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Talk about yourselves

then you will have only one dimenstion

(of lying). 


well beholding others certanly does give an added dimensions to my thoughts.  it feels like every person i meet is an entirely new dimension which has yet to have  connections to what is me and what i create.  it truly feels that way.  If i made up others out of my own being, i would get boored out of my goard. 
An excellant observation maestro … #kudos → mark
← ps: #woopse, in this case it was my observation and not Mark’s.  
Correction:   #kudos → me

of  course, one  can be honest or lie  about one’s self, or about others.  That is yet another dimension.   Me i avoid the dishonest part  … but that is just me.   I notice, others seem quite  confrotable on that dark side …. completely independant of me and what i create.

#Trump is an excellant example … i could not move in that dimension like  him,  regardless of how effective i might become … it is constitutionally not in my #BeIng to do.   nor could i even make up some other person to speak that way.    sorry, not my side of the multiverse, thank you anyway.  

but, #sethhmmm ,  maybe i could make up a fictional character like that … after all,  in the meta dimension of thought i have complete freedom, …. no pesky circumstances from others to hold me back, no direct consequences to myself whatever i do … it might even be fun.

#Hillary talked out of both sides of her neck too … but on an entirely different scale.  I think most of the Trump voters were hearing hillary from her opposition … they went with what he created her to be  … ironic.


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Seth says
anyway, nathan

I see how i could do your type of #LoaSwim.   I simply choose (create) the interpertation of events that is in my #nexus … and literally become oblivious to those interpertations which do not.     That is exactly what happened in the example above.

Si says
Here we go again. Around and around the same loop, seemingly forever. Doing the FBI boogie.

If i made up others out of my own being, i would get boored out of my goard

As has been said I don’t know how many times already, no, this would not change. Whatever you experience right now would always be the same. You are creating all the people in your reality already, right now, and you are not board. Your existing experience doesn’t change … you only add the new experience of realizing that you are the creator of circumstances … thus you can also play with that aspect as you create others. Right now you don’t play with that aspect because you think it only belongs to others. But nothing else changes! Why do I have to keep saying this? This was one of your very first objections, years ago now, and my response is always the same. You create how you interact with others. Whatever you are creating right now will always be a valid way to experience others, you have already created it, already like this way of experiencing the others you create … what you can do is add more to the experience you are having now, not loose any character of the experience you already have and value.

Seth says
Wow, strange, i was going to take that part out as i knew it would be a distrction.  Apparently you stpped listening when you heard that almost irelivant observation.  You then became oblivious to the entire experience of this example and apparently none of it informed your thoughts and so you repeated your old ones. 

Oh well … i will read the rest of your paragraph anyway to see if there is anything new there.

Seth says
Well this at least #RingsTrue …

You create how you interact with others. Whatever you are creating right now will always be a valid way to experience others, you have already created it, already like this way of experiencing the others you create … what you can do is add more to the experience you are having now, not loose any character of the experience you already have and value.


Certainly i create how i interact with others and the new experiences that we create build on the old ones.  The old ones do tend to fade to the background but they are always there. 

But I am not the “creator of [all] circumstances”  and I do not move others,  they move themselves creating circumstances that perhaps we can share.  

Apparently it is your fervernt belief to the contrary.   But that  is not my belief.   Apparently you are still oblivious to the circumstances that i created when i told you that was not my belief.   How is that working out for you?

Si says
You don’t create all circumstances that exist, but you do create all circumstances you experience … weather you are aware of that creation, or weather you create them by default and are unaware, you still create them. The multiverse does not care if you believe that or not, the multiverse only matches your belief and provides the matching experience. Which you believe is your choice, your experience will be so.

Seth says
Well i did not create the circumstaces of the paragraph to which i am responding.    You did.  

… even thouugh i am experiencing it by thinking it myself.

Si says
Whatever you are experiencing, you created. What is the point of going around on this? Weather you believe it, or not, it is so. If you believe it, you get access to more possibilities, faster and more accurate information. That’s all. Nothing else about your experience changes.

My point in respect to the #LoaSwim is that the people I want to swim with need access to this greater range of information, and greater speed of access to it, in order to swim along side each other in the places I want to swim, and especially at the pace I want to swim.

Seth says
Yeah i got the thrust of what you said the first time you said it.   No problem.  I am sure you will do what you will do and it will be great.   If i do not swim with your beliefs, which contradict my experience, then fine, go swim with people who believe what you believe. 

I would however, ask you to fix some of the bugs that i have mentioned … and get the system in a state that i can create new thinking domains without the problems i had last time we were here in this context.    Comming up at the end of this year is a big bill for the server.   I need to find circumstances that will permit at least the sustainance of fastblogit.   We can cooperate with that, and/or go our separate ways. 

Si says
It would be good to know these things, to have them organized somewhere. We can create nice lists now … and even do math on them if needed.

Seth says

Si says
I have also been thinking of making a checkbox for list items. Something like that you put in a list item and it appears as a standard checkbox. Checking and unchecking it change it’s state. It would be easy to do with the same basic technology used to insert title links in items … notice that technology works without having to go into edit mode and still changes the actual item content in the database … magically.

Seth says
most of the harder items on my list i started working on are in “Why my trains of thought break ...”.   it is not complete … none of the sharing with other websites is on there yet … and that is a must to restore. 

the thing that get in the way of getting this to a useful state is where you insist your way is best and my way doesn’t count.   For example i know that thought tags and conversation tags should behave identically … and that one should be able to use the suggest ahead in the tag search right there on the apply tag line.  

There are a few more things, like getting titles to always be correct,  and stuff that just stopped working that used to work … but hopefully those you can bat out once you stop fighting with me.

Seth says

Si says
The only thing that gets in the way is you insisting things like that get in the way and then holding yourself to that insistence. None of that actually gets in the way of anything … actual progress shows that to be true. These factors are all just part your crusade mentality. If you would not insist on the manner things happen, and were instead result oriented and believed you were creating your experience, all of this stuff would flow quite easily.

Seth says
well you might notice the times you create circumstances about me which do not match with the ones i create for myself.   When that happens, what do you do?   Have you noticed that? 

Si says
When you are on crusade, I ignore you. When you come back from your crusades, things you are interested in progress. When you make up stuff about what I am doing or why, I usually explain so that you can sync up your creation of me if you want to with what I am doing. When you continue with the made up stuff, I ignore you.

This is the basic formula #LOA recommends. I generally follow it quite well. 

p.s. what you do is quite different. Hence the “insisting” above.

Seth says
But what you percieve as “my crusade” is nothing more than “your creation of me” not matching “my creation of me”.   It is one of those relative thingies where it all to easy to get confused… like the car in the lane beside you moving forward when what happened from their point of view is that your brakes are failing on a steep hill and you are actually sliding backward.   If you ever become objective enought about our interaction you would see that happening …. again and again … and when it happens you always do things like accuse me of being on a crusade.   

Seth says
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