Applying thought tags in some rooms yields a TypeError


  1. long irrelivant tag
  2. long irrelivant tag2
  3. simply does not happen
  4. type error
  5. long irrilemant tag3
  6. long irrelivant tag4
  7. tag5 of mediatation
  8. tag6 of my meditation
  9. infidels apply tags in tag rooms
  10. drummer boy
  11. gribber
  12. dromtex
  13. SimplyDoesNotHappen
  14. nirvana
  15. SeriTD
  16. FairWitness
  17. MakeShitUp
  18. MadeUpShit
  19. NakedCity


Seth says

nathan, happened again in response to seth applying long irrelivant tag to the Wizzard’s thought here.

Seth says

some associate this with #SimplyDoesNotHappen yet it demonstrably does here again and again … in an almost predictable manner.

Seth says
try applying the tag while you are in the river

Seth says

this one went through, although it started a blue bar and did do it okay

Seth says

null when applying tag5 of my meditation i achieved a no thought null

Si says
How are you applying tags? Are you clicking on the button? Or are you pressing the enter key? It could make a huge difference … especially cross browser.

Seth says
clicking the apply button

Si says

Seth says
and now that i can predictable arrive at the zero thought state … i have reached #nirvana

← here is a picture of me just prior to clicking apply and thereby having a 0 state thought which achieved my #nirvana null

null ← Anyway this proves the the 0 state happens via #SeriTD after the click apply … because this picture here shows no 0 state at all before the click … yet she responded with a type error.
don’t know if that helps … just trying to be a #FairWitness here.

Si says
Don’t see how that fits your story, since you deny Nervana and say it is a lie. Possibly you have been quite wrong about that?

Seth says
you should ready my words more carefully,  for i never said that i “deny #nirvana” … “Nirvana is not the lie”.  

Si says
Your back to lying about the lie. I suppose I will have to delete all my comments here too! Such a wasted day!

Seth says
do whatever you will … your business … not mine.

Si says
Seriously? You are applying tags from inside a tag room? I would not ever have thought to test such a ludicrous thing! How boldly infidel!

Seth says

Seth says
i hasten to add that i think i have seen it happen in the river too … but i am not sure.

Si says
I don’t use the river, except for church approved baptism. The water in the river is muddy and full of germs … nothing interesting ever happens there. Group rooms and single thoughts are for the holy and God fearing to worship in!

Seth says
my applying thought tags in the river and especially in tag rooms is part of “Why my trains of thought break ...” there is no infidelity at all going on here relative to how i use this website to think.  Please don’t program #SeriTD to diminish that ability !

Si says
This is #MadeUpShit.

It is completley different from #MakeShitUp which is creating your own reality.

This shit is just #MadeUpShit

Seth says
anyway its been fun … me, i have to go ship.

Si says
Yep. That is the way it is. I applied the tag “infidels apply tags in tag rooms” to this thought, from within a tag room, and in fact, had zero thoughts about it. It is quite clear that thinking of tagging in tag rooms is not a thought that can be thunk.

Seth says
that we can do more in tag rooms and than we used to is a grand leap in being able to think within the representions in this mind here.  the new tag clouds help.

hopefully this bug will get fixed somday such that i can apply tags whever i see a thought appear in my train of thought and thereby construct new trains and correct spellings.    untill then i will just go to the thought itself and apply the tag … that always seems to work.  a bit of a loss to my rapid thinking … i guess i will just need to focus more on the technology and learn to get back to the train.

Seth says

Seth says
← which you might already realize is only your story … and just one of many in the #NakedCity 

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