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I like the Power Thesaurus because by a simple link all other words with varying distinction are right there at the click of a link. Such removes all the trouble of making hashtags  etc.  I suspect that all the language spent in disabusing nuances between word meaning can be quelled thusly if one realizes that some of the alternate nuances are still contained in the thesaurus
About the only thing that could be improved in the interaction would be a mouse-over that displayed the top 10 synonyms. For those that mismatch there are of course the antonyms available with just an additional click. 
Creating new vocabularies is something else & hashtags usually only assemble old already recognizable syllables & abbreviations of old words.


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Seth says
There is a big difference between molding our language to express ourselves,

and expressing only that from ourselves which is already represented in the language. 

What we have going here is the latter, not the former.

The difference is creating new manifestations … rather than operating on habitual rote.

Si says
Not sure how to use this. When I want to know alternatives for a word it is when I am doing research for something I am writing, not to be embedded in the finished dissertation. Hashtags are embedded in the finished product for people to follow the expansion of the conversation.

They seem like entirely different uses to me. Seems like what would be good for the thesaurus would be to have a protocol inside the editor for looking up an alternate for a word while you are typing it.

What real use is it to have alternates for a word available to the person who is reading your final draft?

Mark de LA says
Alejandro Jodorowsky  (translated from Spanish)
1) the mind is a sack full of words that are not what it is, just tell us a tiny fraction of what it is.
2) in our heart nest thoughts impossible to publicize with words.
3) on a daily basis we are suffering from the lack of language in front of the extension of our feelings.
4) the human being for giving him the privilege to the word, has lost the power to communicate to the other his mood immediately.
5) floating in a torrent of words, we like a dervish against our muteness interior.
6) submerged in a me and a worlds made of words, the despair of not being makes us critics fierce...
7)... but our words don’t change the world, just demolished the words that make up this world.
8) to change the world we have to jump out of the words to the experience, challenged to change ourselves, erasing our self-concept.
9) we always say anything other than what we mean, we don’t live as what we are, but as what we believe to be.
10) the words are in front, the mind the remains. We see things the way we think they are. We live in maps, not in real territories.
11) LS terrible stares of the other we make. We become like to see us. But if we do not see, we are not to be.
12) when we develop our conscience, we developed our language. To the conscience must be free of language.
13) the consciousness is not a system of concepts, definitions, trials, is a being, free, in constant transformation, as the universe.
14) the sun rises and sets, nor is there.

Mark de LA says
Reduce the size of your difference .

Mark de LA says
Reduce the size of your imagination-deficit.

Si says
Another thing about this is the implication that we are creating definitions with #hashtag’s … and I would say that is not the case. If words pointed to dictionary definitions, it would be a completely different thing. What we are creating with #hashtag’s are conversations. What you put in the glossary term for a tag should be an extension of the conversation at the point of tag use, an alternate dimension … not simply a definition of the word-tag.

#hashtag’s tap into the tesseract dimension of the conversation.

Si says

Seth says
re: “hashtags usually only assemble old already recognizable syllables & abbreviations of old words”

A new phrase is just like a new word.   A compond hashtag (whether words or syllablal stems) is a phrase.  The classical example of this is :  “the white house”.   You really do need to look at phrases refering to things,  rather than each word always standing on its own to refer to something.  That is just the way our language works.  ← #btw, i did not make that up … i learned it by studying linguistics.

Mark de LA says
Reduce the size or your error. People here do create definitions for mouse-over or other amusement.

Si says
I think you are looking at #hashtag’s as a new way to do a same old thing mark, and it is the opposite of that. Hashtags are an old way to do a brand new thing … i.e. extend the conversation into new dimensions that were not possible with ink and paper.  

Seth says

Mark de LA says
yep that was included also in syllables & abbreviations maybe need an explicit mention of phrases .thumbs up If all you do is create gibberish (stuff with no relationship to words, parts of words or collections of words) to whom are you communicating except perhaps your own funnybone.  null

Seth says
what do you mean ? i have not a clue.

Mark de LA says
Been on the Internet for a long time. Links are not new even with CyberMind™ like stuff. #hashtags been around for a long time. Simplifies ways of finding things across many different places. Makes a search easy. 

Mark de LA says
#SpotOnDiscovery4You  passed up. nullnull

Seth says

Seth says
lots of stuff here … much of it #RingsTrue over here.   me thiks it needs expanded treatment in this context.

What sticks out to me in this context is

(2) in our heart nest thoughts impossible to publicize with words.

Alejandro Jodorowsky

That is especially pointed null

But i have a different take on it.   We mold our language to express what is deep inside … rather than just accepting the sturcture of old and bemoaning its lack of an ability to express what we have inside in our current context. 

Fact is, contexts are so very very unique to themselves.   ← Think about that. 

A phrase in our language must stand for those contexts for us to be able to express ourselves.

Mark de LA says
This is from Jodorosky – write to him (in Spanish). You seem to be arguing with someone else but me.
 I did provide a link to his FB page & in the same post elsewhere under conscience I made a detail acknowledgement.  See also: http://www.fastblogit.com/thought/20720 ← null

Si says
I thought you wrote the thought above, and that is all I have been responding to. You didn’t put a quote by or anything in the thought to say that was not yours.

Mark de LA says
Funny thingy happened while I was creating the post . It began to remind me of CyberMind™ cool

Si says

Seth says
i am trying to apply Jodorosky’s thoughts here to this context right here in which you quoted them.

no argument here at all. 


Si says
Yes. Some aspects of the extended conversation are like CyberMind™.  

And others are not, for instance, the coining of new hash-words, which are actually phrases, and that become intellisense extensions of the language, is something new.

Seth says
well i guess i fixed your complaint by editing his name in the quote.

Mark de LA says
Conversation forked to thought 22090

Si says
Well, not that I am advocating for doing without well known words, but in fact, it would work out just fine. Words are only convenient stepping stones to use to cross a river. For those who are truly interested in knowing what is on the other side (communicating), there are no boundaries … and a thousand different ways to get across (by boat, horse, flying, catapulting, build a bridge, etc). Communication is 90% intent and much less than 10% words IMHO.

Seth says
but, mark, when we write new sentences that #RingsTrue at least to ourselves … we are not “creating gibberish” … we are not creating “stuff with no relationship to words, parts of words or collections of words” … rather we are making new associations of the inner meaning or context TO a new composition of words

if you assume the opposite apriori, then you have just assumed that you can not talk about new things.

Mark de LA says
Me(I) #done

Seth says

Si says
Mouseover would be an aspect of the extended conversation I am talking about. You don’t go somewhere else in that case, you simply make the conversation a lot bigger right in place. I am not calling you wrong or anything like that. It simply seems like there are some aspects of #hashtag’s that you have not really #grok’d yet, mainly the majority of the idea that it is a “conversation”, that’s all.

Seth says

Seth says
yes … a hashtag links together a whole conversation in the mind right here (and even extended elsewhere on the web) of which the current siting is just a part … said differently … it makes the current comment part of a larger conversation. 

now any word or phrase does that as well … but there is a big difference between how instant it is with just a click.  

there is a thingey about being more direct which is not to be scoffed at.

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