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Seth says
the circumstance to realize is that speak to me catalog cannot afford to pay almost $500/month for hosting.  We are already almost just breaking even.  This would entail us going into debt starting next year.  That will not happen. 

Possibly we can just move to a cheeper plan.   Then make a 6 month commitment and get that amount down to somethng that speak to me catalogue revinue will bear.   If we do that wisely,  i doubt it would affect our abilities here too adversly.  That will buy us some time before the two old people running that business retire.  But what happens then?   So that would be just kicking the can down the road a bit. 

Alternatively some revinue from other sources (eg  thinking domains)  could also balance the circumstances. 

This needs further practical study and thought.  … perhaps even an #LoaSwim null


Seth says
in chat with inmotion now.  awaiting their anser to …

I need to continue all of my current projects on VPS-2000S, but i am a bit behind on montizing those. So that i will not be able to afford the $490.89 that is due on the 29th. How can i keep almost all of the capabilities of the VPS as it is working now, and downgrade to something that i can afford?

seth russell

the agent is still thinking about this.

Si says
Well, since this was first posted, we can spawn new 3.0 domains. Finished that 3 weeks ago. No auto generation of groups and thoughts for every need yet … but don’t at this time really know what all those needs will be. Obviously anything can be spun up manually in a few minutes. When there is an actual need to transfer stuff between domains, then we can start on that software. I explained the issues around that in some other post … and they are fairly well known, just a matter of deciding by excitement in the actual context where something is happening so that excitement actually exists and drives things to the next level.

As far as I know, only FB login and sharing is missing … and that too just needs a upgrade when it’s actually being used, and it aint’ here at FBI.

Seth says
well i do need to have FB login in a 3.0 domain at td.rentonfoodcop.com … it would flow nicely if that happened before our next meeting which  is December 28.  Otherwise i will need to take a different tack with the CoOp forum.  It also needs to be well tested.

but that is irrelivant to the monetary transaction.  There is no possible revinue to cover the $490 that is due next Thursday on this end.   I see no way to avoid the downgrade unless you can cover part of that cost from your end.   And i do not think that the downgrade will interfear with anything we are doing now.  It just means that we might need to upgrade when things start popping.  But #IDoNotKnow … i have yet to get an answer from inmotion to my burning question null

Si says
Yep. As long as you are allowed to keep all the domains that exist as they are, I don’t see any problems either way. The only bottleneck is harddrive space and the first place that will be felt is you and mainly Marks constant uploading of images here at FBI.

Bandwidth is not an issue. The bandwidth and processing here is outrageous and far exceeds any current need. Speak draws the most for real people. The overwhelming use of bandwidth across all the sites is the 500+ search bots that scour them each day … and if needed, they could be curbed at all the sites like I did for them here at FBI.

Seth says
well it is not just mark’s uploading of images … i uplod many and do not intend to allow that ability to be curtailed.  

so if cutting the storage down is part of the downgrade, we will need to find a way to continue to allow those uploads.   maybe future uploads could go to a cheeper cloud storage. 

Si says
Yep. I looked into bulk image storage for FBI a year ago. There were viable options then at much cheaper rates than inmotion is offering, and probably even more and cheaper options today. You nixed it last December because you upgraded and said that was all you wanted to do then. Now, maybe you want to go the other way.  Cycles are the natural way!

Seth says

Seth says
and i would deerly love to extend our upload capability to include sound files (wth a good player) as well as other file types like .txt and .pdf. 

Si says
.txt and .pdf do upload. You brought this up a month or so ago, and I showed that they do.

Sound should, but video does not simply because it would eat the remaining harddrive space for lunch!

Seth says
well i believe your analysis there is deficient … but no matter … the point is that sound files can be easily uploaded and that upload puts a player … wait the agent is saying something ...

Seth says
do we have any software installed on our server that requires root?

Si says
Whatever seth. The software is there. It was all made for 2.0 and somewhere there is a thought that shows a live example of all the types that work, including even the sound player.

Si says
Well, that’s a trick question. The answer could be yes, or no, depending on exactly why they are asking.

Seth says
sound files upload ok … but they do not leave a player in the thought.  so in a way they are useless for ease of use.

Si says
Yea, whatever. That kind of thing is trivial. Should not be in a discussion about moving media resources to the cloud.

Seth says
it was asked in this context …

Seth says

Si says
Well, in general, we can better operate the server as root, so it would be good to keep that if possible. But separate root for each account is fine. And if absolutely necessary, nearly anything can be done by hacking if we don’t have root access and none of our current software absolutely requires it … it will just make managing some things much more tedious not to have it. Hours instead of minutes in some cases.

Si says
Case in point. FBI can only run on PHP 5.x … someday it needs to be upgraded to run on the current industry standard PHP 7+. Not having root will make that migration much more difficult.

Seth says
Can you tell me how much disk we are using right now?

this is shaping up even better than i expected … might get it down to $30 a month … with maybe very little, if any, loss of capability null

Si says
I can with some work. Have to set up this ip to log in to a console etc.

Si says
Actually found a quicker way with the PHP console.

It is 62,456,586,240 of 133,120,000,000 bytes … or about 63 gig of the 133 gig avalable.

Was a lot higher. I did a whole bunch of cleanup 3 weeks ago moving lots of backups to bitbucket.  

Seth says

Seth says
so now Colton is transfering me to the billing dept.  The tech department will move all of the data with no problem.   Apparently i will “negoiate” the storage with the billing people.   We almost certainly will need to give up root. 

Seth says
Okay … so it looks like our new plans would be chosen from here …

i would tend to go with this one ..

Si says

Seth says
timing wise maybe you could do whatever you need to do upgrade wise befor the transfer.  eh?

Si says
By the 28th? If I think of something, I will do it. Nothing I can think of at the moment that I could squeezing into that timeframe.

Si says
Drive space use now shows up on the  tab.

Seth says

Seth says
chat transcript with inmotion … from my email
General Info
Chat Start Time: 12/23/2016 02:10:55 PM
Chat End Time: 12/23/2016 03:33:15 PM
Chat URL: https://www.inmotionhosting.com/support/launch-chat/?sales&hosting=dedicated-hosting&url=
Referer URL: http://www.fastblogit.com/thought/22334
Name: Seth Russell
Email: russell.seth@gmail.com
Initial Question: EMAIL: russell.seth@gmail.com Hosting Plan: Standard Dedicated Servers (Starting at $99.99/mo) How did you find us? current customer for long time DOMAIN: speaktomecatalog.com QUESTION: Converting my server to one that i can afford.


Chat Transcript
02:10:55 PM [Seth Russell]
EMAIL: russell.seth@gmail.com
Hosting Plan: Standard Dedicated Servers (Starting at $99.99/mo)
How did you find us? current customer for long time
DOMAIN: speaktomecatalog.com
Converting my server to one that i can afford.

02:11:06 PM [Adam C] Hello Seth Russell, my name is Adam C.  Thanks for contacting Sales today!
02:12:44 PM [Adam C]
I am more than happy to assist you with any questions or concerns you have. I may also have a couple of questions of my own along the way to make sure we are getting you set up on the best hosting option for you.

Are you looking to start a new project, or are you looking to downgrade the account that you currently have?

02:15:16 PM [Seth Russell] I need to continue all of my current projects on VPS-2000S, but i am a bit behind on montizing those. So that i will not be able to afford the $490.89 that is due on the 29th. How can i keep almost all of the capabilities of the VPS as it is working now, and downgrade to something that i can afford?
02:17:31 PM [Adam C] As a sales representative, I can only sell you new hosting. I would like to get you with support team to determine what plan you can downgrade to that will still support your needs.
02:17:33 PM [Adam C] One moment while I connect you please.
02:17:49 PM [Seth Russell] okay
02:23:46 PM [Colton W.] Hello, my name is Colton W and thank you for contacting us! Please hold for about 1-5 minutes while I pull up your account and review your issue.
02:23:59 PM [Seth Russell] okay
02:28:39 PM [Colton W.] Thank you for holding for me, I’ll be more than happy to help you out, Seth!
02:28:44 PM [Colton W.] What can I help you out with today?
02:29:01 PM [Seth Russell] I need to continue all of my current projects on VPS-2000S, but i am a bit behind on montizing those. So that i will not be able to afford the $490.89 that is due on the 29th. How can i keep almost all of the capabilities of the VPS as it is working now, and downgrade to something that i can afford?
02:47:16 PM [Colton W.] I’d say downgrade to a reseller account
02:47:34 PM [Colton W.] It’ll let you have separate cPanel accounts without the big cost
02:47:42 PM [Colton W.] Do you have any software installed onto your server that requires root?
02:48:47 PM [Seth Russell] we probably do ... let me check that for you
02:55:51 PM [Seth Russell] in a moment i’ll get that answer. but what would the cost of reseller account by the month?
02:56:08 PM [Colton W.] I’m not entirely sure, our billing team would have to go over that with you
02:57:17 PM [Seth Russell] i just really need a ballpark here now ... not the exact cost. i may reupp for a year so i realize that is negoitable.
02:58:32 PM [Colton W.] About 20-28 a month
02:58:54 PM [Seth Russell] for all of the domains that i have now?
03:00:54 PM [Seth Russell] there are about 5 or 6 and i plan several more in the next month or two.
03:02:32 PM [Colton W.] Yes
03:02:40 PM [Colton W.] You can have as many cPanel accounts you want
03:03:19 PM [Seth Russell] how about storage space? how would that be limited?
03:04:22 PM [Colton W.] It just depends on how much disc you’re using
03:08:49 PM [Seth Russell] ok i will get that figure. but in general how does this change as we go to the reseller account?
03:09:56 PM [Colton W.] We do the move for you when you downgrade
03:10:13 PM [Colton W.] You just get in touch with our billing team, make the downgrade, and we’ll transfer the data for you
03:10:21 PM [Seth Russell] good :)
03:10:54 PM [Seth Russell] so maybe now can you transfer the chat to the billing team?
03:11:04 PM [Colton W.] Absolutely! Did you have any more technical questions?
03:11:45 PM [Seth Russell] well just that one. i need to know how (or if) the storage will be downgraded?
03:21:13 PM [Colton W.] It just depends on what plan you get
03:21:20 PM [Colton W.] Check this out:


03:25:08 PM [Seth Russell] :)
03:27:52 PM [Colton W.] Do you require any further assistance with this, or any other issue? I’m happy to help out if so!

03:29:02 PM [Seth Russell] no you answered my questions perfectly ... thanks.

Are you going to transfer me to billing now ... or is it better that i come back in fresh myself?

03:31:41 PM [Colton W.] You’re very welcome! I can transfer you ,ver
03:31:51 PM [Colton W.] If you would be so kind as to email my manager at: manager_feedback@inmotion.net to let them know how I am doing?
03:32:06 PM [Seth Russell] i will :)
03:32:18 PM [Colton W.] Thank you ver ymuch!
03:32:25 PM [Colton W.] Please hold while I transfer you over.
03:32:29 PM [Seth Russell] wait ... maybe we should end this without transering.
03:32:46 PM [Seth Russell] i will contact billing myself.
03:32:56 PM [Colton W.] Oh okay no problem.
03:33:04 PM [Colton W.] If you have any further questions, reach out to us anytime. We are available 24/7! Have an awesome rest of the day! Take care Seth and happy holidays!
03:33:09 PM [Seth Russell] ok bye and thanks

Seth says
Well i must que the transfer before the 29th or pay the large bill.   I guess i can que the trasfer to take place on the 28 or 29 … maybe even later.  I just thought that since you were keen on the ease of upgrading software with root, you would want to do that while we still have root.

Seth says
the number of dedicated IPs might also need some attention.  right now i believe we are using about 3 … 1 for speaktomecatalog,  1 for fastblotit, and 1 for everything else.   i am not sure how that will change.  we want a smoothe transition of IP urls. 

Seth says
the #kewl thing is that it looks like we will be in the same ballpark of disk storage that we are in now.   so that we can easily defer going to a cheeper outside cloud.

Si says
It’s not that simple. The only real thing I have in mind needing root for is the PHP upgrade. But that requires converting mysql calls in all the PHP code everywhere over to mysqli calls first … and doing and testing that is up to a week’s real time work, and I have lots of holiday plans.

If I have to, I could spin up a TD on a free Heroku instance, do the work, and then back port it to FBI and have inmotion do the root change to PHP. Just more work, but I am not able to do the up front work so soon, don’t even know when it would actually be exciting.

But, the PHP upgrade will be needed before selling external TD’s. No one will want to buy software that has to run on PHP 5.x … that would be a deal breaker for most people.

Si says
Why do you need any dedicated IP’s? I have never needed or used them.

Seth says
i have no idea … it was just the way i set it up … thinking that a separate IPs would be to some advantage.   but perhaps to modern servers and the modern internte there is not real advantag.

Si says
The only reason I know of to have a dedicated IP is if you have some software not on the server that needs to regularly talk to something on the server and can’t look up the ip by name for some reason. Usually only used for intra corporate infrastructure, secure tunnels between branches and shit like that. Nothing I know of you and I are doing needs one.

Seth says
well looks to me that an upgrade to PHP 5.x is not going to be feasable before the transfer.   so then that should happen after the transition and not with you having root.

What are you calling a “external TD”  ?  … TD that we do not host at inmotion?   In that case then there is no problem.  Just the knowledge that we should do that project prior to selling those … there are no immediate plans for that anyway.

Seth says

Si says
Yes. Not so sure about your “no immediate plans” though. My experience has been, and this goes back even to Clickshop, that once you release something new and great, more people want their own than people who want to be hosted by someone else. Sometimes that is not practical, but with TD’s it is totally practical (except for the PHP version thing) and that’s likely the rabbit hole the money trail will want to go down by it’s own volition.

Seth says
my immediate “business” plans are to open TD hosted by inmotion and lease them, or arrange for the economic energies to be balanced in some other manner.   If we find  a customer who wants to host it himself, then we can negoitite with him to cover the cost of whatever upgrades or changes need to be made.  #inho i do not think that will likely happen this winter or even next spring.

Si says
No need for you to go off crusading about this. You can not get up on your horse and things will be fine. null

Seth says
null #OMG … what is that all about?  There is no crusade here.   There is just planning together.  

Or are you just being funny “null” ?

Si says
Not really. We have been down this road for many years. Inevitably you crusade on this a some related subjects. I know you haven’t yet, but that’s why I say it. Maybe you don’t have to this time. null

Seth says
hmmm … seems to me that you call what i say “my crusade” whenever i have a different story of what will happen than do you.   (apparently that is what happend above) 

Can you see that is what is happening here?

Si says
It is not that. There are many things we differ on that you don’t crusade about. There are only a handful of subjects that send you up on your horse. Heck, we differ about all kinds of things in #LOA that you don’t crusade about. On technical issues, we differ about the default for images (I am adamant that it should be unset because I never want images floated left … but you have that your way). We differ on that the about boxes should not require an extra click (I have that one right now). There are many more things we differ about all across the spectrum. It’s only a crusade when you jump up on your horse and get that whiney attitude that I am intentionally abusing you.

Seth says
Well when i want to do somthing that is exciting for me, and you will not cooperate such that my intentions are thwarded … then i will bring that to you attention.   you may call it “whining” if that is how it is experience over there … but one way or the other the conflicting stories must be resolved.  Either i must change my intentions,  perhaps see an alternative path, or you must make the same change.   To my memory i have always discussed those matters with you quite adult to adult.  

Si says
As I said before, it is more than just that. Your focus narrows until you can only see a very tight set of details no matter what others show to you. And you stop listening to anything that doesn’t agree with where you are charging with that obsessive focus and don’t hear anything else until you finally come down off your horse.

Seth says
ok that is the way you experience what happens relative to yourself.   i assure you that i experience it relative to myself quite differently.

Si says
Well of course you do. Yes, I am telling you what I observe. On some subjects I observe that after a particular trigger, you appear as I relate above, which I call crusading. I simply give up when that happens because no matter what I say or do it appears to have no effect on you or ability to be heard by you, until the crusade runs it’s course. Then you appear to go back to normal, and can be talked to again normally.

Seth says
so Tuesday after Christmas, i’ll call billing and have them switch us over to the RS-3000S plan.  Perhaps the exact timing will then be up to their technical department.  At least that is the plan.

Si says
We need to verify, if you haven’t already, that WHM is still available. And if not, how to restart MySQL and Webserver otherwise without root access? Being able to restart those is critical when developing and the current CPANEL does not have that.

Seth says

Seth says
text of chat … see email
Chat Transcript10:03:14 AM [Seth Russell]
EMAIL: russell.seth@gmail.com
Hosting Plan: Reseller Hosting (Starting at $13.99/mo)
How did you find us? current customer for long time
DOMAIN: speaktomecatalog.com
Does R-3000S have a way for a developer to restart the SQL server?

10:03:20 AM [Dexter W] Hello Seth Russell, my name is Dexter W.  Thanks for contacting Sales today!
10:04:18 AM [Dexter W] Let me get you to the correct department
10:05:26 AM [Andrew Wo.] Hello, my name is Andrew W. and I will be glad to assist you today! 
10:06:04 AM [Andrew Wo.] In order to proceed, for the security of your account, I need to verify your identity.  Please provide your Account Management Panel (AMP) password or the last four digits of the credit card on file with your account.
10:06:07 AM [Seth Russell] ... and what is a WHMCS licence that is on the year end special.
10:06:35 AM [Seth Russell] 1008
10:06:43 AM [Andrew Wo.] Thank you for that verification.
10:07:04 AM [Andrew Wo.] Actually, you have reached billing.  I will put you through to support.
10:08:46 AM [Edward M] Hello Seth. My name is Edward M. and I am happy to help. The Reseller hosting does not provide a means for restarting the SQL server as it is still considered a shared hosting environment.
10:09:26 AM [Edward M] WHMCS is an all-in-one client management, billing & support solution for online businesses. Handling everything from signup to termination. It is a tool that can be used to set up to manage the creating and billing of hosting accounts within a reseller environment. A license is required for WHMCS and that is what that means.
10:10:30 AM [Seth Russell] my developer tells me that he needs to restart the SQL server somtimes in the development process. How can he do that?
10:10:50 AM [Edward M] On a VPS that can be done through WHM.
10:11:02 AM [Edward M] On a reseller, that can not be done.
10:11:33 AM [Seth Russell] okay ... be can he not call customer support and have you guys do it?
10:11:51 AM [Edward M] Not on a Reseller account. Only a VPS or Dedicated server.
10:12:26 AM [Seth Russell] well what happens if the SQL server gets stuck?
10:13:03 AM [Edward M] It doesn’t; however, if that is a problem that our systems team warrants a restart is necessary, they would review and handle that..
10:15:07 AM [Seth Russell] on your sales page you mention Free cPanel & WHM ... so is therea a WHM on the reseller cPanes or not?
10:15:17 AM [Seth Russell] http://www.inmotionhosting.com/reseller-hosting#cpanel-modal
10:15:27 AM [Edward M] Yes, there is WHM available.
10:15:54 AM [Seth Russell] but just with no restart of the SQL like in the VPS plans?
10:16:50 AM [Edward M] Correct. To be perfectly clear there isn’t any means, option, feature or way at all, under any circumstance whatsoever, for a reseller account to restart the SQL server.
10:18:16 AM [Seth Russell] Okay, but to be perfectly clear, if something goes amuck during development and we need to restart the SQL server, then we can call tech support and you will do it ... right?
10:19:33 AM [Edward M] If there is every any reason that it is found necessary that the SQL server would need to be restarted than that is a decision our Systems team would make and circumstances would need to be reviewed at that time.
10:20:34 AM [Seth Russell] are we sharing the same SQL server with other resellers?
10:20:41 AM [Edward M] Absolutely.
10:20:55 AM [Seth Russell] okay
10:21:08 AM [Seth Russell] which version of PHP would be have?
10:21:24 AM [Edward M] You are welcome to edit the PHP version and set to any version that you would need.
10:21:59 AM [Seth Russell] okay
10:22:35 AM [Seth Russell] well that’s all i need to know now. thanks.
10:22:48 AM [Edward M] You are most welcome Seth. It was my pleasure to assist you. Please email feedback to my manager at manager_feedback@inmotionhosting.com? Just mention "Edward M."  And if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us again. We are available 24/7.

Si says
It is what it is. I suspected as much … shared servers. I have sometimes made mistakes that run SQL queries that pretty much lock up the server for a long time. But since the price is so much lower, guess it doesn’t matter in the end. Just means that it is possible the site will be down for a bit sometimes … like it can be at most hosting sites.

Seth says

Seth says
you of course have the full resources of their tech department.   i can give you a secret password that validates that your are authentically working on the domain.

Si says

Seth says
are there any special software packages running in thinking domains that are not normally included in their reseller package?

Si says
The only one I believe I added is git … but I think that was because of how old your basic package was. A new system would have come with git.

But that’s the thing. I don’t know if they are moving all the software as is, or just moving the stuff under the user trees. Git is part of the system software normally and that is how I added it using root access.

Seth says
okay.  obviously that is something that you will be responsible for coordinating.

Seth says

Wizard says
in chat with billing department … only real question should be to term of renewal … 6 months or 12 months.   is there going to be a discount for the longer term … how much?

Wizard says
chat transcript recieved in this email and the tech upgrade ticket here

12:23:17 PM [Sabrina D.] Please allow me 3 to 5 minutes to locate and verify your account to be able to assist further.
12:24:02 PM [Seth Russell] hi Sabrina
12:26:19 PM [Sabrina D.] Thank you very much for holding for me!
12:30:59 PM [Sabrina D.] I’ll have to submit a ticket to our Systeams team to determine if your account will fit onto a shared server first.
12:31:02 PM [Sabrina D.] I can do that now for you.
12:31:08 PM [Sabrina D.] Once they reply advising you, we can move forward.
12:31:10 PM [Sabrina D.] Will that be alright>
12:31:31 PM [Seth Russell] i talked to tech department last week. they said that it would. 
12:31:58 PM [Seth Russell] i want to discuss the term ... how long the renewal should be
12:32:30 PM [Sabrina D.] I don’t see any hanotes advising it was approved, either way, I’ll still ve to submit the ticket first. I can take care of that first to at least get the approval.
12:32:36 PM [Sabrina D.] What term length are you looking for Seth?
12:32:41 PM [Sabrina D.] I’d be happy to discuss the pricing/term.
12:33:22 PM [Seth Russell] 6 months ... or 12 months ... or more ... depending on the discounts for the longer terms
12:35:09 PM [Sabrina D.] I understand.
12:35:15 PM [Sabrina D.] Please hold for 4-6 minutes while I look into this further for you.
12:35:21 PM [Seth Russell] kewl
12:37:48 PM [Sabrina D.] Thank you very much for holding for me!
12:38:36 PM [Sabrina D.] So I can offer the new customer intro rate for the first term only of whatever term you upgrade to. After the term, it’d go to the standard rate, but at that time, just reach out again and see if we have any permanent discounts to help out further.
12:39:31 PM [Sabrina D.] So R3000S 6 month intro $296.94 ($49.49 a month), 1 year intro $527.88 ($43.99 a month), and 2 year intro $923.76 ($38.49 a month).
12:42:32 PM [Seth Russell] hmmm ...
12:43:41 PM [Seth Russell] Ok then we will go for the 1 year at $527.88
12:44:03 PM [Sabrina D.] Sounds good. I will still have to submit the ticket to have the account reviewed.
12:44:09 PM [Sabrina D.] But I’ll notate your account with that pricing.
12:44:29 PM [Sabrina D.] The rate will last for 1 year and you can reach out before the renewal to check on permanent discounts.
12:44:49 PM [Seth Russell] I had a lengthy chat with tech last week and they assured me that it would be okay. I will need to give up root access, but that is no problem.
12:45:49 PM [Sabrina D.] Please hold for 4-6 minutes while I look into this further for you.
12:45:58 PM [Seth Russell] okay
12:49:44 PM [Sabrina D.] Thank you very much for holding for me!
12:50:10 PM [Sabrina D.] Our systems team has to approve the downgrade from VPS to shared, so I’ll still have to submit the ticket. I
12:50:16 PM [Sabrina D.] *I’m sorry about that.
12:50:18 PM [Sabrina D.] It’s being submitted now.
12:50:31 PM [Sabrina D.] You’ll be notified via email once the review is complete and we can move forward with billing.
12:50:58 PM [Seth Russell] No probem. Can we go ahead and complete the financial transaction now?
12:51:18 PM [Sabrina D.] Unfortunately, no. We have to complete the review first.
12:51:20 PM [Sabrina D.] You’
12:51:27 PM [Sabrina D.] You’ll get a reponse in 24-48 hours at MOST.
12:51:35 PM [Seth Russell] okay
12:51:40 PM [Sabrina D.] At that time, the ticket will be assigned over to us to complete the billing.
12:52:03 PM [Sabrina D.] I really appreciate your understanding with the process. Do you think I can assist any further at this time?
12:52:22 PM [Seth Russell] no that is all i need now
12:52:32 PM [Sabrina D.] Thank you for allowing me to help you today. If you have 30-60 seconds, I would greatly appreciate it if you could send your comments of service provided today to manager_feedback@inmotionhosting.net referencing my name, Sabrina D. Our management really loves hearing back from our customers! They even evaluate us on feedback, so anything is super helpful. As a reminder, we are here 24/7 to help you. Please dont hesitate to reach out and Happy Holidays!

Si says
Happening today seth?

Seth says
welll the technical departement approved the downgrade … email ref here.   Now i need to deal with when it will be scheduled to happen and the exact financial transaction.

Si says
Okay. Well above says the 28th. That’s today. Being available, if possible.

Seth says
ok i in chat now completing the transaction.   i don’t know yet how it will be scheduled.

Seth says
Billing clerk reported that , “They said that your ticket is close to the top and will be started soon”.   see chat below.
completing the transaction of downgrading to R-3000S

06:00:27 PM [Kristoffer F.]

Hello Seth Russell, my name is Kristoffer F. Thanks for contacting us today!

06:01:32 PM [Seth Russell] So i want to complete the downgrade transaction and schedule the move.
06:02:21 PM [Kristoffer F.] Thank you for verifying
06:03:07 PM [Seth Russell] last 4 digigts of credit card are 1008
06:04:47 PM [Kristoffer F.] Thank you. So you are downgrading today to the R3000S, is that right
06:05:08 PM [Seth Russell] yes
06:05:54 PM [Kristoffer F.] Please hold for 3-5 minutes Seth
06:06:16 PM [Seth Russell] the last chat i have Sabrina said it would be $527.88
06:06:34 PM [Seth Russell] [Sabrina D.] So R3000S 6 month intro $296.94 ($49.49 a month), 1 year intro $527.88 ($43.99 a month),’
06:06:44 PM [Kristoffer F.] Yes thats correct Seth
06:06:46 PM [Seth Russell] so i am good to go with that
06:06:49 PM [Kristoffer F.] Please hold for 3-5 minutes
06:07:04 PM [Seth Russell] ok
06:12:04 PM [Kristoffer F.] Thank you for holding
06:12:11 PM [Kristoffer F.] Almost done here
06:12:27 PM [Seth Russell] okay
06:14:43 PM [Kristoffer F.] Thank you for holding Seth
06:15:03 PM [Kristoffer F.] The downgrade was paid for and our System Admin team will reach out to you directly once the move is complete
06:15:09 PM [Kristoffer F.] Did you have any other questions for me at this time?
06:15:40 PM [Seth Russell] What was the dollar amount of the transaction?
06:16:06 PM [Kristoffer F.] The payment made was $527.88
06:16:27 PM [Seth Russell] okay
06:16:41 PM [Seth Russell] so how will the switch over be scheduled?
06:18:05 PM [Kristoffer F.] Our system admin team handles that, they will reach out to you. You wont see any downtime while they are doing the downgrade
06:19:38 PM [Seth Russell] I need to know when the switch over is going to happen. I have a developer standing by to assist with any problems that may occur.
06:19:54 PM [Kristoffer F.] Ok
06:19:56 PM [Kristoffer F.] one moment
06:23:10 PM [Kristoffer F.] Thanks for holding
06:23:21 PM [Kristoffer F.] I am trying to see if I can get anyone to chat with you from sys admin
06:23:29 PM [Seth Russell] ok
06:27:50 PM [Kristoffer F.] Sorry about this Seth
06:27:54 PM [Kristoffer F.] Still waiting on a response
06:27:57 PM [Kristoffer F.] Please hold for 5-7 minutes
06:28:07 PM [Seth Russell] okay
06:35:06 PM [Kristoffer F.] Thank you for holding Seth
06:35:32 PM [Kristoffer F.] They are checking your account now to provide an estimate
06:35:55 PM [Seth Russell] okay
06:39:51 PM [Kristoffer F.] Thank you for holding
06:40:15 PM [Kristoffer F.] They said that your ticket is close to the top and will be started soon
06:40:37 PM [Seth Russell] okay ... thanks
06:40:43 PM [Kristoffer F.] Welcome
06:40:45 PM [Kristoffer F.] If you have 30 to 60 seconds, I would appreciate it if you could send your comments of our service to you today to manager_feedback@inmotion.net referencing my name, Kristoffer F. Our management really loves hearing back from our customers so anything is helpful. As a reminder, we are here 24/7 so if you have any other questions please contact us. Thank you again and have a wonderful day!!

Wizard says
as per email we paid for it on time.   

i’m going to contact tech support again to see if they will give me a better estimate of when they will do the transfer.

denise is keen on doing a mailer and i don’t want that happening while the transfer is happening also. 

Si says
Yep, that’s for sure. And there is no guarantee anything in particular will work afterward too. Even speak. Without some fixing.  

I am making FULL backups of FBI and all data often today … except images, but those should not be lost in any scenario.

I also have a #TD working on Heroku now, except for images which cannot be stored onsite with the free account so I am looking at the options for cloud image storage which we wanted to do anyway.

Getting a #TD working on Heroku did make it more likely that FBI will still work. The effort was worth it overall. And once I solve the cloud image issues, any #TD will be able to be hosted on Heroku just by opening a free account and filling in the bitbucket git url … no other setup required. And as the site expands, all that will be needed is to upgrade the account starting at about $7/month and up as the site grows.

Seth says

Seth says
null #WOW that is good news indeed !   Care to give me the URL to the #Heroku  #TD ?

Seth says
In an amazing coincidence the tech guy i just chatted has initials  “Ed P” …

er, Ed Porter or I.T famenull null

When is the transfer going to happen to the downgrade to R-3000S ?

02:58:55 PM [Ed P]
Hello Seth Russell, my name is Ed P Thanks for contacting us today!

02:59:28 PM [Ed P] Please hold 1 - 5 minutes while I look for your account.
02:59:36 PM [Seth Russell] okay
03:01:35 PM [Ed P] Thank you for holding Seth.  Thank you for verifying. Please hold 5 - 10 minutes while I look into this for you.
03:01:49 PM [Seth Russell] okay

03:06:35 PM [Ed P] Thank you for holding Seth.  I do show the downgrade is still pending completion. While we can sometimes complete it within 24 hours, it can sometimes take a few days to complete.   There are more than a dozen requests ahead in that queue and the oldest is 4 hours older than your request.  We will email when completed.
03:09:57 PM [Seth Russell] the thing is i want to do an emailing and don’t want that to happen the same time as the transfer. So can you say as a fact that it will not happen today?
03:12:24 PM [Ed P] Given the queue, it should normally start the data transfer in about 4 hours.
03:12:51 PM [Seth Russell] okay thanks
03:14:01 PM [Ed P] You are welcome.

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