Republic versus Democracy in a Democratic-Republic

About: 2016 presidential election interactive map

Many decry the Electoral College  – some as a gerrymandering of its own. Regions of the country have more collective votes than others. See map. The polarity is between pure population counts and land & region. How to balance? High populations favor a Santa Clause, Bread & circuses outcome. Rural population density balances that a bit but the arable land & farming favors subsidy votes. Interests of identity politics favor race & religous voting. States originally formed by the boundaries of nature like mountains, rivers, oceans etc. Some states have already changed from winner takes all to proportional according to the vote when they divide up the electoral votes.
I ask the question what system of representative government can be fair ultimately ?  Gaming the electoral college seems doesn’t seem fair. Rather than focusing principles, ideas & change (or NOT) – focusing to win yields a Bread & Circuses outcomenull
 P.S. a shift in population for the lowest 7 or so (3 or 4 electoral votes) from red to blue throws the close elections.  Could be done by illegal aliens, legalized immigrants or whatever. It is a strange game of GO. google buses of immigrants or maybe refugees.