An amusement performed by
jumping into a volcano & then
warping oneself into another universe
just to prove the other universe’s existence.


  1. FireWalk
  2. InteroRectogestion


Mark de LA says
volocano accidently misspelled but kept on purpose for additional meanings
volcano (n.) Look up volcano at Dictionary.com
1610s, from Italian vulcano "burning mountain," from Latin Vulcanus "Vulcan," Roman god of fire, also "fire, flames, volcano" (see Vulcan). The name was first applied to Mt. Etna by the Romans, who believed it was the forge of Vulcan. Earlier form in English was volcan (1570s), from French.
volo – implies voluntary

Si says
Any relationship to #FireWalk’ing or #InteroRectogestion?

All things #ToDo I guess.  

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