The view or theory that the self is all that can be known to exist


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Seth says
A more complete definition is given in Wikipedia …

Solipsism (Listeni/ˈsɒlpsɪzəm/; from Latin solus, meaning "alone", and ipse, meaning "self")[1] is the philosophical idea that only one’s own mind is sure to exist. As an epistemological position, solipsism holds that knowledge of anything outside one’s own mind is unsure; the external world and other minds cannot be known and might not exist outside of the mind. As a metaphysical position, solipsism goes further to the conclusion that the world and other minds do not exist.


Si says
Doesn’t seem to change anything. #LOA is not #solipsism. #LOA fully acknowledges and honors others and believes we all know and interact with others equally to knowing ourselves. #LOA says we create our experience (our reality), of ourselves, and others. It does not separate out knowledge of self and knowledge of others in any special way … which is what #solipsism is all about.

Seth says
When i used #solipsism recently i was refering specifically to the belief that,  we  can “create 100% of our experience of  others”  and even that to live delibertly we “must take full responsibility for every aspect of  experience through our senses” … necessarily excluding others from creating any of the facts (“clues”) on which we create (base) our experience. 

Si says
Well, “necessarily excluding others from creating any of the facts (“clues”) on which we create (base) our experience.” is not true.

In most cases, most of the facts we get about others is from others. That has nothing to do with circumstances or our experience or that we create the others we experience. You are mixing things that do not mix in #LOA.

Mark de LA says
Some have this picture – Star Trek’s Q  null

Q is a fictional character in Star Trek: The Next GenerationStar Trek: Deep Space Nine, and Star Trek: Voyager, as well as in related media. In all of these programs, he is portrayed by John de Lancie. Q is a being who is unconstrained by, and possesses power over, normal human notions of timespace, and even reality itself – his fellow Q and he are said to be omnipotent, and he is continually evasive regarding his motivations. The name "Q" also applies to all other individuals of the Q Continuum – an alternate dimension accessible to only the Q and their guests. The true nature of the realm is said to be beyond the comprehension of "lesser beings" such as humans, therefore it is shown to humans only in ways they can understand.

Si says
I like the Q and don’t see it as fictional the way you do. But this posting does not seem to belong here. Please fork these first. Thanks!

Seth says
Well i am glad that you apparently believe that (1) “most of the facts that you get from others are from them rather than you creating those facts yourself”.   I also believe that of you, and of myself.

And when you refer to  the “circumstances of our experiencing said facts” … then, yes, i acknowledge those circumstances can be just as much our doing as the other’s doing. 

But when you say,  “we create the others we experience” ,  that contradicts (1) that others create  facts themselves independant of our doing it … and even that others can create some of the circumstances in which we experience those facts. 

Si says
Doesn’t contradict. Others do create lots of their own facts. We can also experience those results … that does not contradict that we create the circumstances we experience. It is only habit of thought that you even see a possible contradiciton.

Seth says
Well …

Others do create lots of their own facts. We can also experience those results.


is true … even over here null.

Now it is almost impossible to tease the “circumstances of experincing of facts” from the “facts themselves” … espeically since the “circumstance of experiencing facts” are also “facts themselves”.   So to me, distinguishing the two doesn’t really change our perdicament.  Both the “facts that i sense”  and “the circumstances (context) under which i experiencing those facts” are  subject to being created by myself,   as well as being created by others. 

The question is how much of the facts i create myself versus how much of the facts that are  created by others.  If i focus only on the facts and circumstances which i create myself deeming those the only thing that is of importance to me,  …
… then i will be missing out on all of those facts and circumstances which are created by others. 

Apparently you have made that choice.   I could make it too.   But i have not.   I love what others do independant of me too deeply to deem those facts (deeds) and circumstances which they create unimportant to my own intentional experession of my life. 

Si says
Nope. When I create my own facts, that is imagination. It is simply not as difficult as you are making it.

Be authentic, that cuases you to create from your core, your heart, your excitement, your passion … and when you create from that place, you have a lot of what is authentic to everyone in your creation.

All those things you say conflict go away with the simple acceptance of that “reality is your experience of it”. It’s that simple.

Seth says

I tell you something that rings true here and is 100% authentic to me … and you just come back with that stuff which is not true over here, which you must know if you have been understanding what i am saying,  and then you  just repeate  the things that i tell you that necessarily conrtadict in the language that you are using.   And yet you give no substance or hint of comprehension of what i myself just said.  Apparently relying on some imagined authority that you presume will obtain over here ….  and that just you saying it will convince me that is does not contradict my experience. 

In fact this is a great example of why assuming that you create me,  doesn’t work between us … ie  you in fact apparently missed everything that i myself created in this dialogue here. 

Seth says
The other really funny thing about what you are saying to me is that you must be assuming that what you are saying to me will inspire me to do as you are doing … ie  to 100% ignore what others do themselves indepenant of my imagination.  What would motivate me to do that ? … would it be so that that i would feel justified in ingoring what others do independantly just as you are ingnoring what i say to you here in this context?  I wonder how that will make them feel when they recognize that their creations are being ignored by me.  Maybe it will feel to them just like you ignoring what i do independant of your imagination mekes me feel.  I cannot imagine how it would not have that  same effect. …. oh, wait a moment,  i can just make up how they feel myself … #PML 

Me thinks you philosophy … as you describe it … which may well not be how you actually practice it … has some bugs when seen from a perspective that is outside of yourself.

Seth says
Anyway i still am asking you this question … are your assumptions about yourself necessary for a #LoaSwim ?  I have tried to teas those assumptions (firm beliefs)  out so that i understand them myself, but my characterizations never seem to align with your thoughts.  So characterize them in your own words.  I am just really curious of how those beliefs create your ability to swim, or whether they are quite independant of your actual swim. 

Si says
#hmmm … I did cover that very nicely here. (private thought) (comment 65968) Not sure what about that you are still asking?

Seth says
well another way of asking the same question is …. which beliefs could you eliminate and still  do a #LoaSwim ?

… or alternatively again,  which beliefs are necessary to do a #LoaSwim ?

… or even … not to bias the qustion … are there any beliefs necessary to do a #LoaSwim ?

Mark de LA says
#WTF is an #LoaSwim

Seth says
good question mark null
i would say a #LoaSwim is doing in a #LOA manner.  It is a combination of my term #swim and #LOA.     I coined the term and nathan started using it too and seemed to know what i was talking about.  I think most of the history of that is public here.   Perhaps he can shed more light … or not.

I put more meat on its bones in my definition in the glossary.

Si says
The #LoaSwim I am interested in is moving fast and easy and in harmony with the leading edge of what is available in consciousness. As far as I know, and have experienced directly, that requires the firm belief that one creates their own reality. Without that belief, one is constantly struggling against many factors that slow down the swim to a crawl.

When one believes they create their own reality in full, including others, then they have immediate access to internal maps for others, and authentic heart felt intuitions, and passions, and excitements that bring in creative information fast! Believing that others are outside cuts off all that fast paced information and leaves one mostly imagining what others are instead of being in the flow of the greater information that is available internally.

Si says
It is easy enough to #grok … no real explanation necessary if you have all the beliefs needed to understand it. If you don’t, a definition will just be a tagging, and not useful to you anyway.

This, like many terms, is one that you either get because you are ready to get it, because you have the beliefs and live in contextual relationship to it, or you don’t and no amount of explaining will help.

Seth says

Seth says
Okay, thanks for answering my question directly null.  … #done → nathan
I too am very interested in

moving fast and easy and in harmony with the leading edge of what is available in consciousness

nathan re #LoaSwim 

and even think that would be a good thing to put in our glossary.

In my case i do not believe that I “create my reality in full even including others” … nor that belieiving that would give me “immediate access to internal maps for others, and [their] authentic heart felt intuitions, and passions”.   But i see no reason that my disbelief, which is daily confirmed by my experience,  will slow down my #swim.  …. in fact, given the nature of the consciousness that i experience, i think my disbelief will actually speed up my #swim.

Si says
Don’t know. When I have moved on an internal representation in the past, you have often questioned it in respect to your external ideas of reality. That has actually slowed things down … quite often. Representations in respect to #SeriTD is one case in point that has nothing to do with human others, but does have to do with the subject of creating our own reality. There are many more that are related to human others. So, I am not sure what you are saying will be different.

Si says
In other words, when you are sure that you are creating your reality, you don’t have to worry about what I do. You know that you can create what you want, anytime, anywhere, any circumstances.

Hence, you are biased to simply connect with me on what works for you and have no interest in what doesn’t work for you.

When you are biased about external circumstances being reality, about there being others in your experience that you are not responsible for creating, then you are always trying to get those external circumstances to be the same for me and for you. That slows things down a lot.

Seth says

Seth says
yes, quite null … and thanks again for being so direct … i think i know precisely what you are saying and it #RingTrue even over here.

but give me a moment to resond such that there is a possiblity of what i say might get  through your filters and be heard as i intend.

or in other words, #sethhmmm

Seth says

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