Negative Feedback

If a micrphone is placed too close to a speaker you get a horrible screech. 
Everyone in the room will be grossed out. 
The engineers will certainly search around for how to eliminate the screech. 

This effect happens when we mirror each other.  
For example when i give back to you the exact shit that you are giving me. 

null Let us move the mic away from the speaker.  Let us stop mirroring others shit back to them. 



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Si says
Eh. #NBD … you make way to much out of it. When you are no longer so attached to this subject … it will no longer be so attached to you.  

Seth says
Well the screech is horrible and is drowning out everything that i am creting. 

#NBD, eh?  I do not think so.

Si says
Yes. #NBD. Figure it out.

Seth says
If you were a musician playing your instrement on stage and suddenly the screech of negative feedback drowned out your performance,  would you say to the audience, #NBD ?   What if you were the sound engineer at the venue?  Would you say to the performers on state, #NBD ?   I do not think so.

Si says
Yep. In actual fact, that happened my second night in Miami … Lucely and I went to a local improve. A new guitar player got on stage and plugged in his guitar. A big squeal came out. He had a big smile on his face and a confident attitude, he was a big older well seasoned guy. The owner apologized and was very upset. The musician laughed, waved his hand, and said “no matter – my playing will drown it out” … and he played and it was awesome and everyone cheered at the end … even though the squeel was there the whole time … HIS vibration was stronger than the old squeal and his belief pulled the audience right through it.

This really happened 1 week ago right here. Your vibration can do anything, even drown out squeeling feedback. Your just attached to it, that’s all.  

Seth says
well sure i can well imagine playing over minor negative feedback … especially at a rock concert. 

every single time negative feedback has occured in my experience when people have been trying to listen to finer signals, the concern was to fix it asap … your self justifying #FunnyExample notwistanding. 

Si says
So then fix it. You are not fixing it. You are creating your own whine.

Si says
p.s. You are about to mount your crusade horse. I say that so you can choose. Your choice.

Seth says
Well i may well be fixing it … i do not know yet.  Right now i am just pointing out what is happening. 

Si says

Seth says
 We have discussed that at leangth.  Every time create what  i am doing and call it a #Crusade your have just moved your mic too close to my speaker,  getting into my business,  and have increased the negative feedback by maybe 80 decibls. 

Si says
I don’t mirror what you are doing. That would be what I do with Mark.

Seth says
usaually you don’t … but when you call me on a #Crusade you do.   Just hear me for what i am saying … not for what you create me to say … that is not something that you should reflect onto me.  that is mixing our business in a way that creates negative feedback. 

Si says
When you go on crusade, I either ignore you, or I whip your horse when it goes by. I don’t mirror. You have no behaviors for which mirroring is a useful response. You are not a bully, never have been in my experience.  

I always hear what you are saying. I do not always choose to respond to the part of it you wish me to. Sometimes, I respond to the structure of your thoughts instead of the content.

Seth says
i have no idea whether you would call it mirroring or not … and that name of it  does not matter.

I do kow that what you call “my crusade” is something that you make up yourself.   It is a description of something in your being … not a description of my actual behavior.   saying it to me does create negative feedback between us.

Si says
It is a crusade, when you do it. Take or leave it. I have explained what that means fully elsewhere here.

There is nothing wrong with calling it what it is. Just like calling it bullying when Mark bullies is not wrong. Mark does not accept it being called bullying any more than you accept being told you are crusading. It is the nature of such things to not accept them in ourselves.

Seth says
it does not matter what you call it.  what matters is the negative feedback that is happening.  If you cannot hear it right here, you are tone deaf.  it started around  Negative Feedback (comment 66414) when you started reflecting on me the #MakeShitUp that you created … none  of it describing what i am actually thiking and doing.  

i published about 3 or 4 thoughts this morning … that is my real signal here. That was the melody which was projecting,  the context in which i  was #swim’ing.    Instead what are we listining to right here instead … sure sounds like a screech to me. 

Si says
Okay. Now you ARE on crusade. Have fun!  

Seth says
What is happening here is just the screech of negative feedback.   No fun … and … no “null” involved.

Si says
Enjoy the noise of the wind rushing by on your crusade!

I’ll be around when you are done.

And notice, I told you that you were close to crusading … gave you the choice. You chose to get up on your horse and do it all on your own. It’s your thing. Not that me telling you that will have any effect now. Once on crusade, you don’t have any ability to respond to such things.

Seth says
How do you know that is about me, and not about yourself?

Si says
#LOL … simply because you are now rushing off, doing your own mindless thing. It’s not rocket science. It’s a guy on a horse rushing around yelling his demands.

Seth says
You did not answer my question.

Metaphorically what i am actually doing is asking the sound engineer to move the speaker away from the mic.  That what i am acuatlly doing in this thought.  Metaphorically of course. 

I am also calling peopel’s attention to the dynamics of the sound in the room and how this screech, which at least i am hearing,  is being caused.  

As to actually changing things … well that is not up to me … not something that i alone can control.   There is no crusade except as you percieve my speech relative to yourself.

Si says
Same answer.

Eh. #NBD

… and now you have downgraded it to #meh #nbd.

Hey if you want this, do it. Doesn’t require anyone else.

Seth says
i told you what i was doing …

Metaphorically what i am actually doing is asking the sound engineer to move the speaker away from the mic.  That what i am acuatlly doing in this thought.  Metaphorically of course. 

I am also calling peopel’s attention to the dynamics of the sound in the room and how this screech, which at least i am hearing,  is being caused. 

If you want to make something else up, that is on you.

But hey nathan … if you want to make a loud screech here … i am game.  Maybe we can make it so loud that everybody will to leave the room … who knows … maybe they will even leave the entire domain.

Si says
Maybe you can stop being attached to the screech … then you won’t hear it. It really is exactly that simple.

Seth says
#FunnyBoy this vibration does not work that way.  It is already too loud to hear anything over it.  Lots of exapmple of what we could be thinking about here … most of which you specifically asked for … yet what are we interacting about.   Just sounds like a screech to me.  Maybe could have happened way back up there before you moved the mic right up next to the speaker where it did not belong.

Si says
Okay. Another way. Get off your horse. You won’t hear it down here with the common folk either. You can only hear it up there. Truly … trust me. Or not, your choice.

Seth says
same thing.

Si says
Yes. It is the same thing. Now how could I have know that? #hmmm … isn’t that interesting!  

Seth says
well maybe at some level we are seeing the same phenomena  … that woud explain why we both think they are the same thing.

Si says
Yep … and … my solutions do work.   

Try them.

Seth says
your “solution” has not worked so far.   maybe try mine.  

Let us keep it real.   Right now @mark thinks you are a terrible person, and you have expessed the same sentiments about him.  I can hear both of you, i have talked to both of you personally, with no axe to grind of my own.  

And then between me and you, everytime i move here myself, such that my move is different than your move, you call me being on a “crusade”.  That is seriously damaging our ability to work together here.   That is the result of your so called “solution”.  That is what it has wrought.   natha,  it is not working.

Mark de LA says
Why not try talking about yourselves & see if some of the screech disappears. null

Seth says
Absolutely!   it is almost impossible to get this annoying #egoo negative feedback screech if you only tell honest things only about yourself.  #kudos → mark

… and yes gentelmen, that applies to me too null

Si says
#LOL both of those are about as much bullshit as I have ever heard. 

I have lots of things I do well with you and most of that is you moving differently. You are reacting to a very small set of things. Your junk. And calling it everything.

Mark thinks I am a terrible person? Well, that’s excellent progress. Since I simply do what Mark does back … if he is starting to see that as terrible, that’s a big advancement. Eventually, he will become aware that this all comes from him … is a mirror of his own being and action. And then, he can change it, if he wants to.

Seth says
… well i may have exaggerated a bit … sorry for that nathan

But don’t forget that the importance of something is relative to the observer.  When it comes to me, you have no access to that importance … although i am sure you will make something up anyway …  as you have already specified that you do.  If i told you it was important to me, you would surly call me out as being on a #Crusade. 

No i am bowing out of anything between you and mark.  I will just sit back and #WATCH.  

Si says
No less than you just made up about me. Making shit up is how reality works. You do it all the time … you just don’t like it when you think it is about you.

If you simply accepted that it is all made up … then you could start making up what you want instead of falsely accusing others of making stuff up about you. You could take control of your own experience, and really start enjoying it … especially where it has to do with others … because then you would be in the flow of creative making stuff up together, instead of forever in the back and forth unsatisfying game of pretending there are things that are not made up.

Seth says
We went down into fine detail on that one … please see Sensing ....   Now i admit that i am not perfect and certainly fame people incorrectly in my mind and presupose that they are acting on motives or desirest that i make up myself.  I am telling your that i try not to do that.  When anybody catches me doing that, please do inform me. 

What i am noticing here does not depend on any theory i have about you … rather it is actually based upon the things that you have told me about yourself.  Mostly what i am  pointing out is this god awful noise that is drowning out my thinking.  I can feel the dynamics of how this is happening in myself … i can observe it happening in this domain.  Moving the mic away from the speaker will eliminate the screech.  That is my predition.  Try it or not.   

Si says
I would much rather you make stuff up about me. Lots of stuff. Stuff that is exciting to you. Stuff that makes you happy. Stuff that rocks your world and makes you feel good about doing things with others. Make that shit up … do it often, as much as you can, as much as you want. You will get no complaints from me at all. In fact … I bet I become it in your experience!  

Seth says
oh nathan i do, i do.  i make up all kinds of amazing stuff about you … you have no idea.   But i will not be telling you about that … that is none of your business.   When we find a real way  to share that great stuff, there will be no reason to even talk about … now that deserves the null

Si says
Okay great! Now, believe it. Then, it’s #done!  

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