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Seth says ...
Well i think the key point to realize is right there in what you said:  “Reading your words caused me to create that experience.”

I look at a sense channel like dominos falling.  The orignal causes are in the world … in otherness.  Finally the waves end in my experience.   Of what happens in the world i may have no part.   Of what i finally experience i can take more controle.  

I try to tune myself to minimize my subjective control of the dominos which fall close inside myself, so as to maximize my sensitivity to what is happening in the world. 

Apparently you do the opposite. 

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Si says
Probably neither. The original cause of everything that exists is a thought. Thoughts create and modulate patterns of vibrations. The patterns of vibration modulate together, in a big matrix you could call the aether. Much like ripples in a pond by many stones thrown in, but in 12 dimensions, not just 2. Our senses perceive the vibrations and we interpret the sensory data as the material world.

Seth says
That 12 dimensional model sounds to me like what has been descibed by others as the #SpiritualWorld.  But i do not see how it changes our perdicament which you describe right there with your words: “Our senses perceive the vibrations and we interpret the sensory data ... ”.   That is the same perdicament that i described in this thought.

Seth says
#btw, you might get a flash of understanding if you noticed that the vibrations ARE the #PhysicalWorld.

Si says
Your thought seems to bias things such that there are things out there happening, and we perceive them. Not, we think, that creates a pattern, which we then perceive. 

Si says
Yes, thought I said that.  

Seth says

Seth says
well actually you did … #kudos → nathan … and nullseth

Seth says
Yes definitely … i hold the former true and the latter false.  You apparently do the opposite.

The separation of what is me, and what is not me,  still obtains in a #SpiritualWorld model of what is changing. 

#sensing is how the inside of me interacts with what is outside me. 

Seth says
#btw, why fixate on a 12 dimensional model.   Why not recognize just as many #dimensions as there are #spectrum’s that obtain?

Seth says

Seth says
nathan is this #TheDoor  … you stand on one side, i on the other?

Si says
Not really. The door has much more to do with your fears and beliefs about what others are. The above is certainly useful to understand, but has much less impact in your life.

Seth says
Well what others are, is up to them,  i do not make it up for them.   In fact i act to grant others their maximum freedom to manifest whatever they themselves can be … short of course of defending me or mine from harm.  That is a tried and true ethical maxim … i can provide references if necessary.   It is also fondational to my belief in respect and tolerace of others … aka #otherness

To the extent that i strongly interact with others in dimensions like thought, feeling, and deed,  a bond forms becomming a new #BeIng with its inside and outside constituting a permable #membrane just like my own #Ego.   There are levels of these ranging from family, group, guild, city, nation, humanity, living things, and all manner of grander sprits.

I do not fear anything on the other side of those membranes … i rather get off on their dynamics … especally the possiblities of interaction with them.

So i have no idea what fear you have made up for me null … nor now even what door you think i should enter.

Si says

i do not make it up for them

No, of course you don’t. Not at all. You, make it up for you.

You have no control of what they experience. You are totally responsible of what you experience, including them.

Seth says
I try not to even make others up for myself … rather i try to hear what they express themselves.   Please hear what i said above with the analogy of the dominos before you talk to me like that. 

Note what Edgar Allen Poe has called “the veil” … not the senses … but the subjective soul. 

I express my soul myself … i do not take that expression from you. 

Now you are welcome to write my biogography, but then you should know that you experss that biography through the veil of your own soul like any other story you might tell … make it high art … inspire me with it …. but do not tell me that it is me.

I will write my own auto biography.  Thank you anyway.

You have indicated no door for me.

Si says

I try not to even make others up for myself

Then, and paradoxically I will agree, you know virtually nothing about them. All you know about is the randomness of your own ability to creatively interact. To truly know another, you must participate in the creation of the other in your experience … otherwise you and the other are just isolated entities, and what you experience is really only how you would create the other by default, by the propensity of your life experience and imigination, not how they would be with your full engagement. It is quantum physics you see … one cannot have knowledge of something without changing it … a basic precept of all quantum ideas. So until you consciously participate in the creation (the changing) of others, you are not actually knowing them … you are only knowing you.

Seth says
#sethhmm re learning about others by theorizing about them, and #ScientificMethod

Si says
You learn about others by creating them in your reality. It is the creative process that connects you with what another is, gives you access to truly knowing them. Without that creative process, you are only spinning in your own mind … in fact, theorizing about them. Creative energy, the creative process, is the open channel to what is beyond you and only you.

Seth says

Seth says
yes i agree null.  in fact that is the scientific method of inquiry.  you theorize about something and then you test your theory against your senses.  That is a great way to learn about something. 

In fact that may be the only way to learn about something ←  just a theory that i am throwing out just now.

The hazzard of course, is believing that the theory is the real thing, (#reifying),  and to denying what is sensed in deference to just your story of it.

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