Abuse of features.

Abuse of advanced features may cause temporary or lengthy suspension of those features on your account.

For instance, the ability to prevent commenting on thoughts was requested by a local author so that they could have thoughts upon which they can think without clutter. As such was considered value added, the feature was provided.

This does not mean creating public thoughts and then censoring further input on those thoughts when one’s rainbow panties get in a twist about authentic content that does not agree with one’s own views. Public thoughts are for the public to participate upon, as long as content is related and relevant and not insulting or rude. Once public request for comments have been implied, thoughts must remain accessible to the public as long as the public is authentically commenting and participating.

Abuse of such features may flag your account for review.

This thought curtsey of the FBI gossip group management.


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Mark de LA says
I’m thinking that new users are not likely going take kindly to the dictatorial tone of the administrators of this domain or any other ones run by them.  Good Luck with that. Abusing others’ posts with unrelated material just because you want to pontificate seems like a more fundamental abuse to me. I can of course just use this as digital memory or go over to G+ for interesting stuff & privatize my stuff since I already know what I am talking about anyway. null

Si says
If you truly believe that content by another is not related to the context it is posted in or not authentic to the beliefs and points of view of the poster, you are welcome to submit that for review by your peers along with explanation of why you believe this to be true.

Thank you!
The FBI gossip group facilitator.

Mark de LA says
It is mostly yours & you are biassed in that regard.

Seth says
i disagree.   a person should be ability to cut off comment on their thought any time they wish.  in fact that allows mark the ability to stop what he does not want to see happen on his thoughts.  that gives a person the ability to let a thought remain pubic yet not have to see it get disparaged.  

Si says
First Amendment Rights. Once one allows free speech on a thought, one cannot then choose who is allowed to speak based on personal agreement with the content. Censored content must be degratory or unrelated, not just of another opinion or belief system.

Seth says
You can always say whateve you want in your own thoughts, even about sombody else’s thought.  There is no infingement of free speech.  

But the comments directly attached to sombody’s  thought should remain under the curation of the thinker.  There is no good reason to change that now. 

Si says
And mark can learn to be more selective with his bait. This is not a pond where he throws out a line with bait and then illegally captures the fish with a net, or dynamite. If he is going to go fishing for comments, he needs to be a sportsman about it.

Also, he can learn that others actually have points of view that are not his own … and that’s okay. Just because someone doesn’t think like he does, does not mean the person is attacking or dissing him.

Seth says
well you cannot control what “mark learns” by manipulating the rules.  that is infringing on his freedom.  it is very definitely not your business.

Si says
#LOL … I don’t even know what that means. Seems more of an emotional reaction than about something. Mark won’t be censoring … and at the moment, that all seems just fine. I think you are talking more about you and your crusades and things you are making up in your mind palace than Mark, or me. Read what Mark wrote above … re think it outside your reactons.

Seth says
well ok if you really do not understand what i said, let me be clearer.

I will not allow you to infringe on Mark’s freedom to curate the comments on his thoughts. 

Si says
Double #LOL … you are now not talking about Mark at all. You are now up on your horse crusading. Have fun! I’ll duly whip your horse for you every time you swing around to keep you galloping!

Seth says
nathan try not to make up shit about me.   It is real simple.

You are proposing infringing on Marks freedom to curate his thoughts.

That kind of medium is not what i want to provide here. 

Let us not get confused. 

Si says
Well, as long as you are crusading, you have given away your power, to anyone who want’s to control your reality for you. If I want, you are my bitch. ← horse whipping  

Seth says
apparently you think you can make up whatever shit about me that serves your peculari reality and then it will affect me the way you want it to.   i don’t think so.  or whatever … i really don’t know what’s going on over there.    but it is not working with me … or with mark … with that kind of talk.

get your head screwed on right if you want to interact with me.   i will not be doing that kind of crazy thinking with you. 

Seth says
you seem to think you can talk to me, yet ignore my effect and will.  it does not work that way.  your wierd reality notwistanding. 

#btw, i did the new link with my comment that you hid, yet it went nowhere.  

Seth says
Conversation forked to thought 22213

Si says
I think nothing, you are thinking and living what you think.

#hmmm … that’s interesting about the new link, cool!  

Seth says
like i said, i have no idea what you are doing.  

But it sure sounds like you are infringing on others freedom by changing the rules. 

That is something that i have tried never to do here at fastblogit.  Nor do i believe in doing it.  Nor will i cooperate with you in infinging on others freedom. 

So talk straight with me nathan,  you to me, me to you and no mirroring.  Get me from what i actually say.  Don’t make up shit in your mind about me and wipe it on my face. 

Mark has the freedom to curate his thoughts here at fastblogit.   I don’t want you to think you can just change the program and take away any of marks freedom to curate the comments on his thoughts.

Seth says
sure you think something … and when you write those thought to me i hear a representation of what you think and interperte it.

but sometimes mybe you don’t write true sentences … like that one. 

Si says
I make up nothing … straight shooting all the way.

“Nor will i cooperate with you in infinging on others freedom.” ← #LOL … crusade turds!

“Mark has the freedom to curate his thoughts here at fastblogit.” ← Mark has the freedom he creates for himself. Never ever does it have to do with you or I except as we are sometimes the means he utilizes to create his experience.

The rest of what you said is superfolous … as Mark would say “enjoy the glow”

Seth says
well sorry nathan, i can’t talk to you when you are so deep in your own shit like that.   it is not working with me. 

Si says
It is you who are not “working with you”. You can’t stand yourself when you are on crusade and you falsely put that on others. Enjoy!

I will be here, or not, when you cool your jets.  

Seth says
if you talk about yourself, you will find that your sentences will #RingsTrue … even over here.   When you talk about me, of which you apparently know nothing, you seem to be just babbling self serving bullshit. 

Si says
Sorry, but that is false. When someone is on crusade, anything someone says about them that is not in alignment with their crusade energy (vibration) will not ring true. That is the very nature of what a crusade is. Read about it elsewhere. Have fun!

Seth says
well maybe say something honest and true and we can start talking to each other again.

Si says
#LOL it has nothing to do with me. It’s you dear sir. When you are done, then you are #done. I have no say in it.

Si says
#btw … try creating a thought or title out of that hidden text again. Let’s see what happens.

Seth says
Well we are talking about your proposed rule change here at fastblogit.  That is the topic.  I knew nothing about that untill i read it this morning.   It definitely has to do with your deeds against mark.   Straight forward honesty and truth.   Okay?

And i am telling your directly that i disagree with such a rule change.

Si says
Well, there is absolutely nothing straight forward or true about what you just said. It’s all crusade focus you see. You are blind to the rest.

When you are done, then you are done, and the rest, which has always been there, will reappear.

Seth says
you are playing some game with me to teach me some of your #loa.   But i do not want to play that game with you now.   And certainly not the way you are playing it.  

Your beliefs about what is happening over here are not obtaining over here.

That game is not happening.   As far as i can see it would infringe on people’s freedom to curate comments on their thoughts.   That is not the kind of game that i want to play with people.

Si says
Nope. I care less what you do and I have no interest in being your crusade manager or talking you down from your horse. If you want off, get off yourself. When you are done, then I will join up with you again … right now you cant see dog shit for the scope of your focus and nothing on earth can change that.

Seth says
look maybe i misunderstood your proposed rule change.   Could you write it out specifically?

Si says
There is nothing to write out. This is the gossip group.

This thought curtsey of the FBI gossip group management.


Seth says
Ok, fine, then if there is no change to the rules granting freedom of curation of comments, then all of this has been just confusion.

Si says
Not at all. For you, this was a crusade, may still be!  

Seth says
What is true is that i don’t want rules here that infringe on peoples freedom to curate comments on their thoughts.   Call that whatever … it does not change what i want and my motivation for talking to you about it.

Si says
A crusade is a crusade. You can’t explain it away by tying it to your desires. Your desires can obtain. Your crusades may obtain too, but probably not what you desire.

Seth says
well there are at least two people here … and each of us has crusades and obsessions.   this started with you are mark.   i was not involved.   now that i am, i want to keep people freedom to curate the comments on their thoughts.  that is my intention here.   that is what feel good.  

But of course i am open as always to discussing it.  That other stuff is irrelivant to such a discussion.

Si says
The “other stuff” is the only content here for you. The only thing that is part of your reality. The rest you imagined … quite possibly still are.

Seth says
Well that is why i asked you to write out this proposed change.   I read about it very rapidly … maybe i got the wrong imporession.  

Si says
Maybe you created the impression you were ready for.  

Seth says
Why would i create a impression that you were infringing on mark’s freedom … when i want nothing more than for you and mark to start cooperating instead of whatever that shit is that you are doing?  That makes no sense to me whatsoever … so not something that i did myself.   Therefore it is something that you made up.   I try not make up that kind of shit myself that works against my desires.

Si says
Yea, I agree. Makes no sense. Nothing you did, none of your responses, were actually based on the entirety of what was happening. Just a microcosm of them … a personal one. But then, that is the nature of crusade energy and awareness. You still have blinders on about some of it in fact.

Seth says
so then there is no proposed rule change that would infinge on a person’s right to curate comments on their thoughs?

Seth says
sigh … speaking honesly and direcatly to each other is certainly a good idea for healthy human interaction.  

Seth says
Good thing this is just gossip null.

#btw, the feature to not allow comment on a thought could reasonably be disallowed after comments have alredy started.   In fact that is the way i had expected it to be … but i thought it was better to allow it to be applied even after comments had commenced. 

Si says
Knowing your own state of being is better for human interaction. Unfortunately, that is never thought in school, in growing up. Some people find their way to it naturally, more or less. Most, never realize it has anything to do with anything.

Si says
Yep. That is under review … along with this gossip.

Seth says
The advantage of doing it the way it is now, is that sombody can leave a thought open inviting interaction … and then if the interaction does not work with thier conceptions, stop it from developing further.   That is a great new feater … and i thought mark was using it well … that way he does not need to use the #FoHammer to get the same effect.  He can say, stop what you are doing, and if people do not, then he can stop them.   That keeps this feeling that a person can project a thought in this mind space and have some control of how it develops.   I start lots of thoughts which are not completely formed when i first project them … then they progress even throught others interaction with them … i love to do that … but it is a way of feeling my way and to feel i need that ability to guide.   If you think about it, that is so very #LOA even. 

Si says
Yes. That is all true. Furthermore, others who have started to contribute may wish to contribute further. Cutting others off in mid thought is very nasty business. Censorship of authentic contribution is not part of a useful co-creative experience of any kind. It is part of Game of Thrones variety of experience, which humanity in general, is becoming done with as an unconscious/unaware variety of experience.

The review must consider all aspects, not just those pertinent to your current experience of what happened this time.

Mark de LA says
RE: Abuse of features. (comment 65746) to a disturbed mind anything & everything is bait; perhaps just an often ignored corollary of the LOA. 

Si says
Yes, so I have noticed. I have also noticed how additional authentic information tends to disrupt the disturbed state, and thus improve the experience of those who are in the disturbed state.

Seth says
well when there is a either-or-situation, one must take precidence.   Either i can guide my thought, or you can push it somwhere that is not were i want it to go.   My thought, so the preference has to go to me.   That does not infringe on your freedom of expression.  You can fork into your own thought and push it in whatever direction you want.   Freedom all around.   Nobody should be allowed to  control or destroy sombody else’s business.

Si says
You are partially right. There is never an either-or state. That does not actually exist, anywhere. It is an artificial concept humans introduce.

But you actually acknowledge that both vibrationally, and in the details, of your comment even though you phrase it as if it were an either-or situation.

Seth says
well i am glad you seem to agree on the thrust of what i said.

of course there is no hard fast rule of happening that is XOR in the largest possible frame of reference.   But we sure as hell can write them in the code here in a thinking domain withing a narrow context.   People can get around those hard coded rules … but having to do that is not something that will make things work  better for people here.  We both pretty much know that i do believe.

Mark de LA says

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