Nothing has meaning on it’s own. The only meaning something has is how it makes you feel. For the action you take is upon that feeling.

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Seth says

Seth says
Works for me null.   I hasten to add that “you” in this definition is a variable.  

Si says
Well yes, of course, as always. Just like the /mytags/ context, it applies only to the person using it.

Seth says
… and (or #thingey) hearing it.

Si says
Same thing. Seems like you are simply stating the obvious about the use of the word “you” in it’s general form … not that there is something wrong with that … just seems like you are presenting this variable thing as if it is new to language and is something I have always recognized.

Seth says
… within the plane of the language itself, yes that is all i am doing.  But the variability of identity … of #Ego … goes far beyond what the language represents thereof.

Si says
This is why on-the-fly glossary definitions, as well as #hashtag conversations, work so well. They allow expanding the “feelings” attached to something, nearly exponentially.

Seth says

Seth says

#Abraham’s assertion seems true when i am the center of attention …
when i am the #foreground of the composition ...
but that is not always the case.

Si says
People who grew up, for the most part pre 1980’s, were taught to “discount feelings”. It was taught to emphasize reason over feelings. Even I, growing up in the 60’s, had to go through years of reconditioning to get access to the continuous stream of incoming feelings that I mostly ignored. That dialing down of the emotion channel makes it seem like you say, like “this is only the case when one is the center of attention” … but in fact, it is always the case … it is only that when one is the center of attention the feelings are so strong they get through. They are always there, always coming in … but if one is not sensitive to them, one resorts to reason or habit to select action. The incoming feelings should always be what selects action. That is there purpose in our being.

Seth says
well there is no “discounting of feelings” going on here … hey, like you, i believe feeling are paramont … they distinguish me from a stone … which, as far as i know has no qualia … has no feelings … no #insides … no #subjective awareness.

i am quite aware that my feelings are not the only feelings there are … others have feelings … even other groups, not just individuals … and #IDoNotKnow but i imagine & intue that  #gaia herself feels.  anything can become the #foreground … not just my own feelings.

Si says
Compare the feelings you have in a day, in a situation, to the feelings an indigo child has. You will quickly see that the feelings you experience are drastically dialed down compared to the human norm when a human has been allowed to experience the full range of feelings since birth.

I just spend the last 3 hours with Palden, the 10 year old son of my friend Lucely, and an indigo child. The range and rapidity of both his instant feeling changes and alert game-tuned rapid fire mind pushed me well beyond my normal limits and left me gasping for air. I am trying to help him deal with the emotions and anxiety he is experiencing surrounding year end exams, by teaching him to guide his thoughts with his feelings. It is a daunting task to attempt to help an indigo child with “feelings” … though my experience has, so far, been up to the task and I am helping.

Trust me. What you know of feelings is less than a 50th of what is available! You may be a “big feeler” in your generation. Your brain would explode if you could experience 1/10th the feelings Palden experiences in 5 minutes. (because you would try and process them rationally and that would overload your slow rational thought processes)

nullFeelings are indented to be instantaionious guidance on choice … not rationally processed.

Seth says
#IDoNotKnow about that … i can still remember the depth of feelings that i had as a child …
and compared to what i feel now, they were shallow … albeit frequently more for the first time.  i have so much more content inside my being now which was not present when i was 10 … all of that contributes to the deapth with which i feel about something.   Yet iit is true, i still seek those virginal experiences and glory in them when found null.

it is especially intriguing to  watch,  form the outside,  a baby or a very young child experience an emotion.  i do share your appreciation of that and trust me when i tell you that i have done it just like you have.  but i would never attempt to compare their inner experience, to which i have no access, to my own or even somebody else who i really scarcely know.

Si says
Yes, the feeling experiences you would be having now would be greater than the ones you had as a child. Because you are part of this reality and the thought/feeling matrix of our common reality has been expanding at an exponential rate since before your birth.

You were still taught, as were all pupils in your generation, and in mine, to both give preference to reason, and to try and process feelings with reason. As I said, it took me many years to de-program a part of this … some still exists. You are right, you cannot know what an indigo child experiences … and I only know what it is like trying to keep up with one.  I am quite sure I am correct in saying that the range of feelings you experience is less than a 50th of what an indigo child experiences in a minute … and that they process those feelings directly, not with reason, as you often (not always) do.

Seth says
well i  can recognize patterns … sequences … i do yadayada and gadagada then i feel thusly.   my thoughs, actions and information from my senses sometimes manifest feelings in predictable patterns.  frequently i tell myself don’t do that, or you will feel like shit afterward.  other times i do something and i feel good about it, and so i crank it up as far as it will go at the moment.  pretty much all of that can be seen (or at least modeled) in #CycleOfDoing and in #TetModel.

Si says
Yep. That is the way we (not just you) were taught to access and process feelings. Very different. Trust me on that, or grab your own indigo child and observe for your self. You will see.  

Seth says
… oh there are lots of children in my environment … i love them all null … your term #IndigoChildren  is but a subjective assocation to a story that you and your group are writing, which story is  not really being represented or  #shared here.

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