Thing or spirit
which are the same.


  1. imho


Si says
I don’t see how this combining is helpful. We need the label spirit to talk about the energy stuff we are made of, like the aether. We need thing to talk about things made out of our spirit. Making them the same seems to leave wanting of ways to talk.

Seth says
it is not that i have combined them.  rather it is that i can find no distinction that makes any difference in a deep way. 

 #imho, there are other important distinctions which do make deep differences which get ignored because the physical/spiritual distinction overides … and then peope’s storied-beliefs about what is spiritual overide. 

for exaple, the “energy stuff we are composed of” that we do need to talk about really has no physical/spiritual divide.

Mark de LA says
More #MungePuppies to play with. 

Seth says

Seth says
well that is an improvement null … at least now when you want to disparage something, you make an unsubstantuated comment rather than just affixing a tag.