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Si says
I will write in Bernie Sanders.  

Seth says

Mark de LA says
#WhoCares null no surprise.

Mark de LA says
Just more swamp vote. (#LOAS) null Not sure where d’phew is registered – both the carolinas are red – wash is blue already, seth

Mark de LA says
Messages got through anyway in spite of your pinkie #PinkOut null

Seth says

I go with her … she can speak for me to our country.


Seth says
And i authentically believe it enought to think  it to the country …

Si says
I don’t like or believe in Hillary or Trump … and being in FL, I can’t actually vote this time.

But if I did, I would either write in Burnie … which may be more of a thing that people think it will interestingly, or I would probably vote for Trump. Yes, Trump is a he devil … but the one thing about him is that he is an up front and authentic he devil. Hillary is a deceptive one, she cares about nothing except being the president, and most of her deception and deceit is behind closed doors. She is as bad as Trump in every way AND she sneaks it … that one extra thing would probably have me vote for Trump.

Seth says
sounds to me that you believe just exactly what the media is telling you.    

me, i am trying to listening to what the candidates actually say and do … i can not believe anything that Trump says … just about every single thing out of his mouth is a lie … demonstrably so.  How could i possibly vote for him to speak, or act, for our country.   Can a person authentically lie … null

That Hillary wants to be president is no secret, nor will it work against here. 

I believe the voice with which she speaks in her final message that i posted and i believe that she is speaking her truth honestly and that she intends to act accordingly.   Her approach has the best chance of creating  cooperation in the federal government and with other governments of the world.   The alternative is Trump saying and acting however suits himself  … and disrespecting and vicciously attacking others.  There is no doubt his behavior would continue in the white house.  That kind of  fighting is not somthing that i want to be a part of.     The choice for me is a no brainer. 

Now what might actually happen when one of them becomes president is another matter entirely … and is not stomething that i can predict.   I can only go with what i can percieve now.   But i know that i cannot stant to hear Trump speak his nasty vindictive utterings … he would never be speaking for me as a person.   When i listen to a person, i must think their thoughts … else i am not truly listening to them.  I have trained myself … when i think a lie, my soul goes #tilt … it does not feel good.

Si says
Better to be stabbed in the chest, then stabbed in the back. Media has nothing to do with it. I have been watching Hillary for many years, since way back in the days of Bill’s presidency. She is as bad as Trump. It is quite easy to see by opening your senses to all she does, all she is, and not just what she says. Both of them can take this country into a period of dark ages … but with Trump you will have a chance to see it coming, with Hillary, you won’t realize it until it is too late.

Not only that, but have you seen the majority of the weasels who clammer to Hillary? The ones who herald Trump may be rough around the edges, in NC I was surrounded by them, Rednecks a plenty … but good and true souls still, and if push comes to shove, I would rather be surrounded by them than the snakes that carpet Hillary’s court.

Seth says
i like this map, you can play with the states … eg, here is a possible Trump path to victory for those who covet vindictive big liars over lesser ones, suck it up null

Seth says
It is interesting how now i can track my ballot here.  

I actually mailed it yesterday afternoon.  Apparently it is still in the mail and has yet to be scanned.

Also interesting is the signs they use to identify me … just my first and last name and my birthdate. 

#btw, i have found that we can easily identify individuals in our relatively large national customer base at the speaktomecatalog.com with just two datas – their zip code and the first letter of their last name.  That yields a pool of people which can be scanned.  This system has worked amazingly well and can be used even by a blind clerk to reidentify a returning customers as they call back on the phone.   It happens so fast that the comtomer is usually surprised how fast we know who they are and have their history in front of us to serve them. 

#kudos → me for inventing it about 15 years ago. null

Seth says
And now i just found out …  voting #done → seth

Good system null

#kudos → King County elections null

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