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Seth says ...
But the pond that i #swim in is actually bigger than your little mind which thinks everything there.  And bigger is an under statement.   But hey, i am not criticizing you for your choice.  I was there myself circa 1972.  I remember when i thought i could throw away the walls of my dungeon with just my own thought.  Literally.  I’ll bet that dungeon is still there today in San Francisco.  It is kind of fun now,  knowing and working with a person who apparently made the opposite choice.  We can still work well together … and would work better if you would get off of your high horse and give up your campaign to get me to change my mind.  


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Si says
Most of this simply contains “hurful” language seth. Perhaps you did go down a path like I walk when you were in SF. That you had unsavory experiences does not necessarily mean the path was wrong. It could mean quite a few things. You may not have had the right teachers to help you get through the brambles along the way. The people around you and supporting you may not have been able to flow easily with you because of their own limitations and beliefs and trying to stay in sync with them could have made the experience a hell for you. You may have been using mind altering drugs, at least in part, to gain access and although those can get one to such places, have lots of undesirable side effects, and don’t build the right muscles in the mind to go back and forth on the path. (Abraham talks a lot about drugs and #LOA and where they are useful and where they are not). There are so many reasons why you could have gone on this path and not made it out of the woods to what’s on the other side of the journey. But that does not make the path wrong. It only made it not work for you at that time.

Your hurtful language to me, and assertions that I am in denial and an unuseful place, are not actually about me or the place I am in. They are about you, your journey, your memories, your conclusions, and how you made yourself safe then, and are continuing to make yourself safe now.

Seth says
speak for yourself and you will feel no pain.

Seth says
#btw, have you noticed the missing paragraph separations in this new fork?   Is there somplace that we shoud be recording those bugs formally so that they can be check off and fixed?   Or would that  becmome like a list of things not to do null ?   Yes i know about that.

Si says
Neither. Design them in your reality. They will happen according to your design.  That is far better, and far faster in result, than an external bug list. Do the energy work first, reality will follow quickly.

Seth says
i do not like it.  The paragraph breaks i put in a thought are important.  Taking them away takes away too much of my message.  That means that i will use the feature less … and only for a single paragraph.  

Si says
That is a horrible design! I would change what you wrote to be what you want, not a horrible mash of what you don’t want, if I were you!

Seth says
i have no idea what you mean.  

a quote is a quote … not a change of any sort.  a quote duplicates something exactly only changing the context in which it appears.

Can you explain what you are talking about?

Si says

i do not like it.  The paragraph breaks i put in a thought are important.  Taking them away takes away too much of my message.  That means that i will use the feature less … and only for a single paragraph. 

You literally designed THAT to be your next experience of TD software. You thought it and wrote it and now it is coming to you next because it is the preponderance of your thoughts and actions.

I would have to exhibit a stronger vibration than you exhibited there to counter it. And I don’t have that strong a vibration on this subject.

Seth says
I  had no part in programming a quote that eliminated paragraph breaks … it came to me quite as a surprise null.

So That was all your doing … maybe it was a bug that you are making up a creative way not to get excited about fixing …  or more likely, now that it has happened,  whether you intended it or not,  you are using it as an example to #crusade against me to change my mind.

i do not know … i try not to believe the shit i make up … rather i try to be sensitive to the outside world, in and of itself.

but whatever it is, i want no part of it.

For my part, like it is now, I simply can not use it on a passage where i want to preserve the paragraph breaks … or like i had to do one time, tediously recreate the paragraph breaks myself.

ps:  even more likely … it was *you* who wanted to experience this particular dialogue we are having right nownull

in any case, what you are saying *to me* , nathan , is  bullshit .

Seth says

Si says
seth, re read all of this. You are way off track. Going down the whole wrong route.

Si says
Look. You keep saying that you are ready to do the #LOA swim. Could be. But here was a great opportunity. Instead of swimming, you are fighting. You are struggling to keep things the same, in the same hard box you are used to, when they can be so much easier. You are not swimming.

Seth says
but there is no substance in your response nathan that i can hear.   just your own resort to your authoity and your denial of my beliefs for myself.  

hey, if you want to talk to me about this, be specific, talk about yourself. 

maybe you could entertain the idea that since i am me (an not you) that i will be #LoaSwim’ing with my beliefs and not yours.  

Si says
seth, I have been speaking #LOA to you for 5 years. If you don’t get it in these simple formats, you just are not interested. You may like the idea in general, even be excited about it, but some part of you doesn’t want to do the swim if these simple opportunities are giving you so much consternation.

Seth says
wow … you just re emphasizd your own authority for yourself and denied mine for me and added no substance whasoever.  

okay.  that is that and this is this null

Seth says
incidentally where is this “consternation” feeling that you refer to actually being felt?

In you … or in me ?  Who is creating that experience to which you refer?

Si says
This is not working. If you want to #LOA swim, then swim. You know what to do. I have said it in 1000 different ways to you. You don’t have to believe what I believe to do it, as you say. But you have to make the swimming motions, for whatever belief you do it for, or you are not swimming, your just floating. Your the one who says you want to swim. I am not here to move your arms for you. If you want to swim, swim. The things I posted today are swims. Do them, or not. You said you want to. If you do them, much will happen that is good.  

Si says
And p.s. all that shit about authority is just that, shit. It doesn’t help you in any way. It just satisfies your ego to point it out. I am speaking my truth. Authority is just a metaprogram you are attaching to the pattern. An old habit of thinking.

Seth says
Well okay … i agree ⬆︎ that is not working.

Seth says
Here is my thinking on this.  There is an #LoaSwim and then there are these beliefs that you hold about creating 100% of your experience yourself.  For some reason you have connected the two together and seem to assum that the latter is an essential part of the former.  I do not believe that connection at all. 

It would be interesting to hear in #Abraham’s own words where he has connected these two different things. 

Me, i think that is just you who have connected them because of a life choice you made a long time ago and it has solidified and you cannot find a multiverse that does not assume it.  ← yes, just my theory. 

 But  I am telling you that i can get the very same #swim without that connection.  I have done it.  Believe me or not ← no need for consternation … just a normal day in our multiverses null

Si says
So do it. And yes, hear Abraham’s own words. Don’t take my word for it. There are 10’s of thousands of youtubes with Abraham’s own words. Listen to them directly. By all means, please do!

Seth says
i thought you might know of a specific youtube that actually connected your 100% control of experiece to the rest of #LOA. 

Seth says
#btw, i do know how making the 100% assumption of creation of own experience yields more freedom and allows one to swim faster … maybe even further … unfettered by external circumstances.   I notice people doing that.  Lots of examples are in front of me, not just yours.    We talked about that before in case you forgot … but i have not forgotten.  Now i am thinking that you are always talking to me about your chosen fast #extremeFreeSwim.  

But there are zillions of ways to swim in the naked city.  If we all did it the same i seriously doubt, it would be a better world … or that humanity in aggregate would become more amazing.   Use the example of the diversity of cells in a biologic body … or beings in a forest …  how they differentiate … how each one functions differently … how they balance and each other … and each finds its niche.   Individuals are no different to the body of humanity. 

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