Seeing this term used around the spaces here, I have come to realize it is a false concept.

The idea of splitting up the ego in the good, and the bad, is really just creating a schizophrenic ego … and giving the ego more power than it’s rightful place.

The ego is neither good nor bad. It has a function. There is no sense blaming the ego for the function it performs. That is like blaming the sphincter for diarrhea.

The ego has a role in the reality experience, and that role needs to be understood and dealt with justly forthright to it’s purpose. There is no sense in blaming the ego, removing the ego, combating the ego, or in any way acknowledging the ego for other than what it is. Doing any of that, including calling the ego an Egoo, simply gives the ego a false presence, and because it is the ego’s function to create presence, those false presences come to life … and that, my friends, is what gives the ego all the bad rap it gets.

Let the ego be what it is and perform the function it has, then, just like your sphincter, it will serve you well and do it’s best to generate your authentic presence as a human being.


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Mark de LA says
#Egoo ?

Seth says
Well i agree,  “There is no sense [in] blaming the ego for the function it performs”.   Nevertheless shit stinks … you can not smell your own … but out here we can smell it … smells like goo.  There really is no simpler way to say it. 

Here is another take on it from “I am a variable ...

This is related to “killing the ego” as mark put it recently … or as described elsewhere by #AlanWatts in his #Zen book  The Book: On the Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are” also in a youtube “the real you - alan watts - youtube”.  

But we don’t “kill our
#Ego” … that would be silly … we need the structure  of  the separation of our #insides from our #outsides to even #exist

So what is it that we kill to be able to freely navigate (vary)  the
#fidenity or our #ConsciousnessCenters … well #MeThinks it is obvious …. we kill our #Egoo.  ← null

… we kill just the stink !

#btw , it is easier to smell it from the outside … i am not so very sure that you can smell your own from inside … but you can notice that other people hold their noses when they are around you.  And you can smell other people’s stink … if you can listen to a #Trump speech and not smell it, i would be very surprised … and you can also notice that some people don’t smell at all … or smell like roses.  #OMG this is a metaphor which just keeps giving and giving.   

… and #KeepingItReal yesterday when you told me how much better your #mePalace was compared to mine … you smelt just like goo.

Seth says

Seth says
does this not #RingsTrue to you, nathan ?

Si says
Some of it #RingsTrue, yes, but not the part about focusing on the negative aspect of the ego. Focusing on something strengthens it, never kills it. And in this case, what you are strengthening is the very thing that gives presence to something. Hence you get the very goo you are trying to avoid … and a whole lot more of it too!

The only way to eliminate something, as #LOA clearly states, and in this instance is even more important, is to replace it with something else. Hence … focus on the aspects of things you want to have presence, then the ego will serve you. The way you are doing it, the ego will become an overpowering mass of goo … see the movie Ghost Busters for this very concept played out as a SCIFI drama. null

Seth says
well i agree that focusing on a problem frequently makes it worse.   i’ve seen that happen again and again.   one example was  i watched a parent make a kid totally self concsious about how they held their mouth .. and the poor kid’s face just went wiggey wiggy worse and got soar.  ← true story, but not as to the details.   

so fine, if you don’t want to focus on it, that is your business null

but the matter does come up here frequently … and even more now that we have #Trump to deal with on a national scale … therefore i like to know what i am talking about when i refer to this or to that especially when this and that are both aspects of the same thing … whether i like them to be or not.

Seth says
#btw , re #LOA i just put #Egoo outside my #FocusWheel and #ego inside the #nexus … works great null

Si says

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