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About: using strands of fungi as a network, trees and plants communicate with one another and help each other to survive. | big think

#patterns & #consciousness – Natural in the Plant world –  G+ Citizens Connect & Consciousness

Hidden under your feet is an information superhighway that allows plants to communicate and help each other out.

"Plants are not individuals in the sense that Darwin thought they were individuals; competing for survival of the fittest. In fact, they are interacting with each other, helping each other to survive."


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Si says
Yes. We used one aspect of this, the interconnected filligree roots of the California Redwood trees, in the forest outside Santa Cruiz, to massively extend our wireless network giving wifi coverage to 170 acres of redwood forest from a simple Walmart router … September → October of 2014. The owner of this land and now friend was the inventor of the Prius, I have pictures of me in the prototype, as well as the designer of the unique power supply aboard the voyager space probe.

Engineers will tell you that is ludicrous, but the trees say otherwise. The trees do not believe the engineers.  

The information in this article may be new to science, but it is not new to mankind. It is the very basis upon which the art of the Druid was based for thousands upon thousands of years. The trees, and other forest biology, speak, have conversations, and community … we only need listen in the right way.

p.s. I do not say this offhand. I studied to become and am a Druid. 2000-2001 in the forests of southern Ohio. That is mainly what I did with my time for 2 years after Seth and I sold Tame™ until I went to work for Time Warner. I don’t only #PlayNaked in the forest.

Learn something new about my depth every day don’t ya!

Seth says

Seth says

Mark de LA says
There are other interesting things in the G+ groups Consciousness & Citizen connects to play with as well.null
For example a blurb on complexity theory:

In essence, Complexity Theory is about how complex adaptive systems work.  They look like they’re in equilibrium, and this can be true of anything from a termite nest to a large rainforest, but they’re not really.  They’re adaptive systems that teeter on the edge of chaos. 

I’ve found that applying that terminology to the study of complex human organizations is very illuminating because empires, civilizations, big states, cities, which after all are the component parts of civilizations, are truly complex adaptive systems. 

Si says
Okay. Interesting. I could #LOA it easily, but not sure that would be the value added thing to do here. After all, chaos can often be a good thing … it tends to clean house and reset the slate and the state after humans have had a real humdinger of a reality party.  

Mark de LA says
Here is a wonderful opportunity to coin a couple more #hashturds 
#KneeJerk & #MachineryThinking . Years ago we noticed that here or somewhere else that the low-priced meat computer neural nets ( perhaps they are #NeuralKnots ) responded automatically in fixed ways in conversations & interaction with others. #NeuralKnots give people their personality & ways of interaction. Peter Ralston of Cheng Hsin would call it building their self or protecting their self. I just label it the #machinery . One might just think of it as an overlay to a map of reality. Another test goes:
Artist Philippe Petit describes a key aspect of creativity: the marriage of madness and structure, for compressing chaos into order.

"I kind of welcome chaos at first as the power of my creativity, and then with a little help from me, the chaos becomes order."ο»Ώ


Mark de LA says
A side-effect of the machinery template was described in the same G+ pot : 

The range of what we think and do is limited by what we fail to notice. And because we fail to notice that we fail to notice, there is little we can do to change; until we notice how failing to notice shapes our thoughts and deeds.
~ R. D. Laing, Scottish psychiatrist

(Artwork by: Natalie Karwacka)ο»Ώ

Mark de LA says
Other interesting “thought domains” show up linking around in this G+ pool … followed one to 
a way out of merely just discussing the egos & edges of each others’ personality ? maybe ?

Seth says
i look at the effect of nerual nets, which certainly form part of our structure, as the persistence of pattern … of habit … as such it lends us momentum … and yes similar to the repetatveness of  a machine.  but the other dominant part is our flash out of patterns … the surprise … the recognition of the new … the creation of it … now that is where i live.   the two “forces” are beautifully balanced to survive and to flourish.  i love it null

#Ahriman vs #Lucifer ?

Mark de LA says

Mark de LA says

but the other dominant part is our flash out of patterns … the surprise … the recognition of the new … 

If there are only low priced meat computers with neural nets where does the above come from? Can’t recognize what is not already cognized before , eh?

Seth says
… but we obviously do recognize what is new … and we even create it. 

so the assumption “can’t recognize what’s not already cognized before” is false. 

Mark de LA says
Using your logic then there is something besides neural nets & the low priced meat computer machinery going on , eh? 

Seth says
yep null

Mark de LA says
first one cognizes & then he re cognizes – basic meaning of the words, eh? ontology bears out such exists in the PR’s sequence of encounter previously blogged about.
BofNK –
8:2 Our thoughts and feelings seem to determine almost everything we do and “are,” but where do our thoughts and feelings come from? We assume it is our “real self” that generates them, but even if this is so, we don’t personally experience this source, nor what’s involved in creating what we recognize as an idea or emotion. Although the complexities of this process will unfold in later chapters, we need to consider the possibility that an unseen dynamic takes place every time we think or feel something.

Ralston, Peter. The Book of Not Knowing: Exploring the True Nature of Self, Mind, and Consciousness (p. 143). North Atlantic Books. Kindle Edition. 

Seth says
i don’t think it really matters how you shuffel or factor your ontology … there are probably as many ways to factor it as there are people on the Earth.  whatever works for what i am doing is what i go with.  that might be quite different than yours or Peter Ralston’s or nathan’s … but so what? … in my ontology i go with what happens that we can share. 

Seth says

Mark de LA says
About as vague & fragrant as a fart in a wind tunnel – & tags well as #MakeShitUp i.e. your own #NeuralKnots null

Seth says
yeah but the  #MakeShitWork  side of that !!  null null

Mark de LA says
Anyway we got back to discussing each other’s personalities again. I finding G+ more interesting these days. BTW, whatever happened to the FB, G+, & other sites ?

Seth says

Mark de LA says
Whatever story you want to tell yourself – perhaps & maybe you think that – some think that making shit up is a long phrase which can be shortened to just a lie. Most of the time lying to oneself is harmless as long as it is about onself to oneself; Darwin may intervene in serious illusions.
p.s. in the 60’s & 70’s some acid-trippers found out they really couldn’t fly off of tall buildings. null

Seth says
i find G+ fertal ground too.

What do you mean, “whatever happened to the FB, G+, & other sites?” … they are still there, last time i looked.

Si says
… and some found they could.  It all depends on which beliefs you take along with you on the trip. When you understand that reality is an experience happening on top of your beliefs … then it is simply about adjusting the beliefs to suit what you want to do.

Mark de LA says
OK – I found them on in the green tagroom pages 

Mark de LA says
I’m still waiting for your volcano test to get filmed. null

Seth says

Si says
Well, I did film all of us running naked through the woods on a moonless night.  


Seth says
i like the statement …

reality is an experience happening on top of your beliefs


there is a word for that relationship already very fertile … it’s called #Supervene … not my coin (except here). 

Seth says

Si says

Seth says
… was the photo under exposed of over exposed ?   nullnull

Mark de LA says

Si says
Can’t tell, you’ll have to #MakeShitUp to see it!

Mark de LA says
When I was a kid I sewed up a whole shirt with just a needle & thread & cloth & pattern .  In that case I experiended:
#MakeShirtUp null

Seth says
#OMG are those green … okay, if you say so …. null … i like the blue ones better anyway null

Seth says
did you notice now that you can almost #HangOut in tag rooms now ?

Mark de LA says
some are green – traditional tags on items & some are blue for #hashturds

Seth says
well there should not be a difference there.   me thinks #SeriTD is imagining a distinction that does not make any difference to us.

Seth says
Conversation forked to thought 22118

Si says
That is not the distinction. It is as Seth originally defined it.

i.e. Global are blue, group scoped are green. This was the way it was back in FBI 1.0 and now it is that way again. 2.0 was munged a bit on the colors. 3.0 is pure again.

Si says
oh, and single thought scoped is chocolate brown. That’s null

Even though my iPhone app that shows what Seth sees shows the chocolate brown and grass green as almost the same color … but for me, they are radically different. As different as the taste of chocolate from the taste of grass.  

Mark de LA says
Yep, I just noted the color of the “room” where I re-found the social media portals. Thanks for the clarification. null

Si says

Seth says
that wasnt the distinction i was talking about.  

i was talking about what mark said …

 traditional tags on items & some are blue for #hashturds


I still claim that there should be no distinction in the rooms created by tagging a thought and those collected by tagging with  #hashturds (as mark so colorfully calls them).

Seth says

Si says
I have no idea what you mean by that. There are no blue hashtags. Live references have light blue backgrounds. Hashtags have gold backgrounds. Name tags have white backgrounds. Mentography tags are blue text, but that is because they are links and all links are blue. No tags have blue backgrounds.

Mark de LA says
#argumentative for the sake of ?  When I vance on gplus I get a page whose predominant color is a light blue. Lets see. (q.v.)  The important thingy was that was where I found the social media portals not colors nor the other distinctions.  #ArgueAmongstYourselves

Si says
Yes. That’s what I said that you said, but not what Seth thought that you said.

i.e. On that live reference, you go to a global scoped tag room. You can also tell it is global scoped by the page info bar … and by that the toggle says “mark” showing that you can toggle to the “mark” group scope from there … which will have a green background.

Seth says
… and i was not talking about the background color of the tag … i am talking about which items  are collected in which  rooms.   there is a confusion there currently … things do not always show up in the rooms where i expect (or intend) that they should.  i rather think there is a … hate to say it … er, a bug.

Si says
I do not write bugs.

I also have not seen any unexpected variance in tag rooms. Please provide example. Thanks!

Seth says
mark, there is no #argument here … just some disagreement on fact … and/or even a disagreement on intention … and/or maybe some chaotic confusions thrown into the mix.  i see no #Egoo transactions involved, least we make them here ourselves.

Si says

Seth says
First i would like to arrive at a common conception of whether there are two different collections.  I say, as i said before, that there should not be any difference in the tag rooms created by of conversation taggings and thought taggings.   Then i can find the examples … or it was just my own confusion … or maybe just a passing gremlin.

Si says
There are differences. Conversations are not mentography. We have discussed this at length before. We have also concluded that we are not yet taking advantage of the intrinsic differences and that when we do so, new navigational dimensions will open up.

You are still welcome to provide examples when you find them.  

Seth says
yes i rather expected that was the #BugABoo between us.  

When i tag a though cd catalog or talk about #CDCatalog in some comment or thought body, then i am talking about the very same thing … and when i go to those things i expect both of them to be there. 

You, however seem to be reaching  for a distinction that is of no use to me, even if you ever do find it.

Si says
I already found it a long time ago. And yes, I tag things differently according to the clearly different distinctions. When I put a mentograph tag on something, I am not talking to somebody about it, I am organizing things and drawing arrows between relationships of things. When I put #this in text, I am having a deeper conversation about #this. It is nice that they can show up together (and fortunately still clearly show which is which) in tag rooms. But they are not the same thing at all. Even you have been using them differently, or so I have seen, even if your thinking about what you are doing has not caught up with that yet.  

Seth says
#sethhmmm … but even so there must be a #bug … take a look at the blue and the green rooms for #chalmers that i just used … it is quite informative to me what it collects in the blue room … yet not in the green room  … and i doubt that there is any use to your kind of usage  either. 

start from #reality and you might see the confusion … not from

Si says
I don’t understand. The blue room is global scoped, the green room is group scoped. What other thing are you referring to? Both show metography tags and conversations that exist in the scope.

Si says
#hmmm … I wonder if you are confusing thought scoped clouds with group scoped clouds? They are radically different … even though the backgrounds are almost the same color for you. But they also show a different name. Thought scoped clouds say “conversations on this thought” while group scoped tag rooms say “group <name> conversations”.

Thought scoping looks at all the tags “in that thought” while group scoping looks at all things in the group “with that tag” … quite a different thing … but the only thing that is useful as thoughts are not tag rooms.

Seth says
yeah … like i orginally said and maintain my #sethhmmm  … now is great to see that you have also added yours null

Si says
Well they can’t be the same thing. One is about ALL on the thought, the other is about THAT ONE in the group. There is no way they could be the same thing. It would not make sense to randomly pick one on a thought and display it for all in the group, nor would it make sense to show all on all thoughts in a group when in a tag room.

Seth says
← maybe, maybe not … but i don’t think that is even what you have manifested here. 

for my part this needs of a certain kind of focus … which i am not going to bring to bear at the moment.

Si says
Okay, whatever. I watch the clouds all the time and have seen no inconsistencies with this very simple scheme I have explained … and short of not putting a cloud on a thought at all, there doesn’t seem to be any other thing that makes sense for a thought than showing all the tags inside it.

Seth says
well like i was trying to imply,  it is hard to find inconsistecies which are relative to two different models.  when i notice one more pointed i’ll call it to your attention.  

Si says

Mark de LA says

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