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the registra is  

The tech support contractor from phone on that website said that we could
  1. renew through ~$100 or ...
  2. wait for about 90 days for the domain to be up for grabs.  
and that we could get a name reseller plan from GoDaddy.

Interesting to note that …

wildwestdomains is a wholly owned subsidary of Desert Newco (according to their website) which is a holding company (or some sort of thingey) for 

← which is my interpertation of this →

GoDaddy (NYSE: GDDY) filed to sell up to 4,312,361 shares of common stock issuable upon exchange of limited liability company units of Desert Newco, LLC (the LLC Units) to permit certain holders of LLC Units who choose to exchange such LLC Units for shares of Class A common stock to sell those shares in the open market, subject to any applicable market standoff, lock-up and other legal restrictions.

street insider


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  4. wildwestdomains
  5. registration


Seth says

null looks like we are using the same chat software as GoDaddy

apparently the bot was hailed by vitue of me merely visiting the page as a guest.   too bad we never actually chatted … it was too slow in getting back to me.

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