1. Thoughts become things. Take responsibility for your thoughts.
  2. When having an experience you don’t want, take responsibility for replacing your thoughts on that subject with thoughts about what you do want. Thoughts cannot be attracted away or willed away, only replaced.
  3. When wanting an experience, take responsibility for imagining it as you want it to be. Thoughts about it’s opposite, or why it is not available to you, or is hard, are as active in creating as thoughts about what you want.
  4. Take responsibility for appreciating what you have. Every thought of appreciation multiplies 3 fold back to you.
  5. Enjoy it all … it is all there to support you happening!  
  6. If you are not enjoying something, refer to step 2.


  1. HelYes


Si says
These are the basics, and though I have written them in my pseudo words, they are pretty much the standard party line across all Law of Attraction based systems. If one is to swim in this ocean, these aspects are the strokes that obtain.

If you disagree seth, then please be specific in thought about that particular aspect. As one would say, “precision in thought please”. Thanks!

Si says
This particular swim is a step 2 pattern (or stroke if you prefer). About: Model of Integrity - comment 66476 (comment 66495)

Seth says

Seth says

#HelYes good advise.