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Si says
So much energy, thought, and time spent on this character of ideas.

Mark de LA says
#WTF – #ArgumentHammer

Si says
No … not for argument. Just to point out that this is where your experience dwells. You experience it, and continuously say you experience it, but don’t seem to #grok the relationship between your continuing experience and these things you do like this which moulds your experience. So I help you notice.  

Seth says
i think you should add the hashtag #egoo to this definition.   To me they refer to the same concept.

Mark de LA says

Mark de LA says
You don’t need to point it out – I AM CONSCIOUS – you just think you KNOW more than I do about ME. 
#LOL null 

Seth says
i am curious mark … you liked my comment, yet you did not do the action that it suggested … why?

Mark de LA says
was waiting for the null

Seth says

Seth says
yeah #kewl … those round thigies are hard to find …  me i need a bunch of them today null

Mark de LA says

Si says
I think you think you know much more about you than you actually do. I honestly think that.  

Mark de LA says
Just because you think that does not mean it has ANY validity. #TrollBait #RwgBait

Si says
Validity? Made you think it. That’s valid.  

Seth says
an interesting thought problem emerges.  try to think it only with the assumptions given.

if person A is 100% in control of what they are and do,  can person B know anything about person A which contradicts what person A knows?

Mark de LA says
#AlreadyAlwaysListening #trollbait 

Mark de LA says
thought 21967#63865, #SillyJism  not to be confused with anything logical like a syllogism 
Nested hashturds makes the comment confusing – sigh – only apparently if I use the automatic capture of the title of the comment instead of the thought as below by J

Si says
In answer to thought (21967%252363865), clearly YES. Because if person A is 100% in control, then so must be person B (there is a logic theorem for that though I don’t keep track of the names). Therefore person A knows what person A knows, and person B knows what person B knows … contradiction becomes irrelevant. 

Any more than that requires a larger model … of which I know the answers.  

Seth says
well it does not follow that if person A knows everything about themselves, then person B must know everyting about themselves too.   Thinking that is another thought problem.   And is even more hypothetical  than mine, at least my simple question did not assume everybody was equally as all knowing.

But back to my thought problem.   I think contradiction needs a better definition.  For it to be relevant the contradiction  would need to be a contradiction relative to A.    So the thought problem really reduces to this one simple thought …..

if you know everything,

nobody can contradict you.

That #RingsTrue to me. 

Si says
When doing logic, it is correct to assume that what applies to an A also applies to a B … that is a basic logic assumption. Otherwise, it is necessary to detail the differences as part of the base assumptions. You did not say that A and B had different properties of any kind.

Seth says
nope … all relationships are not recyprical.   if A q B, does not always imply B q A.   Come on now nathan i am sure you realize that.

Si says
I realize that you are trying to sneak in assumptions about A and B here. I fairly answered the question with only the pieces you gave. Any difference between A and B are not given in what you asked. Therefore, assuming sameness is the only way to answer it at all … otherwise, it cannot be answered … has missing pieces.

Seth says
all people are not alike.   some people know more than others.  some people are more aware of themselves than others … some people are more aware of their environment than others.   that is common sense, common experience, and is quite demonstable.

Seth says
there is no implication or need to imply that A and B are the same in my thought problem whatsoever.  and if you throw that in there you are not thinking the same thought at all. 

but hey, think what you will think … me, i thought my thought … and looking back i still think it sheds light on how you and mark were thinking in this thread before i joined it.

Mark de LA says
Dance of Abstractions – proceedeth onward … nullnull & laughter ensueth .

Si says
Boy, you sure in a mood to get up on your #HighHorse this morning. What’s that about?

Seth says
and you #MakeShitUp about me because why? … could it be that  you think i #contradicted you?

but no nathan … i am just #KeepingItReal.  

but #shucks! …. me, i just recognized a pattern … if i say anything that #contradicts nathan in the slightest … he will accuse me of being on a #Crusade … or that it is me up on my #HighHorse … and it usually is stated on how i got out of bed … and never has any substance to it except just that #AdHominem story.
i acutally wish i was wrong about that pattern … but shucks it has happened so very frequently here that it is beginning to be hard to deny it.

Si says
Nope. Take a closer look. There are many times I am fully with you. The only time you get this kind of feedback is when you bump into that one door you keep closed, from all the different angles you get there, it is the same door. All the other pathways between us are wide open!  

Seth says
… not when i contradict you.  sure lots of times we are in sync … beautiful synergy.   but if i see something in a different direction that you do,  and bring it up in contradiction to you, you always go on these nasty attacks on me and how i am being rather than look at the substance of what i am saying.

and strange thing it is clear why you do that … it comes directly out of your philosophy.

Si says
I am sure if feels like that, yes. If you look at the actual stored information here objectively, you will realize it is not that cut and dry. Feelings are most sensitive in our own areas of growth … that is normal and I take that well.   

Seth says

Si says
You know seth, I do believe that no matter what my philosophy, you would be looking for the aspect of what you are feeling in it. Your having feelings and looking for the source of them. There will be match ups in any philosophy of any kind, or it wouldn’t be a very good philosophy at all.

The thing is, you often have to turn the #LOA ideas upside down and even sideways sometimes to make them fit with what you are feeling over there. #LOA doesn’t work the way you keep channeling it back to me as the reasons for your pains. I keep saying that too. My philosophy really is not the source. There are other reasons, other sources, for the things you are feeling about me.

Seth says
well obviously i recongnize this pattern just according of how it affects me.   that is the way perceptions work … or at least that is a very strong part of how they work.

you might ask mark is he has made the same observations. 

your philosophy justifies being so head strong that you simply do not need to hear contradictions. 

#btw, that you presume that it give me pain is just more shit that you are making up about me.  if you only actually knew what was really going on over here, you would be very surprised.

Si says
Well, your the one saying that whatever it is, it is a bad thing. Bad things presume some manner of discomfort, or they wouldn’t be characterized as a negative.

Seth says
i try to feel  the bad #qualia relative to the #texture or the #mosaic that we are creating together …. not relative to myself. 

don’t forget … I am a variable … you are a navigator.

#hmmm are we talking about the same  #thingy ?


Mark de LA says

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