Yet Another "Circumstances don't Matter"

My Transformus #gf in Florida had a subpoena to appear in court today. She had been issued a citation and subpoena by an officer for severe code violations on a rental property she owns. It stated on the citation that ½ of the residence must immediately be torn down. The judge was to assign the details of the enforcement.

This morning, we did #LOA due diligence. She appeared in court today at 1:30 as requested. The court had no record of the subpoena or citation even though she held the copy in her hand. The case did not exist and she was sent home.

As I have related before, Natalie has had virtually the same experience with severe violations for driving without a license which she has none and has not had one for 10 years. The legal system has no circumstantial solidity for those who believe and understand exactly how they create their own reality. I can relate similar stories for many others as well.

I know you guys don’t get this … but current circumstances have nothing to do with other circumstances. They have only to do with one thing, your current state of being … i.e. YOUR VIBRATION. Mark’s disavowing of vibration notwithstanding.  


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Seth says
sounds like circumstances similar to my #Sixty4kBondCaper null which also got thrown out of court … no #LOA dilligance involved … just a free gum chewing lawyer.  She listened carefully as we looked for the chinks in the legal due process which she knew very well indeed.  Good thing because i was guilty as changed … luckly now i am not a convicted fellon. 

Circumstances,  … consequences …. like pretty much all experience,  are relative the the observer.  

Do they matter? … er, #YouBetYouAss literally

Mark de LA says
Maybe Hillary could/should hire him to make emails & other “evidence” disappear! nullnull

Si says
Entirely possible mark. Changing the circumstances at least … that is possible. Two guys in the Prosperos I knew created a business for that in Hollywood and it was very successful. They were called “the dream team” in the middle 70’s and highly sought out by producers and other people who needed particular circumstances.

However, what is actually being changed is not the circumstances, it is the person’s state of being. To change Hillary’s state of being would require gaining rapport with her to a degree that it would discust and pretty much destroy any enlightened soul (like me) who would attempt it. Hence, it will never happen. She can only match up with those in similar vibration to her … people like hit men and fixers.

Si says
Don’t see how that is the same seth. What you did is simply, as you say, looking for the paths “in the legal system” that can be exploited. That’s playing the same game and still being part of the system and the circumstances … just winning at it.

What we did had nothing to do with the system. It bypassed it completely and literally changed the circumstances to match our story and desired circumstances by very specifically changing our state of being in respect to the existing circumstances so that those circumstances could no longer obtain.

Seth says
#sethhmmm  … not sure i know what that means.  

#btw, I have a different story of this latest email saga … “Hillary and Uma Aberdeen” … i have been trying to tell it for about a week.  Who knows, maybe some day i will … then you guys will know the  rest of the story.

Si says

Seth says

Seth says
okay was different in that regard.  it seems i just wanted to tell that story null

i have a problem with telling stories about the causes of events after they happen.   hignsight being just as very resolute as one wants it to be.

Si says

Si says
Yes. It can be quite fun to play the game and win! The possibility of loosing makes the winning even sweeter! In fact, that is why people often and intentionally forget that for every game they play, that person also designed the gameboard.

I enjoy being a game board maker more than I enjoy playing the games.

Seth says

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