Got my Moon Sliver Yesterday Evening

Here it is near the humungous building being built in TakWilla.   I live in the day and sleep in the night.  I loose the moon shortly after it becomes full.  Then, like an old friend returning, I find her again, clouds allowing, about a week  later,  in the evening at sunset.  I synch to this happening … a ping to my soul. 


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Mark de LA says

Si says
#hmmm, now if only someone could have been standing butt naked in one of those apartment windows. Then it could have been the extremely rare double-moon shot!

Seth says

Seth says
another view of the building, which is left of the crane, and right of the moon.

Seth says
some great pictures of the #supermoon here →

i like this one … but they are all  #kewl null

Si says

Moon with standard lens and very little atmospheric magnification.

You may choose a verse where atmospheric magnification does not exist, like these people on wikipedia do … of course, wikipedia does not believe in Peter Ralston² either.

I choose a verse where rare and specific changes in density of the atmosphere do cause real magnification like this

What is interesting, is that I realized a few days ago, while observing the partly bigger rising full moon over the ocean, which was bigger to the naked eye like the picture above, but not super big, that the few times I have seen the super big one are on the east coast. So it makes sense that you would not have experienced this in your lifetime seth, for you have spent the bulk of it (all of it?) on the west coast. The changes in density due to the rapid turbulence and temperature changes at sunset would only be seen to affect a rising moon, hence can only be seen over the ocean on the east coast. (Or possibly a very large flat desert).

I still say your super moon find is as much real, naked eye atmospheric magnification, as it is zoom … a bit of both together making a surreal moon shot. Zoom alone cannot create this super moon effect due to the couple of miles limit you can create a zoom on earth, being too small a parallax angle for the fullness of the effect you show.  We shall see.  

² Have you read why wikipedia does not believe in Peter Ralston? It reads like a real live 21th century witch hunt. Who would have thought something like this would exist in our time? Just goes to show, believe in what you know, not what an authority says: 

Seth says

Seth says
Well it seems to me that the athmosphere can magnify the moon … the story in Wikipedia notwistanding. It does not surprise me as i have seen refraction of light many times in my life.   Sombody should revise the Wikipedia story.  #sethhmmm … maybe even me … I was an editor there since way back when they first started. 

As to Peter Ralston on Wikipedia,  that is going to take me more study … i am not sure what that contraversy is all about after a cursorial reading.

tag #wikipedia #moon #PR 

Si says
Peter has been eliminated for one and only one reason made clear by this one statement.

Mostly, his experiments to find effortless power were unsuccessful but now and then he would effortlessly move someone. Over time, he learned to produce those effortless results intentionally, mostly through the generation of particular mind-states and feeling-states.

The rest of the argument sounds like they are making it all seem reasonable and scientific why they eliminated Peter … but that is all just the cover story. The real reason is that those who project wikipedia have a particular agenda about the nature of reality and do not allow anything which counters that adjenda to exist without sufficient debunking within the article itself. Ester and Jerry Hicks went through the same thing about Abraham and are only still on wikipedia today because of the slander in the article which wikipedia enforces. They hired lawyers and everything, but lost in the end. If you read all paranormal stuff on wikipedia, you will find the same story.

Si says
Conversation forked to thought 22634

Seth says

#MoonSliver & #venus #january2017 

Si says
Yep. That’s what I saw a few hours ago when I was out taking down tents for the Burn.  

Seth says

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