Going meta all over the place with abstraction and metaphors. 
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The journey went Meta → Metatheria → (the name for the clade of marsupial mammals) uses the prefix meta- merely in the sense that the Metatheria occur on the tree of life adjacent to the Theria (the placental mammals). To this picture of one of that class of marsupials. 




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Mark de LA says
Definition of metaphor in the Wikipedia

metaphor is a figure of speech that refers, for rhetorical effect, to one thing by mentioning another thing.

Si says
Sorry Wikipedia and/or Mark. That IS NOT what a metaphor is. What you have there is called “name dropping”.

Mark de LA says
Learn to read dude. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metaphor null

Seth says
“Name dropping” ? … i dont get it.

Si says
Learn to live mark. Reading is not living. Well, maybe it is the same for you, but not for me. The written word is a distant echo of what real life and an experience is. Just because it is written, DOES NOT MEAN DOG SHIT. It is only something you can google, that’s all.

Mark de LA says
I had the meaning & then I looked for a reference & Shazam! it ended up as #TrollBait & caught a fish like you. null

Si says
Well if you really think the above has much of anything to do with metaphore, then you are a Troll, or Bait, or something … I really have no idea. Not it.

Seth says
i agree … the picture and text of the definition in the body of this has nothing to do with a #metaphor … and much more to do with droppings.

Seth says

Si says

Mark de LA says
you guys are going for ignorant – too bad the thoughts here are sum null

Mark de LA says
Clade is interesting as a nested tree model . Meta means
Meta (from the Greek preposition and prefix meta- (μητά-) meaning "after", or "beyond") is a prefix used in English to indicate a concept which is an abstraction from another concept, used to complete or add to the latter. 
Finally, metaphor etymology inserts the notion of carrying over or transferring – thus carrying something over from one idea to another. Hence the first line of my #MetaMetaphors definition. 

Mark de LA says
Bandler in NLP & Metamodel context does a nice job of tranferring his relationship to “anticipatory loss” to the patient in a conversation here .

Si says

Si says
Okay. I basically agree with this 2nd go.

On the first go, the part “for rhetorical effect” is very very contextual to be in a general definition of a metaphor and is more #MadeUpShit than it is actual content. Also, “to one thing by mentioning another thing” is only a kind of metaphor used in speech, not a general idea of what a metaphor is.  

Mark de LA says
XOR maybe, I am sure you believe that. null

Seth says
seems pretty simple to me.  we people recognize patterns.   then we recognize that some patterns are like other patters in certain aspects.  then we can use the one set of patterns as a metaphor of the other set of patterns.  its quite useful frequently … helps to predict … or to create new patterns that work.  it is prone to error … avoid reifiing the patterns … and especially the patterns of the patterns … etc.

Si says
By contextual nature of your statement, clearly so do you too.  

Si says

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