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Seth says
eg …

CLKAL5 in our amazon inventory ← #BuyBox eligible = “yes” … but #KeepingItReal did we really get it?


so interesting how we got on the first  #BuyBox page …. and even got our little buy button on that page … yet who will study the page and see that we are the cheapest way to get the product and click on us rather than the Prime fulfilled by Amazon and actually sold by BIGFLY.

Amazon taking a bigger bite of the retail market.  ←  #IDontKnowWhatToMakeOfThat

Si says
Pretty good in general. Your much lower price caught my eye easily. If it was not for the speak_to_me_catalog name, which is an #aug and would make me think twice about buying from a place that doesn’t know how to fill in a good name in the database … is that changeable?

I’m just giving my first look feedback. The name with underscores in it makes my first reaction say “they are a lame-o site” … maybe just run out of someone’s garage or something.

Seth says
other products with #BuyBox elibible = “yes” as of 10/15/2016 BOPIT10 – not on page, sold by Hasbro null CLKBIRD3 – discontinued, deleted product. null ELLIOT –  map pricing by cuddle barn – many sellers null KCDUDE – was not on page, #MatchPrice null → #TopOtherSell KCMINI2 – we won the #BuyButton null MMJAM – was not on page, #MatchPrice → #BigBuyButton NPARROT – not prime, undercut price → #BigBuyButton OLDFPL – we won the #BuyButton null PTDUET – on prime – too much competition SUNDUCK – on prime – too much competition BHDONALD –  #BuyButton  on page null

--- Buy box eligigle = “NO” KCPRAY2  #LowestPrince #OnlySeller #NotOnFirstPage  nullnull KCMINI  #LowestPrince #OnlySeller #NotOnFirstPage  nullnull  KCMINI3 sold by maxi aids – under other asin – we are not listed – has quality alert … fixing and enhancing details of listing … ??   CLKATOM – buried on second page .10 higher – changed to lowest – check back ?? SWHAND – #LowestPrince Why not eligible ????


Si says
So what do you need, a scraper? That automatically goes and robot-checks the status of all these when you press a button and compiles a report like the one you are compiling?

Si says
Would one be worth Nickels if it was reliable and very easy to use?

Seth says
won’t be a scraper … we have the data.  not sure what would help … #IDoNotKnow untill after this analysis.  probably more like a template generator.  #ThanksForNoticing null

Si says
Wouldn’t you want to check the real Amazon catalog pages to see what is actually there? Not just a database? I spent 5 years writing test code to scrape real pages and verify stuff at MicroSoft … real easy with jQuery.

Seth says
I am checking the “real Amazon catalog pages” take the liks above and see … i am not sure what diffeent i could possibly do here.   This is analysis work based upon our specific products and seeing what is happening with the way we are shown in their store.   There is not that much work here to do … over ¼ of it already done.

Si says
Yes. I see what you are doing. I’m saying, let a robot do it for you and be able to launch the bot anytime you want and get a report like you are making up there back from the bot … then you can do all these checks with one click as often as you want to see what Amazon is up to.

Seth says
yes worth nickels null

… but this can not be figured out by a computer scrape … it is detailed product analysis that only me and denise can do. 

when we figure it out … and we are close … i’d love to talk to you more. 

Si says

Seth says
#MeThinks it is a bit deeper and in a different direction than you seem to percieve at the moment, tigger.

Si says
Yep, I’m just saying. Clearly you are figuring out all the metrics in your current sweep. Once they are known, then a bot can do it again anytime … just thinking of how you can monitor Amazon’s reliability for your products, in easy one-click ways.

Seth says

Seth says
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