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Seth says ...
i like the statement …

reality is an experience happening on top of your beliefs


there is a word for that relationship already very fertile … it’s called #Supervene … not my coin (except here). 


  1. Supervene
  2. grock
  3. PilesOfWords
  4. smokescreen
  5. birdie
  6. chalmers
  7. TooManyNotes
  8. MakeWhateverShit
  9. ShoveItUpYourAss


Mark de LA says
Some other hits on Reality at G+ https://plus.google.com/u/0/s/Reality/top null

Seth says
one can get a bit of a visual #grock on this by following #Supervene to Google images here.

Mark de LA says
Not terribly helpful.  Wikipedia was more helpful. I posit that such is just a side effect of analysis & classification. At some place in analysis one attempts to cognize it seems that like a Venn diagram the world gets divided into peanut butter & that which isn’t at which point it becomes more efficient to re-divide that which isn’t finer etc.  Whether it is a hierarchy or a lowerarchy  (chaos) is up to one’s imagination. 
 & that the words were more precise & the pictures required extensive guessing! new

Seth says
well distinctions (your penutbutter and not peanutbutter) have almost nothing to do with this (maybe new to you) relationship that we here can call #Supervene as other thinkers have called in our culture. me, i was struck that nathan seemed to use it too null.

the only distinction between  the excellant Wikipedia article and the images i sent you is that one is what you would call a #PilesOfWords and the other is a “pile of pictures” null null

Mark de LA says
The Ethos of “other thinkers” & “culture” rarely are persuasive for me & are more like a #smokescreen or a fart in a wind tunnel. 

Seth says
← that is just about you, mark.   i don’t get why it is of interest to anybody else here … most notably me, since this is my thought null

Mark de LA says
Nope – just calling your birdie a #birdie null where the turd in your back pocket is “other thinkers” & “culture” null

Seth says
don’t see this even as a #birdie, mark.   Please go read the literature on #Supervene if you think i spoke out of turn … the context of usage in our culture it relatively long and deep (if not a bit new to the 20th century) … maybe start with David #chalmers excellent stab  at “The Conscious Mind” … that was the first place that i heard the relationship used. 

Mark de LA says
#TooManyNotes – I read the Wikipedia instead – np. You can #MakeWhateverShit you want out of it. thumbs up

Seth says
there is no “turd in my back pocket re my noticing that other thinkers have used this term” – rather that is a fact you can verifiy yourself with a little bit of reading … the Wikipedia article was a good start.  

Your talking in this vein is nothing but an insult from you to me.  #ShoveItUpYourAss …

and nothing of any value that we can share will #Supervene on that behavior.

Mark de LA says
nullnull – p.s. like I said more interesting stuff on G+ 

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