Use leet & decode the word!


  1. shit
  2. wtf
  3. FoHammer
  4. Whatever
  5. WhoKnows
  6. WhoCares
  7. PilesOfWords
  8. PR
  9. RingTrue
  10. Egoo
  11. NastyBusiness
  12. f3c35
  13. poof
  14. ArgumentsPerRant
  15. rainbows-in-his-panties
  16. TuQuoque
  17. asshole


Mark de LA says
XOR perhaps use a synonymnull

Seth says
null mark, this kind of stuff really should not be put in group glossary

Mark de LA says
Lets see if #shit is there ?

Mark de LA says
Did we all of a sudden become prudes here ? Look at all of the stuff N insults with.

Seth says
the glossary is intended to help us form a consensus of usage of words that we frequently use in communicating with each other.   putting words in the glossary which are not intended to be used as defined in the glossary is to corrup the glossary and degrade its function. 

null please do not do that !!

Seth says
it has nothing to do with prude.   we can define the words we commonly use just as we in consensus want.  they are our words.  

you are free to define whatever wierd words that mean whatever in your own groups … and who knows … those might catch on and get used by others here.  when that happens you are invited to move them into the glossary as long as you have prividledges to do so.

Si says
#wtf mark? How so? I have no insults or non-actionable definitions in group glossary that I know of. I do all my insulting in group fbi gossip unless it is in direct contextual response to one of your already always insults … like that was.

Notice that even glossary terms like #FoHammer are defined in group fbi gossip, not group glossary

Mark de LA says
#Whatever my words, your words #WhoKnows & #WhoCares – the sandbox is full of a #PilesOfWords

Si says
p.s. mark … thank you for clueing me into your perversion of the #FoHammer term. I clearly own it 12 to 3 over you. If you continue to pervert it, I will move it to the glossary simply by virtue of your not playing by the rules.

Seth says

Mark de LA says
sorry folks I intended to use the word as I defined it!

Mark de LA says
Of course you folks can pollute the process by moving it or including aliases which point to something else like #PR --- hence your words don’t #RingTrue in some cases.

Si says
You can define your own personal jack-offs in your own group mark, no problem. seth is right, no one should be defining non-actionable content in the glossary. The glossary could easily be made a closed group, but it seems to me that people can play nice on this one so that the glossary can grow.

Now if you are thinking of calling some the stuff I have been defining in the glossary as something like jack-off’s mark, think again. They are authentic content representative of my beliefs and points of view … you may not agree with them, but that does not make them content that is put there with alternate agendas, insults, and innuendos, like much of the stuff you create. What I put there I authentically believe to be correct without any misdirection or subtleties or mis represented mirth. The humor I do put there is quite literal.

Seth says
mark, just because you seem to be having trouble understand people’s language, does not mean that we are having problem too.   Please recognize that your nagative attitude tward language is just your own private affair.   Even thought i disagree with some things that nathan is saying, i can still understand what he says in the words that he says it,  even if it is not my business why he says it to me.  So the language itself is not the problem with this deapth of communication.  This paragraph is not just a “pile of words”, or a “whatever”, or a “who knows and who cares”.  It is me authentically talking to you and nathan.

Si says

Mark de LA says
Insults still persist! Enjoy the #Egoo ← good though

Seth says
yep “#pr” is a wierd one.  nathan defined it with the wong face that Peter Ralston does not have,  and that both me and mark do not associate to the philospher.   but according to the rules in which the glossary was founded, he still gets the coin.   that does feel like #NastyBusiness to me but it is legitimate.   one of those things that happens that we need not rubb into a soar. 

Si says

Mark de LA says
RE: #f3c35 (comment 65822) – there is a lot of evidence to the contrary particularly all of N’s insults (gradeschool woofing) & your munging away of meaning until it squirms around & vaporizes – #poof  I understand & grock a lot more than I am willing to put in words here since it would mostly be a waste of my time in a swamp high in #ArgumentsPerRant .

Si says
No. It is not because it would be a waste of your time that you won’t let on what you know. That is just your forever always inauthentic reason. The real reason is simply because your ego won’t stoop down to it. Nothing more.

Mark de LA says
Still insulting →   time to change the diaper of your mind it is full. null

Si says
No. It is just content. Contrary to the popular political correctness groupies of the times, an insult is not just something that gets someone’s rainbow panties in a twist. An insult is saying something to get a rise out of someone when you know that it will likely get a rise and that is your intent.

If all you are doing is telling what you think about something, or someone, and it is not being phrased in crude language, then it is not an insult … it is simply an understanding or point of view the teller holds.

If the hearer takes it upon themselves to be insulted, that is entirely their own business and no one elses.

Mark de LA says
RE: #f3c35 (comment 65848) … Nah! null Nate shits in his diaper (see above pic) then takes no responsibility for what is in it & call the stuff #rainbows-in-his-panties. null

Si says
See the difference there? You are simply name calling … with a rather fuzzy reference to a not well presented idea about taking of responsibility. You are not presenting a well formed point of view or understanding … you are mostly presenting things in a way that you expect will get a rise out of Nathan, and then adding a smile as if that makes it mirth, but it is not mirth … that is not your intent.

Mark de LA says
#TuQuoque – laugh it up or maybe ask mommy to change the diaper. null

Si says
Well now at least you have conscious reference for the reasoning behind you getting called an #asshole. It is not anti social behavior on my part, it is well actionable self defense of your continuous outpouring of actual insults. Deal with it as you will.

Mark de LA says
Call your mommy – you need help with your own asshole! null

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