mark's thought about Trump's Ghettesburg Address



1. Constitutional Amendment to impose term limits on members of Congress 

2. Hiring freeze on federal employees to reduce the workforce through attrition 

3. Requirement to eliminate two federal regulations for every new one 

4. Five-year-ban on White House and Congressional officials becoming lobbyists 

5. Lifetime ban on White House officials lobbying for foreign governments 

6. Complete ban on foreign lobbyists raising money for American elections 

from #Trump’s Ghettesburg Address
Many of those would be be good ideas , for example # 1,  especially if politically they could be accomplished, which most savey observers will tell you they cannot.

But notably not on the list of anti-corruption measures is an amendment against big money dominating politics,  ie the overturn of #CitizensUnited , something that even me and mark once agreed would be a good idea.

 #Trump started his list of things to accomplish in his #First100Days with  a vow to sue the women accusing him of unwanted sexual advances. ← A wierd thing to put in the context of his first 100 days.  That became the big story in the headlines today quite overshadowing his promises, … surly Trump know that would happen.



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Mark de LA says
Did you get confused ? The lawsuit against the lying bitches wasn’t in any of the lists – perhaps just a shot against the bow of the Clinton machine.
Maybe be concerned about the Clinton Foundation (political slush fund) & George Soros & others who are also billionaires funding your side (seth) in politics. 
Until the economy is severed from government the problem of “money in politics” will remain;  having been said by me for years here & everywhere.
P.S. your spell checker failed in the title.  Perhaps you could make a Ghettos-burg address. null

Seth says
Trump’s promise to sue the women who accused him was in his Ghettesburg address. 

Mark de LA says
Yep, but the to-do lists were delineated by his announcement that they were so.  Yep, to a partisan you probably couldn’t tell that they were shot against HRC’s broad beam or bow.

Seth says
I was quite aware that there were not in his lists.   My observation that they “became the big story in the headlines today quite overshadowing his promises” is still true.  My point is that Trump surly should have known that would happen.  Which begs the question why he started his address with that nastiness allowing it to distract from his promises.

Mark de LA says
It was a speech.  He can begin/end with anything in it he wants.  It is like the M$M always does: focus upon one thingy in his speeches or debates & blow it up to extremes for liberal advantage.  Witness the thingy from the last debate about his not saying he would support the outcome of the election (later clarified) but most forgot to mention what happened with Bush-Gore which delayed the results all the way up to SCOTUS recanting his original conceeding.   Given the amount of fraud possible this year with thousands of dead people on the rolls & lots of illegals & aliens in the country & George Soros associated voting machines distributed,  who knows how fair the election is likely to be. 

Mark de LA says
It is also a side track so the people won’t read his promises.  What are Hillary’s ? Are there any?  We can expect in the coming 15 days that the M$M will do what they can to knock them down. 

Seth says
Well, if Trump was aware of the #DialogueMeaning of his address, then he must have realized the effect of leading his speach with that nastiness.    For example i started listening to his speech expecting to hear some proposals which might have a chance to improve our government.  Instead I was turned off when i heard that he would be suing his accusers after the election …  then I muted the volume on the TV so that i could concentrate better on what was happening here instead.  Later i read your post and examined some of the points in his list … that is where my opinion of his speech started (see above).  But as you can see, we are not discussing those promises. 

My realization here is that Trump should have been able to predict that effect.  Was that the effect he wanted?  If so, then can i sustain  a belief that he really intends to become president? … i can not.  Or if he did not realize the effects that nastiness would have,  then can i believe that he is going to be an effective politician? … i can not.   So in any case, to me Turmp is a LOOSER !

Mark de LA says
Yep, that is what a person of your political persuasion would say. #ArgumentsPerRant count is up these last 15 days. Thanks for your input. #ArgumentsPerMinute up also. nullnull

Mark de LA says
Note to the proprietors – it might be an interesting number to see the actual comment count on an item somewhere.

Seth says
we see the number of comment threads instead.

Seth says
but mark … did you not just #MakeShitUp about me?  

Why can you not believe that i actually wanted a president leading our goverment who would eliminate all the #bs that is happening in Washington?  Why can you not believe that the heart of me my political beliefs are more in line with what the Speaker of the House, #PaulRyan has been saying than #Hillary?   That is the story that i am telling myself … and even have told you several times … yet you continue to repeat these lies about what i say.

Fact is, Trump does not speak in a tone of voice that speaks for me as an American.   I will not vote for him to speak and act as my president.

Mark de LA says
Notice you folks can’t seem to #get-it-up for discussing any of the actual points. Just the side-track.null How unappealing !

Seth says
no reason for me to discuss them.  i do not believe they will happen.

Si says
Sorry. You can’t trick me into voting this man into my reality by having me put my attention upon him and his points. Didn’t work. null

Mark de LA says
Some swamps just won’t drain: true thingy … #LOAS – Law of attracting SWAMPS. null

Si says
Notice that my response to your flippancy contains actual content about what I am doing and why I am doing it. Notice that yours contains only two insults, one newly defined, probably putting you at what, 13 you can respond with now?  

Mark de LA says
GO Go go #RWGenergizer !null

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