#btw, @mark is a #CuntMouth who can not even #woof 


  1. btw
  2. CuntMouth
  3. woof
  4. dude


Seth says
mark or nathan i dare you to comment!

Si says
Well, did you do it? The database shows nothing changed.

Seth says
yes i did it once … now i did it again … but this time i got a type error.

Si says
I saw the thought update, so you did something, but nothing is happening in the db. Are you actually unchecking the boxes?

Seth says

tried it again … the previous did not stick … this time i got a type error again when i clicked close.

Seth says

Seth says
looks like it is sticking now null

Wizard says
can i add a thread as a wizzard

Si says
Seems to be a FF error. Working...

Seth says

Hey #dude how could you start this top level thread?   What, do you feel yourself prividledged ?

Mark de LA says
I had this thought during AM contemplation about fastblogit : If we stopped talking about each other & stopped the name calling & playing the RWG we could reduce the load on the server, the database and:
  • deeper thoughts might occur
  • more interesting posts might show up
  • participants might learn to be more precise in their posts & distinctions & similarities
  • a synergy of evolution & conversation might erupt 

Mark de LA says
Conversation forked to thought 22084

Si says
Okay. Try it again. Think is fixed.

Wizard says
but i can add a comment here

null and now i can not add a comment thread … but i can edit this old one null

Wizard says
apparetnly either wizzard trumps bozo … or Chrome trumps FireFox null

Si says
Yea right?

Seth says

Seth says

Ok this thought is closed.

I double dare you to comment or do anything here at all

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