#TD #ShitAndStink #SitAndThink

Some come here to sit & think 
    While other s come here to shit & stink !

 Didn’t know these immortal words were yet preserved in Thinking Domains so I put them here.


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Seth says
null wow null … i never would have guessed that sign.   and i doubt that anybody else will remember it.

elegantly respresnted  thought though … i would call it “ShitAndStink” and combine it with “SitAndThink”.

it has nothing do do with anything spelled “#TD” which has alredy been used associated with #ThinkingDomains

Mark de LA says
A strange thing happened this AM – My dog Shadow does not like to go out in the rain to do her stuff. I had to trick her to get the following picture of her delicious softness with which she graced & perfumed our front patio.  I threw a bit of muffin with peanut butter on it out the door – she will always chase something that she thinks is food.  Here is a picture of the #five-logger she blogged this AM:

← she did not sit & think very long on this #b-log

Seth says

Mark de LA says
Sit & think – bro! null

Mark de LA says
Wonder what Rodin’s thinking & doing in this famous statue: null (**) ← rare rear view also

Si says
I don’t know where mark wrote this, but doesn’t matter, I believe it works now to use title references to tiltes that have #hashtag’s in them. Let see …

#TD #ShitAndStink #SitAndThink (comment 63919) which is actually [!title (21979#63919) ]

That should have worked.

nullYes, it did!  

Si says
Very elegant solution #SeriTD came up with. Simply replace the # in ALL live reference output with the html entity for #, which is not picked up by the #hashtag painter, but both displays, and even copy and pastes, the same as if it were a real #.  

Seth says
now how is going to get the coin for a catchy hashtag for the obsession with shit?   i am pretty sure that will glean many usage points in these contexts. 

Si says
Don’t know. I don’t even understand this popular bathroom stall slogan used in this context and tied to #td … but don’t really need to. I am happy to #MakeShitWork when I canโ€™t just #MakeShitUp  

Mark de LA says
#TD #ShitAndStink #SitAndThink (comment 63941) ← what shows up here when I use this link ?

Mark de LA says

Seth says
Well the “popular bathoom slogan”,  “Some come here to shit and stink, but i come here to sit and think”,  is just common human experience.  We all frequently do some of our best thinking when we’re sitting on the pot … i know i do. 

Now why mark associated that with “TD” i have no idea … and i wish he would remove that #misassociation.

Si says
Yes. I do most of the unconventional and odd things I do because it is part of the crafting of my verse in the #LOA manner that I live. The things may sometimes seem odd to others, by they are value based to me.

mark seems to do the things he does, #IDK, at best to tickle some personal sense of perverse humor … but they feel like direct insults and low blows. I don’t see anything value based behind all these things mark does, even for him. They don’t seem to make his world, or ours, any better … and they hurt the common good. My own odd things build quality and value into my own space, and that in turn spills over a lot into the common good, even when my ways are not the ways of others.

Seth says
i too have to admit that i  often #lmao’s on some personal perverse jokes. 

My experience, some of it humiliating,  is that these jokes do not share well with others.

Si says

Seth says
simple it is simply report of my experience. 

#btw, i also agree with your analysis of mark’s behavior above. 

Si says
I know, that is what I was saying #IDontKnowWhatToMakeOfThat to.  

Seth says

Si says

Seth says

Mark de LA says
Remove the other #PR from the glossary & I will remove my association. null

Seth says
it is still 40 to 18,  my hands are tied

Could you plead your case to nathan … possibly he would move his definition into his own space.

Mark de LA says
I don’t grok 40 to 18 . I suspect he had blatant intempt to play with the collision. Need to trade, eh?

Si says
No. 95% of those #PR were there before we even had this ability. I love #PR, and his teachings, and have been using that tag all the time since we have had #hastagโ€™s … no fowl here at all. It’s totally honest.  

And I love how the face matches now. It’s a much better energetic match. I must have known him in another life or such.  

Si says
It is interesting that I hold the #PR tag fair and square. No negativity of any kind. While mark holds the #TD tag hostage in an attempted hostile takeover. Not that that is not allowed, surely it is. What is interesting is the methods and how mark automatically gravitates to methods that are the very ones he is always advocating against and complaining about in the world at large.

Shows clearly how what we think, we become.

See: #LOA 

Mark de LA says
I’ve been using the PR tag (not a #hashtag ) as an abbreviation for Peter Ralston for many years. Why you would point it at a person who only comes up in your #hashTurd is ridiculous. 

Seth says
There is another consideration here.  Mark and I had been using “PR” long before we had hashtags here.   So the timing of the implementation of this game is favoring nathanโ€™s manipulation of the tag. 

Yet my hands are still tied , i will not corrupt this language game. 

But, #KeepingItReal it does not matter quite so very much … it is to me #nbd …. i can easily refer to the philosopher now with a new tag … say “PRalston” or whatever feels good to you, mark.   Me, i will not refer to that philosopher as “#PR” because that face is something too deep inside of just nathan for me to talk about and it #RingsTrue to me.

Seth says

Mark de LA says

Si says
Yes. So circumstances favor me this time. Still fairly and authentically. It is how I design my reality. It is interesting how Mark reacts to this and what actions he takes. Don’t you think?

Seth says
i am #HoldingSpace  for that null

Mark de LA says
Funny thing is that last night around midnight I removed my alias of #TD but then N put more graffiti on my #HoldingSpace which ruined the tag for me with his #AlreadyAlways #BS – so it went back up. Like I said before I usually have to hide my posts to avoid #Egoo .  I liked my post of #HoldingSpace as is or with supporting tzu illustrations not just #RWG in spite of how N will deframe it.

Seth says
funny i did not get that nathanโ€™s contributions to #HoldingSpace were even close to what i would call #graffiti.   it surprised me that you took it that way null ← truly it did.   after i understood nathanโ€™s contribution i thought it went beyond and hinted at as an even deeper meaning of your sign.  seems to me that you #MissedThePoint .

Si says

Si says
Yes! I was adding more points to the #mosaic   

Seth says

Mark de LA says
Try out #HoldingSpace (comment 63964) seems #adhominem to me. null You folks can reframe it any way you like. Asking questions does not really always want an answer – see M$M if you like. Have you quit beating your meat yet? 

Si says
No, that feels good. But I think I am done beating yours.  

Mark de LA says
More twisting & turning #TuQuoque ← maybe your real name, N eh?
N still #MeatLoafing null

Si says
All in good fun. Twisting and turning is what makes a dance a dance … and why we love them so much! 

Mark de LA says
Twisting & turning also makes Drunken brawling null

Si says
Yes, right? It is nice that one is deliberate (dance) and the other is unconscious. A nice story indeed!

Mark de LA says
Drunken Master – may be more conscious than you can think!null

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