last thought got lost for good!


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Mark de LA says
Funny thing is NOW I can’t even find it. null When seth invited me to a physical fight I thought it prudent to stop it dead in its track. 

Seth says
don’t forget it was *I* who moved it to group ai … look for it there … unless you clicked the trash can on it instead of just privitizing.

Seth says
#btw, mark … i did not invite you to a physical fight.   you might want to read my actual words in their context to understand your misapprehencion there.    had i actually invited you to a physical fight, it would have sounded quite different.  ← trust me on that.

Mark de LA says
Maybe mentioning another time where you slugged me & inviting me to come up to Renton to something similar is What in your mind?null Find the original if you can. Better forgotten anyway.

Seth says
incidentally i just looked in the database and i think the thought in question is 22173 and it still does exist there … and it is marked “private”

which begs the question of why we who can see that group cannot see it in group ai.

Mark de LA says

Seth says
well trust me i know what i said.   me thinks that interperting my words as actually asking you to come fight me, is just something that you ego is vibrating about in and of itself … unrelated to what i actually did say.  

Do you want me to change the setting to publish on that thought so you can read again what i said?

Mark de LA says

Seth says
#done … and now it is visable.    There was a data in the database,  silent = 0, which i changed to silent = 1.  Just changing status from private to publish did not do the trick alone.

Seth says
#btw … i got a lot of personal jollies by noticing this train of though →

Seth says

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