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  1. identitygroup
  2. patterns
  3. political
  4. race
  5. color
  6. religion
  7. national-origin
  8. sex
  9. age
  10. pay-scales
  11. compensation
  12. vocation
  13. IQ-disability
  14. physical-disability
  15. MentalDisability
  16. insanity
  17. genetic-distinctions
  18. pregnancy
  19. wealth
  20. expertise
  21. human
  22. artist
  23. poet
  24. musician
  25. actor
  26. sculptor
  27. painter
  28. dancer
  29. comedian
  30. teacher
  31. instructor
  32. master
  33. profession
  34. medical-doctor
  35. lawyer
  36. athlete
  37. gymnast
  38. ball-player
  39. sportsman
  40. politician
  41. president
  42. governor
  43. mayor
  44. representative
  45. judge
  46. other-politician
  47. media-publicist
  48. journalist
  49. TV-personality
  50. social-media-selfie
  51. social-media-consumer
  52. meaning
  53. objectivity
  54. NotKnowing
  55. innocence
  56. openness
  57. pattern
  58. phenomenalism
  59. label
  60. name
  61. identitygroups
  62. ArgumentHammer
  63. pattterns
  64. edges
  65. identity
  66. hastag
  67. RWG
  68. imho
  69. HashTurds
  70. CrowdFunding
  71. ego-juice
  72. grok
  73. Field


Mark de LA says
More to come
May reorganize
The basic idea is that the brain is most facile at detecting (creating) patterns. Perhaps for robots that is all it can do.  What do we do besides recognize patterns & create #meaning for the #patterns & emote qualia onto the patterns.
Can the #human unrecognize patterns i.e. replace them with #objectivity & #NotKnowing #innocence #openness …
What is NOT a #pattern in human being? 
This could be part of #phenomenalism or NOT. 

Mark de LA says
Another way of looking at this is that an #identitygroup  is merely the #label or #name of an ego for more than one person .

Si says
Clearly an attempt to coin the market.

Mark de LA says
more like breaking down #identitygroups null

Si says
Well, you just spammed a lot of tag coinings! Even if you did it legitimately, you did it.

Mark de LA says
#ArgumentHammer null

Seth says
Well all we can talk about with each other are #pattterns .  

So your thought here would grow to include every word and concept in the language we use to talk to each other. 

We can share #patterns … by percieving the same ones and shaping them into an #identity …. 

and maybe we share #edges too. 

Mark de LA says

Mark de LA says
Except I call out the thought that all we can do is talk about each other in #patterns . 

Seth says
what do you mean “call out” ?

Mark de LA says
The #hastag outline in the body of the thought is for further expansion.

Mark de LA says
Urban dictionary:
call out
To challenge someone in some way. Or to put someone on blast.
I don’t think you’ve really lost 300 pounds - you just say you have. Produce some Before & After photos. I’m calling you out!

Seth says
so is this a rough draft of a heirichally organized compendium of the #patterns you have recognized?

Seth says
okay … can you give me an example of talking about something that is not a recognized pattern?   I am not sure i have ever experienced that kind of talking.

Si says

Why the down arrow? That was a good thing~!  

Seth says
i do not know where you are going with this nathan.  Mark is just using tags here for whatever purpose.  I see no negative spamming whatsoever.  

Si says
Of course not. It was perfect.

Mark de LA says
You are primarily a consistent negative or pseudo-negative (has smileys & nullnull)  in it argument .  Seth & I used to use the term #RWG but somehow that got to be wrong in itself so things morphed to whatever it is now.  An #RWG of X...Hammer is emerging in its place. What I did was not to spam but to define the #Field of #identitygroups & #pattterns 


Seth says
ok i see more what is happening here with our gameing of it.    Fact is most of the tags mark “coined” were already English words.   To me that is quite a different matter than shaping a meaning on a new term … which is what, #imho, garners a reward.

Mark de LA says

Si says
Yes. It is a perfect use of the gaming system here. And you probably did it without realizing you were doing it which is even better.

Somewhere you missed the joke about spaming. The indicator that it was a joke is “Even if you did it legitimately”. I can’t very well be actually upset about something you did legitimately, now can I?  So it must be the total and complete opposite. That is how humor is created.  

Si says
Perhaps. Not sure that is really an important distinction. We could, fairly easily run terms though a dictionary. Just not sure I see the need for it. A conversation tag is still a conversation no matter if it is a real word or not. That seems the more important point to me … it is important that mark created all these tags that will now become linked conversations … and he gets 3 pts each for doing it.

Seth says
no i got the joke.   but then i didn’t originally see the pattern of usage. 

i am just relating to how this game might start working.   and even how our thinking here might start working. 

Seth says
sure null

then too within this mind we lend extra meaning to our English words.  I’ve done that already with quite a number of English words here in my taggings. 

So yes, it become almost impossible to distinguish a person using the normal meaning of a English term from coining (shaping) new conceptions.

Mark de LA says
Well, recognized by whom?  The example I used to give was seeing something in the distance coming down the road.  You don’t know what it is.  The closer the thing gets the more the details & finally patterns take over.  Black holes is a good example of perhaps an imaginary pattern.  Ever have a pattern click-in after a bit of closer examination? The silver dollar goes to the one who can get a pattern without a context. null

Mark de LA says
I stated before I care less about your gaming of #HashTurds or a leader board for their usage. I preferred the previous tags & tagrooms when I could actually find something I tagged. Enjoy.  Such gaming is nice if used to encourage participation, but there still are only 3 of us. I was pondering , as I watched last night’s ChicagoPD where social media was used to incite gang wars, what kind of product &/or purpose will the new fbi be? If one were to solicit #CrowdFunding what would be the business? etc.
Right now the only payoff is #ego-juice .

Si says
What could you do in old tag rooms and finding tags you can’t do now? I thought you said the tag search was working for you now. Now there are many more ways to work with tags, but the FBI 1.0 basics should still all be there. What is missing?

Mark de LA says
I prefer not to focus on failures at this time.  null Had one this AM where the screen went blank when searching a tag of 3 words between single quotes & the canvas went blank. Previous frustrations caused me to use them less & less & build my own structures such as the one in the body of this item. 

Mark de LA says
Just got a continuous flashing with this query : http://www.fastblogit.com/thought/tagSearch.php?q=pml%3B

Seth says

well at every moment of experience there is some pattern recognized if we can refer to it in talking … or even just thinking.  in your example the person recognized the pattern of “seeing something coming down the road at a distance and not knowing what it is” … in fact they may have mentioned that to their traveling companion in just those words.

Recognizing a pattern without a context is another thing that i don’t remember ever doing. 

Si says
Yes. I think that happens if you press enter while in the tab search box. Please do not press enter, just click on one of the results. The enter key press action is burred somewhere in the old live search software seth was using … and I haven’t untangled all of that yet

Mark de LA says
Well the other night I caught my brain making patterns in an almost dark room like kids do to be afraid of goblins in the dark. These were much more advanced though.  One can make patterns in the clouds or see trees moving in the wind.  Etc. This AM contemplation led to the notion that that is the fundamental function of the brain … to see patterns or make patterns. Pattern Recognition has several articles in the Wikipedia. 

Seth says

Seth says
yep i #grok (percieve or concieve) my deepest #patterns when i have my eyes closed and am laying in the bed almost sleeping … or maybe driving and thinking about other things than the cars coming at me.  patterns on patterns even on memories … no sensual match points (edges) necessary.

Seth says
Conversation forked to thought 22161

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