Reference to the song “Kung Fu Fighting” by Carl Douglass and endeered to us all by the Geico Gecko  


  1. FU
  2. center4consciousness
  3. hmmm


Mark de LA says
It may be your tag but the Urban Dictionary says it means Fuck Younull

Si says
Well, the Urban dictionary of the FBI now says it means this … and this is much better! We don’t need tags like that other around. When someone says #FU this now makes it light and fun instead of an insult. That is vastly better! We should be deemphasizing insults as much as we can. They do nothing for #center4consciousness work, and in fact, work against it.   

Seth says
#hmmm … now i got to see how saying #FU feels to me … how does it feel to you guys now that i said it in this context?

Si says

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