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Seth says ...
null well we kind of are transacting in language water here … were you wanted to transact out of that water with me, you could come up here to #renton and drink some #saki with me and stick your finger in my nostril and i could punch you in the nose again nullnull … just like “An event circa 1981” comming around again.


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Mark de LA says
#hmmm – 

Seth says
i ment this as an example of one way that we could actually jump out of the water of language.

like a fish flying out of the water in which it lives ….

Mark de LA says
Interesting use of auxiliary verbs would, should & could see: null
Anyway it had nothing to do with the #OT which about #SeriTD & #AI
I invite you to start your own fork off of  SeriTD somewhere else. 

Seth says
well i thought it was intrically connected in the light of your continued complaints that the things that i say are not tangible to you.  you brought it up … and even so that binding is quite related to AI.  

but i would need to go back to that real specific context to see exactly where the deviation might have happened in your mind.   would that still be especially important for us to do now?

Mark de LA says
There are really more interesting things to focus upon. Peter Ralston of Cheng Hsin came up with this a little while ago – something seth may or not align with. 
I came up with a new take on #conscience during my AM contemplation but got interrupted in putting it down in the blog by the above stuff on #AI – so talk amongst yourselves while I catch up on my own.

Seth says

Seth says

Si says
It’s funny how #PR can code it all mystical like this

In the very act of perceiving, much of the world you experience is created…


and I can say the exact same thing in common language

Reality is your experience of it and you create it.

and you feel attracted to the mystical version and repelled by the common version, even though they mean the exact same thing.  

Seth says
Well the difference is the word “much” which implies “not all”.   You version does not incorporate that important aspect.  Then you seem to carry it even more completely by presuming your senses of what is not you,  are nothing but mirrors reflecting what is you.  Me, i do not do that, nor do i believe that #PR does either.

Si says
… and thus you trick yourself with your own words. Utilizing nuances of language to maintain your position, your story, as you wish it to proceed. It is not the truth, at least, not the greater truth of which you are only a part, but it is your truth, the one your ego desires. So be it.

Seth says
Oh null !     

My own words would go something like,  “I partually create my own reality.”   If i said anything else it would contradict my actual experience.    Where specifically have i tricked myself?

You seem to be waving at something instead of actually expressing it.

Si says
You do not partially create your experience, you fully create it. The overwelming perponderance of the full range of evidence supports that hands down. What you do is ignore a whole range of evidence that denies the version you prefer and cherry pick from what remains so that it appears you only partially create it. I watched that happen yesterday.

Can you see that? No, because you are ignoring and slecting … i.e. because you are creating your story you will not see that which is not your story. The very logic you utlize to maintain your story also proves that you create the whole thing … but even that can be cherry picked and harvested to be what you want it to be … hence again, you create it.  

It is a rather elegant mechanics we have created, if you ask me. We are masters at creating our stories.

Mark de LA says
Well YOU certainly create your own stories & You do believe them about YOU …. where YOu  maybe go off the deep end is when you start telling them about somebody or anybody ELSE ! 

Mark de LA says
Not mystical – PR makes a lot of effort removing religion & mysticism from his writings & in person – not so the LOA-dudes & NOWbies & hypnotized channelers of your world, Nathan. 

Si says
All I really tell about anyone else is that, they too create their own story. And it is so. The rest, just gossip.

Now, what is it that you tell about others again? Refresh my memory. Tell me about good, and evil, and “the one reality”, and “the golden rule”, and all those things you make up about others. Oh yes, you make those things up about others … no different than I tell that you create your whole story … only the details vary … that you tell your story about others as if it was their story too, is exactly the same. The difference is, I tell it such that it can be your story, your choice, if you so choose … but the way you tell it, it happens to you … you make up how everyone is a cog in a machine all tell that about others.  

Mark de LA says
Not so! You are the one who uses the Golden Rule to judge others & make them wrong. My writings are like Golden Rule

Si says
#LOL … good thing I decided to put that golden rule clause in there so that you could have an escape hatch … something to fixate on so that you could ignore the prevalent truth of the rest of the statement.

I did that deliberately. You see, I support your #MadeUpShit … because you, as an other, have the right to #MakeShitUp, even when it is only #MadeUpShit, and that is the true meaning of the golden rule.  

Golden Rule → Supporting what others make up, even when you know it is made up, because for them, it is what is real. Same thing as “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.

Mark de LA says
Your #TuQuoque slander machine not worth reading this morning. null 

Si says
Translated … I was able to get your rainbow panties in a twist this morning.  

Back to the drawing board eh? Maybe more focus in your morning mediatation?

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