Predicting Events after they happen

It is child’s play to predict an event after it happens.   You can take any pattern that happened, whatsoever, and tell the story that the pattern predicted the event.  There is no way to prove that was not the case.



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Si says
#LOL … not even so sure about that … for reality is a mirror.

But in any case, you seem to have written this in pondering of the things I wrote about today … and neither of those is in retrospect. The court story was a very exact thing. We well knew ahead of time what to change in our state of being, how to change it, and how to know when the change was complete. Observing the change happen in the mirror of our now was only the fun of watching it happen.

And that Miami literally means “downstream person” is a tangential experience. It was neither predicted or expected. It was a lining up of synchronicity between how I felt in that moment, and the definition I found which exactly matched who I am and what I believe in words that Abraham uses every day. I had the impulse to call myself Miami, and then looked to see what it means, and was delighted!

Seth says

Seth says
okay that is your business  nullnull

me, i avoid using the feedback brownie reward points that are quite free to pick up from making predictions about things that have already happened.  apparently you may not do that, so this would not be about you … the timing of this thought notwistanding nullnull

Seth says
i have to admit that i #lmao when i  write ( #MakeShitUp ← probably wrong spelling ) like that which continues to #RingsTrue … even though i am pretty sure nobody else will #GetIt null null

it would  #ScareTheShitOutOfMe if somebody did nullnull … #snuck, not today null

Si says
Tony Robbins says “If a miracle happens within a mile of you, take credit for it” and Abraham says “Do whatever you can that makes you feel better about yourself, your thoughts, your abilities, your life” because the vibrational boost is 100 times whatever it is.

My stories today were not such brownie points because that was their nature, but I have no qualms about enjoying that kind of #MakeShitUp for it is directly utilizing the causal nature of circumstances obtaining. It is the pen touching the paper. And, it feels really good! The only conceivable reason people do not is mainly that it is frowned upon by others.

Children do this naturally until adults curb it out of them and make them feel guilty about doing it. It is part of our natural story writing process we use to change our own circumstances. It is not actually telling a false story, for all possibilities do exist, it is actually tuning in a possible story and giving it more collective power to become a greater part of the story one is living.

Seth says

Si says
You have doubt because you still look at reality as being “one true story” and all other stories as being only stories. But there is not only one true story. Every person has a different story. They are all true. The one you are experiencing, even in respect to what others experience, is only your one story.

It is quite okay, and even quite honorable, to choose the aspects of your story that you most desire, and make them true for you, to believe in them. Then, energetically, those are the aspects that will be the formative part of what happens next for you, in your story.

Seth says
woopse … thing is i do not, “look at reality as being ‘one true story’ and all other stories as being only stories”.   when i get a moment i will hyperlink to where i several times vehemantly denied such a notion.   and even as to my own one true story,  i do not even believe in that. 

but i can heartily agreee with you when you say …

  It is quite okay, and even quite honorable, to choose the aspects of your story that you most desire, and make them true for you, to believe in them. Then, energetically, those are the aspects that will be the formative part of what happens next for you, in your story.



#HellYes,  i say … that crtainly #RingsTrue over here null

Si says
Then why would it be childs play to predict an event after it happens? That should be “adult play”. It should be the play of the grand masters of the multiverse! It should be taking credit for being the amazing and powerful creator that you are!

Seth says
#sethhmmm … i don’t need to respond to that right now … maybe later

Seth says
incidentally #BozomicFactoring is the same kind of magic as #PredictingEventsAfterTheyHappen … maybe it is just me that i am not so very keen on going deeper into it … even thought the deeper i go, the more brownie match points i get.

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