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Seth says ...
well you said i had angst, but that is not the case.  Maybe you thought  you percieved  angst.  I don’t know.  Or more likely you just like to imagine me in ways that you can poke fun … kind of like a voo doo doll … eh?   #LOL


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Seth says
#VooDooDolls are great little #thingey from #dimensions in the #SpiritualWorld … and they work.  Thing is they only work against you if you believe in the assumptions of the perpretator.  Which is a useful thing to know when sombody else is making you up to be a #NastyAsshole. 

Si says

Si says
#hummm … first time I have ever heard you spout pure #LOA  

Seth says

Seth says
just remember that next time you call me on a #Crusade 

Si says
Don’t see the connection. You being on a crusade has very little to do with #LOA … except that momentum of thought is what keeps it going.

Seth says
keep working on it … i predict eventually you will get it.  … hint, it is much more direct than you are twisting it in your mind.

Mark de LA says
Spell check the name of the #hashturd

Seth says
got it, thanks anyway

Si says
p.s. The domain wizard can rename #hashtag’s … but the wizard may not have found that.

Seth says
i saw where we can put multiple names on a hashtag definition.   I don’t know what renaming hastags means … or how i would do it. 

Si says
As I said, the domain wizard can do it. Not rocket science, you can easily find it if you want to.

Wizard says

Wizard says
null #OMGyes … #kudos → nathan

Seth says
Anyway some unfinished business ...

It really is a dastardly thing to do to imply that i am involved in this #GnashingOfTeeth that is going on about our new president. 

Anti-Trump protests spread across nation

However you want to justify doing that, or deny that you did,  or twist it in your mind, is not going to work.

The country needs to #AcceptAndMoveOn what they have allowed to happen … that is what i am involved in. 

Now lie about that and i will start poking pins in the #VooDooDolls i have of you over here. 

Mark de LA says
Perhaps it is just a tempest in your own piss-pot. null

Seth says
… or perhaps it is something that is none of your business.

Mark de LA says
null Love this “none of your business crap” popping up on a public forum from you share everything meme pits. Basically I would like to see the original comment you are reacting to. When you #WhipOut angry words like lie & dastardly (often misused) – your favorites – perhaps you protest too much.  There are a lot of angry X-HRC voters still unaccepting – Me(I) being a registered independent for the life of my voting career have taken a wait-&-see approach. 

Seth says
#LOAS (comment 66215)  

The none of your business “meme” is a good one, and #afaik, it comes from #Abraham’s #LOA tapes.   Saying things about somebody else’s internal subjective states,  about things in their souls, about their #spirit,  (for example my allegid “angst”) is not the kind of business you should be transacting with me.  Those states, whether they agree with yours or not, should remain free of external manipulation … whether you know about them or not ... they are my business … quite literally, they are none of yours.   And especially my friend, when you invariably get them totally wrong.

Seth says

Mark de LA says
Sorry, I am not an Abraham junkie.  You folks N & S have been beating up on each other for the last couple of weeks doing such about each other’s innards & outards in public in a very boring set of dual monologues. Are you now going to quit gossiping about each other & talk abour something substantial & interesting for a change?   I said quit talking about  others for some while. The #RWG , , though, is automatic.   
I for one would like to know if the clone of a whole item is possible somewhere. 

Seth says
Well what me an nathan are doing is working some things out.   Things that may bear on what we can do together here with thinging domains.  Pay attention to them or not.  Get involved in them or not.  That is really your choice, your business.

That still has nothing to do with you sticking #angst in my soul. 

#KeepingItReal,   although i got this fine  #NonOfYourBusiness principle from nathan, he breaks it too.  I predict he will have some way to rationalize that.  Oh #shucks, i can’t claim the prediction, it has already happened #VooDooDolls (comment 66252).

Mark de LA says
#HairUpYourAss notwithstanding, I haven’t stuck any angst up your soul. null

Seth says
… well okay, maybe not … er, if thinking it, and then saying it to me, does not count.  

Which is why we have the indirection of the #VooDooDolls

Mark de LA says
I had a wallaby about thinking this AM before rising – I suspect most people don’t – I suspect most don’t know how they do & make up stories about how they do. Residue of the Prosperos makes little sense. Vibrations could be anything. … This is not the forum for it.

Seth says

Seth says
These  #VooDooDolls are the same kind of things as nathan’s images of each other that we create and experience. 

I wonder if he realizes that.

Mark de LA says
This was what I was contemplating as I awoke – the word . Beautifully articulated in the first paragraph of an RS Lecture on the Gospel of John here. All that is attached to an eternal cosmic moment intoned with a word – sound & fury + ….. 
It only comes forth in the reader when the words are on the screen are pronounced internally (or perhaps out loud) 

Seth says
Thinking … via the words that represent it ... has power …
just so very much as it #RingsTrue.   

A person can connect their thinking to their deeds  and the relationsips they have with others …
just as very directly as they actually do.

That is what i get in this context from RS’s lecture.   

Seth says

Mark de LA says
Obviously being existed before the word was intoned in creation. I can’t associate such faint echoes in the words of today. There is some faint resonance in the myth & metaphor left for us today. 

Si says
“I wonder if he realizes that.” ~ Seth

I realize that is how you stuff what I say about it into your box and attempt to make it fit there. That is not what I say, or how I think about it.

Seth says
well that is good to know  null   at least now you know how i think about it, if you heard what i have said.

all of this follows from the discussions we have had the last several days.

I see a conflict between your way you maximizing your control of the dominos which fall close in to yourself when you “experience” your  sensing of others,  and this fine #LOA principle of staying out of other people’s business.   I actually experience the negative effect of that conflict in your interactions with me, and i notice them happening in your interactions with mark.   The examples are detailed above in this thought.

Si says
You and Mark are under contract with me. As I have said many times, you cannot study my applications of #LOA by studying my interaction with you and Mark. You would need to study my interactions with the majority of others, whom I am not under contract with.

Seth says

Seth says
i have no idea how that reates to what i said above.  … er, outside of maybe trying to find a excuse for your #VooDooDolls .

The technique of a #LoaSwim must needs be quite independant of that which is happening between us here or in your group.  

Si says
It is possible what you are calling voo doo dolls are some of the elements of our contract. But I really doubt it. I think it is more likely your always turning and doing an about face when you reach a particular door. That fits better.

Seth says
There is no contract between us for you to stick pins in your image of me over there … none … never has been … never will be.   That has nothing to do with us working together … swimming together to do this great work. 

Si says
It is true that the contract has not to do with swimming together and doing things, other than such provides a context for interaction. But the contract is there. Always has been.

Seth says
But again .. the contract is not that i am to tolerate you sticking pins in my image.   The contract is that we swim together to do this great work. 

And i agree, the context of what we do can quite well be #LOA.  Hence that is why i am telling you that i have noticed a conflict in the way you are swimming with me and mark.

Si says
There is nothing actionable on this path. Why not talk about things to do?

Seth says

Seth says
great because i have a lot to talk about there nullnull

Seth says


Mark de LA says
re: #VooDooDolls (comment 66312)  ← interesting model of integrity. null
Still talking about each other.

Mark de LA says
Sounds a bit rambling stream of consciousness – #nonsense #WhateverYourPileMeans

Seth says
One time i went to a new age jam session with Stewart.  One of the Carbarga kids was playing his trumpet.  It sounded choppy like he was struggling to play.  I asked Stewart if it was intentional.  He told me it was. That Eddy (or was it Haderio) has mastered his instrument and could play it well.   I believed him.  Then i started to appreciate the music. 

Mark de LA says
I went to one with David Kerner & someone who had a early home-made synthesizer & they were all playing jazz in some church.  That’s where I really got jazz . For quite a while it was just discordant cacophony & every once in a while the instruments would come together with something that felt good as jazz-music & then it would just as quickly dissolve again. 
Who knows? Some day that might happen here.

Seth says

Seth says
David really practiced that flute … he seems happy to play it.   I used to love smoking weed with him … we had some of the spaciest stoned conversations ever.   We would even discuss programming and i paid him to do some work.  He wasn’t very good at it.    In the end he became an actuary.  I did not expect that. 

Mark de LA says
He went to Berkeley & took OS programming systems at one time & worked for BofA programming the last I had contact with him. 

Seth says

Seth says
Conversation forked to thought 22323

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