LOA Trumps Hillary - comment 66070

Miami says ...
Not much content there. Mostly just finger pointing. Not even any points I can cleanly respond to.

My guess about all of that it that it is your personal way of justifying to not acknowledge direct knowing and consciousness. Which if for yourself, is your choice. But you are generalizing how others interact politically in characterization that supports your own personal box. Not very nice. I would agree that in general politics is devoid of consciousness … but it is unfair to say that your personal choice of circumstantial modeling is the way things are for everyone.


Seth says
Well i have no direct knowing except as that which i expeience can be called “direct”.   I do not believe you or Peter Ralston are any different in that regard … although what you says in words implies to me that you are.  No justifying involved here … just my experienc and my belief which i am honestly reporting to you.

… but then you just AND in “consciousness” …. please be careful with anding a truth with something that may not be true … that makes for a lot of confusion.  

What connection are you inventing between what you call “direct knowing” and what you call “consciousness” ?