Mark-de-la-la is pulling ahead in use of others coined tags!

How could that be? Clearly we need a way to see who is using what and who actually coined what!

We can’t let Mr. de La La get all the points for others tags! That would be like letting the wild rabbits eat all the carrorts in the garden when all the others did the hard work of planting and tending them!  


  1. FU


Mark de LA says
Are to assume now that it is now open season on another persons’s name or moniker ? #FU

Seth says
Hey, i gave you “kudos” this morning for the search … but your kudos do not show on the board.   they just show credited to me.   i guess you noticed how i was doing the wierd syntax that should allow both of us to get credit.

Seth says
i think mark coined a very interesting and usefu tag this morning … and i have used it alreay several times … here is to hopeing that conversation room grows and grows.

Si says
Both credit is only on the use of other’s coined tags right now. That is all I had on the docket. It could be a new rule to add it to these rocket tags too.  

Si says

Si says
Yep. Just wanted to see if mark was playing the field … that’s why this is in group fbi gossip  

Also an excellent opportunity to discover the real term behind the #FU!

Si says
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