Acronym for Law of Attracting Swamps – Swamps being the corruption in politics.
Those who profit with job security, the perks of the power elite & the illusion of regulating others’ lives with their own left out of the equation often pander more bread & circuses to the masses & attract more swamp.


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Si says
What does any of that have to do with the Law of Attraction? Those are things that happen to you … #LOA is not about things happening to you at all.

Mark de LA says
These are things one attracts politically. Wanting and attracting Bread and Circuses is one of the biggies – paying for them with your votes (or lack of votes) !

Si says
Okay. It is hard for me to wrap my head around the idea that you actually like politics. But, clearly it is something people come here to have an experience of, so I am trying. Not trying not to judge, I do not judge, just trying to find a vibration of affinity such that I could converse.

Mark de LA says
It is a fascination for me. Great men like Aristotle wrote may things on the subject including one called Politics. I grew up in the middle of WW-II . War bothered me & eventually landed me in the middle of one in Viet Nam. Wars are politics by other means. (see quote elsewhere). I was fascinated by the talk of Utopias & wrote a paper on it in High School.  The Human Social Organism fascinates me. Everyone is connected to it in some way even if smothered in one’s own solipsism. If you have nothing constructive to contribute here, that’s OK – I am complete with that .  There are plenty of other groups to play in. 

Si says
Okay. The human social organism does not interest me. I see it as it is, a side effect of life. It is an artificial bubble people create and operate within to generate various forms of life experiences. But, I do recognize that many beings are here for exactly that. It draws them to come and play with it and have experiences within and related to it. Like sports, and virtual reality games, and extreme sex, and many other artificial bubbles, even war which as you say is a subset of it, the social organism is one of the leader boards items for physical life and lots of beings enjoy experiences within it.

Personally, I prefer to play with the elements of reality itself … the nuts and bolts upon which all these other systems are created … that is my passion.

I would not normally have commented here at all … it was the LOA’ish reference that caused it.  

Mark de LA says
Yep, rather monad-ish like. Fascinating, though, that you associate with groups that believe the way you do so there is some kind of social organism – perhaps & if only clannish or cultist. 

Si says
If you ever experienced “my group” directly, instead of just in your imagination, you would never call it clannish or cultist. My people are very world centric, not judgmental, and treat others by the real aspects that you would recognize as the golden rule. When one fully understands the nature of reality (at least so far as it can be understood during this time) then one feels no need to be separate from others in any way, or to interact with others in any other way than what serves the moment. That may also be a form of social organism, but not one you probably have any experience with … including, and quite possibly even especially, your experiences in the warehouse. Those kinds of social experiences that occurred in the groups of the warehouse days were the catalyst behind the groups I now traverse, but the actual nature of these groups is quite tangential to those of the 60’s and 70’s even though outsiders would still call them hippyish in visible character.  

p.s. how I treat you specifically is not representative of “my groups”. It is only representative of your and my contract, nothing else at all.

Mark de LA says
Perhaps, I’m sure you believe that about yourself & others. The funny thingy is that it is extremely difficult to see outside yourself as others see you: (a piece of the Golden Rule) often missed. null

Si says
Actually, it is not at all hard to see how others see us … precisely because we meld so easily into the world centric landscape by understanding that we create it. My experiences as a campground ranger this summer very nicely illustrate this and how easily I meld into the landscape around me, even politics, if I had interest to do so.

Your idea that it is extremely difficult to see outside yourself is simply an aspect of your story … something you have written into your own experience. I can meld into the landscape I create and experience it from any perspective of the whole creation I wish.

Mark de LA says
Suborning insurrection & sedition seems to be the play of the day for some of the losers.
Some will miss the real revolution moving towards removing corruption, cronyism & money from politics
-AND- a shake-up of the swamp.  (***) See 22164 as well

Mark de LA says
Money spent: http://www.bloomberg.com/politics/graphics/2016-presidential-campaign-fundraising/july/public/index.html – the final numbers will be interesting & instructive. 

Seth says
Yes indeed!  Broadcast and new aged social media are far cheeper than what has been called “the ground game” and “TV commercials”.  Then too #Trump’s message,  regardless of what you personally thought about it,  resonated with more people.  #hillaries was booring.  Trump’s resonated in some people’s gonads,  Hillarie’s, …  well not so very much. 

Mark de LA says
& … perhaps Trump’s methods can show how one can squeeze a lot more effect out of the dollar than has been  happening over the last 8 years. nullnull

Seth says
#btw,  your own thought here might garner more resonance in this context if it were not associated at all with the law of attraction.  

Seth says
maybe … but me thinks the effects that i mentioned above dominate what happened are would drown out any signal of that from what we are seeing.

Mark de LA says
Yep, you were only interested in your point of view.  I was speaking of the pure $$$$$ or ROI of the money in politics & you came up with Trump’s populist versus Hillary’s party-entitlement point of view. 


Mark de LA says
The Hillary attracted a swamp & in the end the swamp was rejected for a new revolution – kinda like what happened with King George & the colonists. 

Seth says
well there is aboslutely no doubt in my mind that the big bucks, $$$$$, spent on (usually false) TV memes to sway the election are corrupting politics.    I do think we already agree there. 

So yes, i did factor that out of perceiving what is happening here.

Mark de LA says
The funny thing is that liberals used to decry “money in politics” – the 1% vs the 99% & yet they ran Hillary. null

Seth says
Notice it is still happening … the memes are still vibrating in your animal gonads … now vibrating against what you call “liberals”  … nullnull

… see how that works?

Si says
You know. You guys can construct it all complicated like this, if it is fun to do so. All this poetical stuff is a whole lot simpler too, if you make it so.  

Seth says
ok, i am game … simplify it ….

Mark de LA says
Nothing sane in this remark → #LOAS (comment 66191) – Humans are not just more evolved animals except in your mind seth the rest is mostly delusional #puke .  Hmmm..  did defeat make the left now run from the label liberal? If any more of this tends to show up I shall be forced to curate it. Better fork yourselves now.

Si says
Well, there are many ways it can be simpler. One only has to choose a way and believe it. For instance, I believe in #LOA, therefore I can nearly 100% predict any political phenomena simply by determining the predominate thoughts of the person or body of people in question … because according to #LOA the predominate thoughts will be what manifests, always, no matter what the circumstances or expectations.

You guys are believing in a very complicated and hard to predict political system … therefore it is what you experience.

Seth says
Strange … i can find no actual thought exclusive of a #Egoo trasaction in your last comment.   I agree,  keep that #goo  private.

Mark de LA says
#TuQuoque thumbs down – you must be running on empty. 

Seth says

Seth says
sounds good null … the trick of course is to predict it before it happens. 

Seth says
no i was provoking you to privitize your #goo 


Si says
Well I did. I guess I didn’t say it exactly so clearly here, but I did say it to others around me 2 days before the election when I tuned-in to what each was doing and it was obvious that Trump was positively #LOA biased and Hillary was negatively #LOA biased.

When I wrote about who I would choose here, it was from that platform of understanding. I guess I was just taking it for granted with you two that it would be obvious to you since you both know this stuff well now.

Seth says

Seth says
#btw i predicted it shortly after #Trump announced his candidacy.   I can hear what thoughts are resonating too.  Like i mentioned denise did not want to believe me … her own subjective thoughts got in the way.

Mark de LA says
Was resonance the problem with the libs? Maybe consider that it was the lack of resonance for/with still more of the Obama detritus which sunk HRC, eh? null

Seth says
yes that pretty much follows.   liberal thoughs are not resonating as much as #trumps.  … especially the hind end side of them which  Trump and other #republican’s are broadcasting.

Mark de LA says
Maybe seth you should vent your angst & get some psychological help from the hoards of people now invested in repairing the broken hearted ‘crats .

RUSH: I mentioned, the left is continuing to melt down over the election.  And there’s a lot of schadenfreude here.  I mean, that’s taking pleasure in the disappointment or misery of others.  Mostly it’s just comical.  And in some cases, it’s actually painful to look at what these people are going through.  You know, there are therapy sessions that have been established for people that can’t handle the outcome. 

Rush: We’re hearing story after story about young snowflakes on college campus, college students who just are not equipped and not prepared to deal with what they think has happened.  And it just continues, folks. I actually love this while being amazed by it.  The Democrat Party, in order to continue in power, lies to everybody, including their own voters, and they fearmonger everybody.  They have their own charges, their own college students, their own voters literally scared to death of the future, unless Democrats are in power. 

Mark de LA says
The funny thing I haven’t see yet is a lot of what the broken hearted expect trump to do were ideas out of liberal fear-mouths . Good luck. Fear can be handled by noticing you are living somewhere else besides NOW & projecting something into the future which may or not exist.

Seth says
i have no angst … none at all.  Watching what happens is going to be more fun than watching Hillary would have been.   Too bad i did not read the rest of your paragraph … you guys may notice that it is hard for me to read past the first lie that is told.

Mark de LA says
Bozo #WhipOut the Lie word again. null can’t help himself. #juice dissolved grey matter. 

Seth says
well you said i had angst, but that is not the case.  Maybe you thought  you percieved  angst.  I don’t know.  Or more likely you just like to imagine me in ways that you can poke fun … kind of like a voo doo doll … eh?   #LOL

Mark de LA says

Back to work for the donkeys on the nile


Seth says
to be honest, drilling down to a finer context … i stopped watching the election shortly after i saw the way it was going … too depressing realizing how many Americans suck up on Trump’s message … even nathan  … the i am sure i heard the angst around me especialy from denise.   But that changed very fast when i realized a different attitude for myself going forward … mostly tuning into the positive end of trumps initial message. 

Mark de LA says

Si says
“suck up on Trump’s message” . even Nathan

Why seth? I said over and over Trump is an asshole and I don’t like him or his message. All I ever said is his stupidity is visible. Hillary’s is just as bad, but secret … and if you don’t think so, you don’t really listen to her. I said I would rather be stabbed in the chest by Trump, where I can see it coming, than in the back by Hillary.

I also said that Trump did positive #LOA attraction, and Hillary negative. Hence Trump had to win, it is law. Polls and analysis and #spin means nothing (even the after #spin doctors said those things are broken). Only the preponderance of ones thoughts will ever determine the outcome of anything, including a political race.

What does any of those have to do with sucking up on Trumps message? I don’t like Trump or his message. You are not even listening at your usual level to say that … seems like just an emotional knee-jerk reaction to your hearts desire being thwarted. Maybe, as Mark said, you do need to join the post election therapy lines.

Mark de LA says
Time to close this game out – I don’t like either’s messages – seems all negative. null

Si says
Conversation forked to thought 22299

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