Fo Hammer report!!!! Catagory 5!

mark blew another gasket today attempting to evolve his own consciousness. He couldn’t make the transition to modern consciousness from the circa 19xx beliefs he is still using as his primary reality structure! Too many new things to incorporate into his being all at once.

Upon further reflection, we surmise that he didn’t apply enough duct tape!



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Mark de LA says
When the graffiti is so thick you can’t read the original thought through it & all that continues is the #RWG I will continue to make’m go dark .  #FU your attempt to bully otherwise notwithstanding. 


Si says
Your the guy with the dripping hammer in his hand.  

Bash that #graffiti! It was baaaaad!

Mark de LA says
Why we are advancing Global Warming as a global consciousness is an example why some things
on the D’ side of things should be hidden. 

Si says
Global Warming is good … and it is part of group consciousness. Mark my words. Someday, if you live long enough, you will see their light shine.  

Si says
Honestly, tell me one thing, that is not related to human greed, that is bad about Global Warming. I raise you that. Just one.

Seth says
interesting #inquiry … but no need to bias it .. why look for only things that are “bad” … how about anything about #globalwarming that is not related to human greed.   Okay let’s go …
  • environments are changing …. ice caps are melting … seas are rising … about global warming not about our greed is “How to adapt? … how to live in the new enviorment” ← no greed involved
  • less space to live … more people to live there … “How more people can live closer together and not loose the best of our humanity?” ← no greed involved.

Si says
Well yes. That’s the point. Once you take greed off the table, then there are so many luscious ways to adapt! There is new land opening up and lots of fantastic ways to entice people to move to it and start developing it (just like in the old days of building America).

There will be lots of buildings flooded around the world. The owners can auction off the salvage rights to those and make a big game out of it.

The millions of American couch sitters doing nothing but watching TV will have lots of cool things to draw them out and do.

Things will really get exciting, energy will rise, all that good Mojo that happens when we get together to solve a common problem … like always happens before a Hurricane down south here.  Humans love a good common challenge and rallying to it!

Seth says

Seth says
but maybe mark has a point … the bad part of #globalwarming might well be just about human greed. 

a strange #grok if true.   so if that feels true to you, mark,  what do you conclude form it?

Seth says

Seth says
or maybe said differently …

our greed is making this thing that we are shaping that is called #globalwarming feel bad. 

Mark de LA says
#SunDeniers #ClimateChangePolitics #Ice-Age-deniers #GreedBashers #GreedEaters #HumanDeniers 

Mark de LA says
The conceit & arrogance of those who think that they can control the climate for the World, Earth, Planet – or the magnificent being Gaia – is fascinating; perhaps such energy could better be devoted to controlling Suns & #black-holes . null – XOR perhaps #volocano-jumping

Seth says
well there is little doubt that human activity is changing the climate of the world.  that has nothing to do with “conceit & arrogance” it is just the cause and effect vibration of what we are doing. 

of course you may not personally recognize (perceive) that pattern.   which is kind of strange because so many others of us have recognized it … and many of those people have devoted much of their lives to recognizing climate patterns and what causes them.  but there you go … the perception of a pattern is always a subjective activity of each of us individually.  maybe you see an #oogey pattern which drowns out the #good one.  #IDoNotKnow that is #YourBusiness.

Mark de LA says
’Global Warming’ Activists Disappointed Hurricane Matthew Wasn’t Worse...  

Mark de LA says
’Global Warming’ Activists Disappointed Hurricane Matthew Wasn’t Worse... 

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