Evolution of Evil on AHC - comment 64275

Propre maître says ...
Actually do even just half of that on your own and you would be enjoyable to interact with!  
Looking forward to it! null

BTW … evil does not actually exist, just saying.

But … it is true. ← (Despicable Me Movie Quote, and true)  
… from (in case it gets #FoHammer’d)
One thing common about evil & dictators is that they want their own ideas to prevail & anything opposed or not in agreement censored & shunned & in the case of dictators, killed.

I am glad we have a first amendment .  I will not be censored!
I will use all the words I have at my disposal.
I will publish all thoughts I have (if I want) whether you like it or not whether they align or not with you.
I will argue with you or not if I want to.
I will terminate such discussions whether or not you want me to.
If you trash my publishing (here) I will hide it so you can’t get to it any longer.
If you are personally nasty to me I will avoid you & converse with others & may be nasty back.

I am my own guide – assume not that you should or could do the job for me.
My path is a long & winding road. (*


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Si says
See, there you go. mark hid this comment … that’s how he follows the intent of his own prescription … NOT AT ALL!

Mark de LA says
The behavior of the Neph is why this kind of dialogue will not work out “In the World” & there are only 3 of us here. Extend that to a few more. Maybe you folks can find a fan club that all agree with your style null Bullying your comments onto someone else’s post on facebook gets you unfriended. Anyway I have said my piece. Continue to deface mine & I will hide them & then you can come here & run your stuff anyway.

Si says
You just skipped right over all the positive points you put in your piece above and latched right onto the negative ones. When you start treating others according to all the values you advocate for, instead of the opposite, things will change, for everyone.

Si says
Take note that the original post in the about link above contains more valuable ideas about this topic … they can be viewed by unhiding them in the cool menu. They were censored by that author … of a post about not censoring and how it is evil. I know, right?

Mark de LA says
Defense against defacing my original post. Sorry this system apparently encourages one-way censorship by the proprietors & programmers of the system.thumbs down

Seth says
well if you look at #evil on an absolute scale … #MeThinks you will not see it.   It is a relative #thingey … actually needs of a indirect object to have meaning.   So to say “that is evil” means nothing at all … and yes it does not exist.   But if i say,  “that is evil to me”,  well then i have said something. 

Of course i am a variable,  so as , i can say,  “junking up our common glossary with a lot of shitty terms which only mark can laugh about,  is #evil to the thinking that we share here”.  

Si says
Not sure what you mean by that … one way censorship? I play by the same rules you are subject to in this area. I don’t ever censor any of your opinions, I only censor your insults … and rightfully so. No one should have to be subjected to insults or even reading them between others. Insults should be kept to a specific place, like the gossip group for instance, so that they can be opt-in.

Mark de LA says
Well all you folks knee-jerk #RWG-automaticity comments are a waste of time & just keep on going. (I usually put the Energizer Bunny here for emphasis)
From a god’s-eye view there is no evil implied with a creator-god.  Smaller spans of time do reveal that the fun guys in your not evil world did exist & kill & torture millions of people.

Si says
I think it is likely that millions of people were killed and tortured over the years. Did each leading person do all that? Surely not. There were layers and layers of agreements and perspectives and beliefs that played out in the transactions between souls of those that did killing, and those who were killed. The leaders in each case mainly provided an environment for those transactions to take place … and had a few transactions of their own. Did any being actually cease to exist in all that is? I surely think not. The beings in question had experiences, a great number of experiences, on both sides.

Seth says
well #afaict,  “From a god’s-eye view there is no evil implied with a creator-god.  Smaller spans of time do reveal that the fun guys in your not evil world did exist & kill & torture millions of people”  is an alternative way of saying what i said above null … so #thanks for seeing the same thing.

From a god’s-eye view there is no evil .. that would be what i referred to as “on an absolute scale” … yet to the people the tyrants killed,  well that was fucking evil indeed. 

As to the rest of your comment … me, i think that is about something entirely different.


Si says
See [thought 22027]

Mark de LA says
There are thousands of images & names of God or a god.  One aspect is as creator. There are others.

Seth says

Mark de LA says
As a matter of consciousness there may be levels of consciousness beyond creation which make no sense & which are beyond words to describe. 
OTOH, we are normally in the one right here so argument is moot or should be mute. 

Seth says

Seth says
absolutely there are levels of #center4consciousness.   the ones that i am concerned with are the levels of which i am aware. 

absolutely, nobody that i know of is argueing.  last time i looked we were in #ViolentAggrement on the matter at hand. 

it is nathan’s conceptions of #evil that are quite different. 

Mark de LA says
Political correctness, -XOR- #LOA-correctness intended to expunge meanings of words or censor them is purely ridiculousness .  See all the synonyms on what  arguing  is. nullnull

Si says

Si says

Si says
Tis true! I fully admit that my ideas are different. The ones about Evil are not exactly new, they are actually older than the one’s Mark is advocating for, but they are new to the general masses and slowly, though at an exponential rate of change, filtering through the religious masses across the entire globe, not just the US.  

Mark de LA says
#ageism old, new who knows who cares – each cycle recapitulates the old & metamorphoses then again.

Si says
I care about being in tune with my now. It is here, this moment, that I came for. Experiencing it fully is what I care about. Part of that is knowing the relationships between where I am right now, and where else there is to be.  

Mark de LA says
An imaginary future balanced by a hazy past. null

Si says
Exactly! What else would NOW be if not that?

… imagine trying to live any kind of a focused life, if your future, and/or your past, was as in your face as your now is.  

Mark de LA says
How did you make petty office 1st class without knowing what leadership means if you had responsibility for for leading others, eh? nathan

Si says
I knew nothing about leadership back then. What I knew was how to play the human game called leadership. I knew how to do the workbooks, score well on the tests, say the right things to the right superiors and peers, and even do those things … all part of a cog in a machine fulfilling my duty … and all totally unconscious. No aspect of true leadership involved at all.

True leadership is a very conscious thing. It is understanding, and being fully aware, of your part in the reality you are creating and how to influence others to co-create the reality you want.

In the Navy, for instance, I would have killed another human being simply because an authority told me to do so, perhaps millions of other humans if it came to that. That is not leading, that is not being conscious, that is simply being part of an unconscious machine having unconscious reality transactions with other unconscious beings. Leading is knowing one’s own authority in the reality one is creating and deciding on one’s own what to happen next.

Seth says

Mark de LA says
Deciding on one’s own is not leadersip – it is mostly Ego. Being an example with integrity is leadership.null

Si says
It is not possible to “be an example” if one is not doing something different … i.e. “deciding on one’s own”. I agree about integrity, but am not sure if your definition of that is up to speed with mine or not.  

Mark de LA says
“up to your speed” may or not be an example to follow. What you do sets an example more than the words out of your mouth. Something different is selfie thingy. Uniqueness is an already-always drive of the self.

Si says
The example I present to you is just a mirror. That’s my contract with you personally.

… as far as “up to speed”, that is not an insult. I say that because nearly all the definitions you have posted here are about the most antiquated version that can be found, often from like way back in the 15th century. You don’t even post definitions that are up to speed with your own life, but rather ones that were only up to speed with Isaac Newton or perhaps Goethe. Definitions change quite often … it is simple truth that your definitions are not up to speed with mine based on the definitions you often post. And I didn’t say “for sure”, I said “I am not sure”.

Mark de LA says
null tickles my funnybone – the already-always #ageism continues.. Without time the picture is different. #Nowbies should get that except if they suck up too much of the new agey stuffy.  All is being & spirit & metamorphosis & continues in a lemniscate-spiral . Somewhere in fbi I have a picture of such which I can’t find right now this will have to do:

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