know mark, you don’t seem to have a solid grasp on what a belief is. You talk about beliefs as if they are many different things. #PR has a very clear understanding of what beliefs are and his treatment of them is correct, same as mine is. May I suggest that you are cherry picking from Peter’s teachings? Perhaps you should go back over the material with a more open mind.  

Mark de LA says
suggest it → yourself – enjoy ! null #ArgueAmongstYourselves look at the picture above.

Si says
No problem. The video was fantastic! The pictures above are interesting … but life is not like that in general. There is only conflict and fish-eat-fish in human experience when humans put it there with their thoughts. So … it’s not something I think about much at all.  

Seth says
Well i think we can distinguish between experience, and belief.  There is little doubt that belief shapes experience.  The question is how much.  Nathan’s belief is that belief shapes all of his experience (correct me nathan if i miss understand what you keep saying about that).  My belief is that my beliefs shape maybe 40% of my experience.   The other 60% is caused by what is not me … i guess you could call that my direct experience of what is … or maybe you could call that “what i know”.    For example i know that my coffee cup is full of hot coffee … the coffee in it is not me, yet i experience it there … i have direct experience of it. 

Now if we are to consider #things which are deep inside me, where there is no #otherness involved,  then i believe the same as Nathan … my beliefs there  shape 100% of my experiences of those #things.

Mark de LA says
One might ponder another metric i.e. #ArgumentsPerRant or #ArgumentsPerMinute for the leader board consideration. 

Si says
The coffee cup is not part of your body. It is part of you. The atoms in it are created (spun into happening) within your energy field.

Humans like to say that their skin is the end of who they are … but we are all aware that is not true by thousands of kinds of experiences that everyone has. Do you have experience in your toenails? Your hair strands? Why are they you and the air around you not? The table your hand is on not? Making distinctions based on something being attached to you, or of having your DNA, is pretty arbitrary considering the depth and reach of the kinds of experiences humans have. Is you arm still you if it is cut off and burred in the earth? Clearly the traditional ways of thinking about what is you and what is other are very inexact and whimsical.

Seth says
yes,  “I am a variable”,  so the boundary of what is, and is not,  me can change.  It is a relative determination.   The only thing that might change that you ever will hear about,  as the heat of the coffee becomes me,  is the story of my beliefs about it.  But that does not alter the basic #situation of my experience of what is not me at any given now of my perception. 

Seth says

Si says
The point is, that it doesn’t have to be a predicament. It is the stories that create boundary problems to solve and relate to. Have the story that all is you and it gets real simple and easy … and then you can really start enjoying interactions with others without the boundary problems and relativity of it. Other is then whatever aspect of your experience you are interacting with … and you then have the choice for the experience to be joyful, or heartful, or sensual, or connected, or synergistic or whatever you want to experience about it.

Other is that which you are experiencing now. It never need be more than that.  

Seth says
use the word “situation” or “circumstance” if you don’t like the word “predicament”.   there is no intended implication in what i said that something needs to be solved. 

i find the story that “all is me” contrafactual … it is contradicted every time that i experience something that is not 100% shaped by my beliefs.   so no, i will not use that story, even thought it seems simple to you.

#inho that belief of yours is not what makes what you are doing work.  i believe that because  I can do the same without having that belief.

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