Well girlfriends ...

The verses are shuffling. I will be off line much of the time for the next several days and will reappear as a broadcast from Ft. Lauderdale after Wednesday or so. Ranger gig is done!  

Maybe it will be you guys, or maybe some other Seth or Mark or none of you. Will be fun to discover who and what version pops back in to the new reality! Will be around tonight I expect.

Love N.  


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Seth says

Si says
The words you see appear on your computer screen. It’s a broadcast.

Where is my point of attention actually? That is the question!

Seth says
i call what appears on the screen #representation … i expect that is similar to your “broadcast”.

I think your point of attention is inside you.  Your “broadcast” #represent’s  that attention inside of you. 

Hey, you asked the question … i like to answer stuff like that according to my beliefs and models and terms.

Seth says
#btw, my representations will be here regardless of where you focus your attention.

Si says
Well, I call representation what you construct to represent me in your experience.

My point of attention is where my reality experience is happening … how closely you represent that in your reality experience is up to you, and highly subject to your own beliefs. May not have much to do with my actual experience if your beliefs don’t flex out that far.  

Seth says
well that hangs together well.   even thought i try not to construct my own representations of you.   i prefer to go with what you call your “broadcasts”.  i have found that the more i construct representations of another, the more they do not match with my experience of the person.

Si says
#LOL … well that is all just you and you having difference with yourself!  Not at all about me.  

Seth says
and you making up stuff about me in response.  #LOL … maybe try going with what i put on the screen … rather than what you construct of me inside yourself … when you echoo that back over here it will probably match better … #justsaying

Si says
Do you know how silly that sounds in my world? The normal people I deal with everyday (except the ones I work with at the campground) know full well that every aspect of otherness they experience is what they make up. Knowing this creates a high degree of harmony, love, and quality of relationships.  

To me, it is odd that you have this thing where you worry about what others experience. Seems to me you are always out there in other peoples business instead of your own. Being in other peoples business is what degrades the experience one has with others. Being in your own business about everything that you make up, which is absolutely everything that has to do with any other, keeps your attention where it belongs, in your own experience. It allows you to co-create a great experience with all of us, as you actually are, not as you pretending to be over here, where you can’t be.

Seth says
#LOL ... you might try not thinking that i “worry about others experience” … wow … now that does sound silly to me.   I don’t know how you get that from anything that i actually said.  

i was just suggesting a method which  you could use to get a better match over here instead of broadcasting back to me what you make up about me. 

incidentally i agree with you about not getting up in my business.  null


Si says
Well, when you think you are listening to me, you are in my business. You are always only listening to the version of me that you make up.

My equal of your “maybe try going with what i put on the screen” would be “maybe try going with what you think and feel and have intuition about”, i.e. your version of me, instead of trying to get in my business over here. You are only interacting with what you create of me, and I am only interacting with what I create of you. Honoring that adds authenticity and quality to the reality experience.

You will not have all the baggage about others you have now if you realize you are only interacting with others you create. Then you can focus on the experience you are having, instead of all your ideas about the other you have now, and are trying to grok by what they put on the screen, which is really not your business at all. Your business is only your experience. When you act only from that place, your experience with others will magically and magnetically expand way beyond anything you experience right now about others.  

Seth says
Well i do listen to what others say and do to me … and i try to hear them in and of themselves quite independent of my own beliefs about them.

That does not conflict with me living my own life just according to how i myself believe and #swim.  In fact that symmetrical relationship i have with others provides the very context and waters in which i swim. 

Seth says

Seth says
I can walk and chew gum.

Seth says
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