Noticing Crossing the line

About: nicki minaj makes nsfw moves performing β€œside to side” at amas - us weekly

null It was #PoliticallyIncorrect for #MainStreamMedia to notice,   but #twitter did and so did Us Magazine online and probably other places in the blogisphere. 

I noticed the line being crossed too.  I am not judging, not aug’ing either,  just #notice’ing.   I have never seen this line crossed before on national broadcast TV. 

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Seth says
At the bottom of the US magazine article there is some commentary on this event.  

As we observed this event i commented to Denise that it was over the line.   She did not see anything about it on TV the next morning.  So i went to go look for it myself on twitter and could not find anything so specific.  So it was going down that this was just me … just my reaction to something that was already happening all over in this context.   But then i searched on google using the search argument “niki ama spread” and found the event having been noticed in the bogisphere.   These kind of notices are very ephemeral and subject to specific nows … they scroll off of our attentions very rapidly as the #NewsFronts expand away.

#btw i did not see anything on the usual #gossip sites about this context … eg

… i think the conclusion is that it #resonates not.

Si says
I don’t get how this is crossing any lines. It is just samo samo in my verses.

Seth says
absolutely!   your verses do not include those in which a line could be interperted as being crossed.   my own judgement of that is that you are a lucky man null.  

My awareness of this primarilay #gossip dimension is the line being crossed … an #edge being noticed … but about that crossing itself #iDoNotCare … i am just interested in the about of that about … one meta level up the awareness, #emergence , #consciousness,  stack null

Si says

Si says
Good point! That is true, I don’t tend to visit verses where people live in boxes, at least not much. For instance, at the Zen Festivle I just went to, there was much more explicit stuff than this on one of the 7 stages at anytime in the 24-7 festivities … and it was a family event, lots of kids, and lots of nudity.

I don’t get these boxes people like experiencing the insides of … that is a true story!

Si says
Not a stack, and only would appear to be one inside one tunnel visioned verse. In the greater reality, these things are all isolated boxes.

Mark de LA says
I watched Nicki Minaj on American Idol – such is her thingy – her #Egoo null

Si says
Fuck that. No ego stuff here. This looks like simple life stuff to me. You guys sound like you are from the first ½ of the 1900’s or something. Try getting out and about and not just watching the zombies on TV.

Seth says
well i have this model where things that emerge, emerge on top of those details that already exist. 

that model is a stack.

for example the TCP/IP protocol stack.

Other examples are how gliders emerge from the details of the cells operating on simple rules in Conway’s Game of Life.

There are many other examples available  upon request … even ones that could be called #spiritual 

Mark de LA says
Wow! Seth & I had fairly civil discussions until the Miami contingent returned. #Bummer

Si says
You guys do realize that there is a whole underground of living breathing people that do not act like the zombies you watch on TV and in the M&M right? Much like what you experienced at the Warehouse, but not just in little isolated pockets … everywhere! The M&M does not report on these things, even though they are growing rapidly and can be found in virtually any city and are anywhere from 5% to 30% of the population.

Having just spent 3 days with a concentrated group of such people, I have very little pertinence with the zombie nation at the moment. The zombie takeover failed, and is past it’s peak.


Si says
You call anything you were speaking about while I was gone civil?

Fuck you mark! I have skimmed it … and all you did while I was gone was bully seth, just like you have been doing for the last 11 years here. What you call civil is you bulling the shit out of others. Fuck you!

Si says
Right now, I have zero tolerance for zombie bullies. Keep that WELL IN MIND!

Seth says

Seth says
actually i think we do realize that … and have already experience same for many years …  hopefully i am speaking for mark as well as myself. 

Nickie  Manage’s performance was not in the nude or about nudity at all.  That particlar scene was about how a woman can excite a man sexually with a gesture.  I have experience that gesture myself personally.  It can be exciting … from both points of view.  Up to now that gesture has never been enacted in the main stream broadcast media.   An edge has been crossed by Niki’s deed. 

You my even know about me  …  that i love to notice #firsts null

Si says
Okay. Well if you and mark know about such things, then it would be nice if you both talked about it, instead of only what is visible in the zombie media and TV.

And people are just people and sexuality is simply part of being human. There is far more sexual tension and sensuality in a lovers kiss, on TV, than in this move by Nikki. Human reality has been severely distorted for quite a few centuries IMHO and the HO of a growing center of consciousness among people.

That distortion is what I will henceforth call “being a zombie”.

Seth says
… strange i got no impression that markwas bullying me while you were gone.

Si says
I know. You are used to it. After a while here, I even get numb to it. Fortunately, I had a nice break and it’s as clear as a bell … and I have no intention of becoming numb to it again.

Seth says
well you seem to be making up what you are seeing.   mark will be mark … i would not expect him to change.  you will be you too … me, i am not expecting that to change either. 

my observation is that mark and i were getting a might bit closer to understanding something together.   that is the important thing to me.    your mirroring back to mark  the behavior that offends you is amplifying that behavior as i already pointed out in “Negative Feedback”.   It is a curious thing that you are doing … #IDoNotKnow why. 

Mark de LA says

Si says
When Mark pulls his head out of his fathers ass, I will stop … instantly, on a dime.

That is my contract with Mark, and that is it. Nothing more. Without free will, Mark would not be able to do that on his own, so we shall see. That’s all there is to it.

Right now, zero tolerance … simple fair warning … you choose the weather you get, both of you.

Seth says
nathan i do not think it works that way null

Si says

Si says
Then watch and experience an expansion of what you think.   

Seth says
well i predict that between you and mark this negative vibration will continue to get worse if you continue to mirror it back to him. 

You might ask why i predict that … oh you didnt ask … okay i will tell you anyway.  That is what i observed myself low these 11 years of interacting with him.  I also noticed how i can cut down the screech that it makes by not mirroring it back to him.

#shucks i will keep looking … we will see ...  

Si says
Well hey, anyone watching would have predicted that you would already have been crusading by now, today … and you are not. That is amazing and is a very clear and present change that happened in only a few short months. That should show you that miracles are possible.  

Watch Tony Robbins in “I am not your Guru” … to see such shit happening in only minutes … I am very slow at this … but not a snail.

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