NOW more than ever we need to unhack our brains

Drudge headlines are a taste of crap going into #public-minds 
Bill Clinton Accusers Fear For Lives...
GENNIFER FLOWERS: Bill Paid $200 For Me to Abort His Baby... 
NBC sitting on devastating tape of Juanita Broaddrick... 
Obama battles Bill Clinton ’rapist’ protester... 
TRUMP: Corporate Media Hillary’s Most Powerful Weapon...
’No Longer Involved in Journalism’...

Election Causing Headaches, Illness...
SHOCK POLL: No Sign of Allegations Fallout Yet...
GOOGLE Trends Shows Far More Interested in WIKILEAKS... 
Media skepticism...
WIKILEAKS: Clinton campaign pushed ’Obama is a Muslim’...
Posted FAKE ’Sexist Trump Job Ads’ On CRAIGSLIST...
JILL STEIN: Hillary Could Start Nuclear War... 



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Si says
Yes, I agree. Stop reading that shit! Fill your brains with the things you want to be there, not what these people want to be in it. null

Mark de LA says
#MissedThePoint  – awareness rather than burying head in the sand added to a good dose of consciousness has no substitute. null → 

Si says
I never said bury your head in the sand. I said stop taking your thought marching orders from them. March where, and to the music, you believe is right … your head gets full regardless, so let it be full of the things you feel are important, not all the headlines and articles they craft … and yes, please do it as consciously as you can!

Mark de LA says
I don’t – #done 

Si says

Seth says
i think nathan’s point matched yours almost exactly … it was just from the opposite direction.   If we all tune into that which we want to happen, and even “stick our head in the sand” about that which we do not want to happen, then that which we do not want to happen will just wither and die from lack of attention.    #MeThinks it actually works that way.

Si says

Seth says
#KeepingItReal, i will believe that is “#done” when you stop quoting headlines verbatim from an heavily biased website, as if they spoke for you.

Si says

Seth says
#btw, CNN now appears to be heaveily biased against #Trump.  It is hard to deny that their almost 24/7 harping on this #TrumpTapes scandal is giving a squed picture of the candidate.   Yet , if we can take this man on his own words, must we not have to arrive at the same conclusion?

Mark de LA says
From Rush:
We have a guy, Donald Trump. He’s an A-list celebrity, rich and famous, who’s been surrounded by beautiful women all over the world for 30 years. Not once in 30 years has any of these women claimed he assaulted ’em. Yeah, that only happened three weeks before a presidential election in which he is running. Same thing with Trump and racism. For 30 years in public life, nobody’s ever called him a racist until he ran for president. 
Yet Bill Clinton is celebrated for his #PeckerDillos 


Seth says
well okay that is how  #Trump is #spin’ing this … almost verbatim.  

me, I think some of these girls need more corroborations.  

but come on, he said he could do it, and is not a stretch of our imagination to take him for his own word and believe that he did. ← a thought that has been thought over and over already in the media but nevertheless still #RingsTrue over here.

Mark de LA says
Yep, charge & claim anything – guilty until proven ridiculous . nullnullnull 

Seth says
i think #Trump has chosen a loosing #spin here.   Denial and attacking his defamers will never work … it just makes it worse.  

Me, i would #ack it … i mean #wtf do men get out of being rich and powerful anyway, let’s be honest here,  is is not to get more #pussey ?   So that is an authentic and natural thing for a man.  #AcceptAndMoveOn. 

Is that not the essence of #PeckerDillos ??

Mark de LA says
Then too all Bill & Hillary need to do to dispell Bill’s love child is provide some DNA – just follow Bill around a bit & collect the semen samples left behind. null

Seth says
well one person’s transgressions  have no bearing on another person’s transgressions. 

the one doth not justify the other.

otherwise we have elevated #TuQuoque to a virtue null

so i can see no bearing of that in this context. 

but you have it right, if the rich and powerful can get whatever #pussey they want, just as #Trump said, then that applies equally to Bill Clinton … he gets it too.  #AcceptAndMoveOn

Mark de LA says
THe HRC/Billbo campaign can’t talk about any of their 30years of office holding because their constituents are still complaining the same things as 8 – 16 years ago so they have to smear & sidetrack . #ShoveItUpYourAss

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