Being occupied with something such that you find aspects of it everywhere you look and think about, and talk about it, all the time.


  1. LockedInLockedOut
  2. obsession
  3. Crusade


Seth says

Mark de LA says
AKA #LockedInLockedOut – look for all the green in your room & try remembering the brown things XOR go read stuff in group politics null 
null I wonder how many others find it peculiar when some use a word with one meaning as spoken by themselves & as another meaning when spoken by others – could provide cognitive dissonance (for the masses in politics like the n-word) or just here in a blog. 

Seth says
i think markhas a valid point here … in that an #obsession and an #Crusade both have the effect of filtering out alternatives.  i am not so very sure that i can do the one different than the other.  Maybe takes some training.

Then too there is the view from inside and the view from outside.   Can a person detect the difference from outside, even thought there is a difference inside?

Mark de LA says

Mark de LA says
An image for obsession: null while looking for something else: (irony)
Image result for qubits game (**) via G+

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