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like selective spending as a vote select your representation out of those who do hold transparency as their highest value.

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I like these notions from the first Wiki on the Unhack The Brain project: (now group unhackthebrain )
Certainly there is a lot of concern that electronic voting will be hacked & thereby invalidate the results of an election. I am more concerned with hacking the registration system & illegal voters. However the most powerful hacks of all are those to the brain. The media spreads memes that are the most virulent of all. You will find your friends & internet buddys spreading the most outrageous propaganda, untruths, partial truths, unsourced and wrongly-sourced information & PureHorseShit - based on TheNews. This project is sired with the desire to counter that trend & seek the real truth through some of the following: 
..(1) ReHeadlining (as in Drudge & other Aggregators & Bloggists) null→  (providing the headlines are an improvement)
..(3)EventDatabase - the who,what,when,where,why,now w/o interpretation
..(4)FactCheckerCentral - transparent, multi-user fact checking
..(5)CitizenJournalism - we have a lot of this now but is it journalism?
..(6)AutomaticContentExtraction - natural language processing is still behind on this one


  1. CBG


Mark de LA says
One thing I learned from the 2016 election season is that government is corrupt – & moving in the direction of the famous quote: 

 Power corrupts & absolute power corrupts absolutely.  
                               – Lord Acton

This one wonders null if our United States Constitution will survive (or America itself) given abundant pollution of body politic .
The body-politic is a complex beast. Changing the default is not necessarily a panacea in itself, indeed it is far to simplistic to look at a nudge policy (like opt-in/out) in isolation and anticipate or attribute a population wide outcome to its implementation. (***)

Mark de LA says
XOR Hobbs:

Mark de LA says
One of my fundamental requirements to call government good is transparency.  Apparently transparency is an animal that resists : null ← why on this one?

Mark de LA says
Trump’s speech to the UN as a high level vision could work ( #CBG ) – who knows.
I didn’t hear a large amount of transparency mentioned.
The answer is a hierarchy of being; much different from a hierarchy of stuff, machinery or doing or government bureaucracy: all of the latter of which are in the mind of the beholder. The beingness is achieved through the living out of the vision & principles.

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